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  1. It looks it will only be under controlled circumstances "...rooms will be available..." I don't think anyone will be able to light candles in their own room.
  2. Well, this does make me a bit nervous. It wasn't my plan to book a Sailaway, since I use a power wheelchair and must have an accessible cabin. But I wasn't interested in the Free perks, so I called and asked if I could switch them to something I wanted (unlimited WIFI or Thermal suite pass). The person I talked to said they couldn't do that, but that she would check with a supervisor and see if I could book an accessible cabin at a sailaway price (no perks). the supervisor gave her the ok, so we did it and I have an accessible balcony room booked. Now I am worried that they might change my cabin. I can't use a regular cabin, there isn't room to park or turn my chair around in it and the bathroom is not accessible. Should I cancel and rebook paying full fare so I can be assured of the accessible cabin?
  3. If I have a cabin assigned is it possible that they could change it without telling me ahead of time? Because, I really don’t want it to change.
  4. Here is where you want to post this Next time you can always find your Roll Call by clicking Find your roll call in the blue bar above
  5. Thanks, this is what I was thinking. I've seen a few complaints about noise on Aft balconies, but I expected it would not be that common or NCL would not be able sell them for more money.
  6. For the most part, hotels in or near the French Quarter will not have free or low cost parking. You may find some in the Garden District or Uptown. There are quite a few in Metairie that will let you leave your car there while you cruise.
  7. If you had an aft balcony room on the Getaway, did you experience any problem with noise or vibrations?
  8. You have to click the little "Departing on or after Nov 12, 2020" at the top to see the changed Vibe plans.
  9. Where your cruise is will have a large effect on how fast/slow your internet is. Since the internet satellites usually orbit at or near the equator, the farther you are from the equator, the slower your speed will be. I would imagine that internet access on a Baltic cruise would be agonizingly slow.
  10. I could not find that room, but there is a video of 13202 which is right next to it.
  11. Roatan is a "sometimes" tender port. There is limited cruise docking so the sometimes the ship may tender and sometimes it will dock.
  12. The free offers are not exchangeable. You can ask, but basically it’s take it or leave it.
  13. As I understand it, most shore excursions don't show up until about 60-90 days out.
  14. "Items brought on board the vessel and not supplied by the Company containing any kind of heating element" I expect that would include arc welders. Your friend is out of luck.
  15. I have read the list of prohibited items https://www.ncl.com/prohibited-items and neither power strips or extension cords are on it. Nor, for that matter, surge protectors. If you have other information, please post a link.
  16. Do any of you remember when the DSC rate was last changed? I understand it can go up a couple of times a year and I'm wondering if it is due to get raised again.
  17. I have been wondering. Since there are options I can't take and things I can't buy or sign up for until after final payment, would I be able to buy them if I paid before final payment is due? Or when they say final payment do they really mean final payment due date. And if I do pay early is there any downside.
  18. Thank you! That shows me exactly what I need to know. That length of stairs is just barely doable for me. I’ll be huffing and puffing by the time I get to the top, but I can make it.
  19. Can you tell me about the tender on Getaway? Is it a long flight of stairs or a ramp. If stairs about how many. I have limited mobility and can handle a short flight, but not a long one. Thanks for anything you can tell me.
  20. I get that. I mostly just need to check (and answer) email.
  21. I'm handicapped, and though I can walk a short distance and manage a short flight of stairs (six or seven steps) I can't manage a long flight. The last time I sailed NCL it was on Dawn. when they tendered there was a long flight of stairs to the tender and I could not leave the ship at tender ports. On an earlier cruise (don't remember which ship) the tender was accessed via a ramp that was no problem for me. If you have sailed on Getaway, can you tell me what the tender experience was like? Specifically this time I'm looking at Georgetown Grand Cayman, but any tender port info will be very helpful. I don't want to book a shore excursion and not be able to get to it.
  22. I'm booked (but not fully paid yet). My Explore and Plan page shows me most options as "too early to book" but it doesn't show any internet packages. Getting an internet package is very important to me so I am a tad concerned. Can you only buy these after you board? Why does it not even show the options?
  23. The Cuba cruises are no longer on the website, but they also have not got new itineraries for those dates. The Nov 5 TA still shows Havana, but the Nov 26 is not there at all. We booked on the Nov 26 and to be completely honest, the only reason I was willing to pay that much was because of the amount of time spent in Cuba. I expect we will cancel, but I'm waiting to see what they will offer.
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