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  1. I have some friends who waitlisted for the London to London a couple of weeks ago, and they cleared in less than a week (for a Superior cabin). They did put down a deposit on the waitlist which, per my TA (now also their TA), helps a lot.
  2. The deck plan on the website calls it an "infinity edge plunge pool." See https://www.rssc.com/ships/explorer?ship=GRA&deck=11 But the picture in the brochure I just got (obviously a rendering and not an actual photo) shows it as a regular swimming pool, though it isn't labeled at all. So, no, I'm not sure.
  3. Another option is to arrange a special dinner in Compass Rose for your birthday. If you let the head waiter know a couple of days in advance, and they have the ingredients on board, they can usually make it for you. Avoid the Captain's welcome aboard night, since the galley is usually too busy for special requests that night. We like to order Filipino food as a special meal. Since so much of the crew and staff is Filipino, there is someone in the galley who knows how to make the real deal to perfection.
  4. The list of gateway cities is here: https://www.rssc.com/experience/personalized-options/air-program Phoenix and Chicago are both gateways, as are LA, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.
  5. Hmmmm. Something is not right here. There might be a misunderstanding with your TA. Try calling Regent directly.
  6. On warm weather cruises, I like a nice swim. I can do the cocktail in water thing in the hot tub. But I guess there's not enough of us who like a pool for them to deal with the weight-at-the-top-of-the-ship challenges that a pool full of water presents. It won't keep me from the Grandeur. It's just not ideal.
  7. I was just in the excursions function, and it is still so slow that I get a "page is not responding. do you want to cancel or wait" pop-up for every little action--even trying to get the drop-down list of ports to appear. Sometimes I have to hit "wait" multiple times.
  8. One thing I don't care for in the Grandeur deck plans is that a plunge pool, rather that a swimming pool, is planned for the pool deck.
  9. I have found the production shows on Regent and Crystal to be roughly equivalent. The same with the headliners--in fact, there are some I've seen on both lines. Regent does not have as many speakers as Crystal, but most or all of its lecturers speak on subjects that are in some way related to where the cruise is going or the theme of the cruise, if it has a theme. Many Crystal lecturers seem to speak on fairly random topics. I find the quality of the two similar. I do miss the Avenue Saloon when I'm on Regent, though on my last Regent Navigator cruise there was a similar atmosphere with a pianist/guitarist/singer in the little Navigator Lounge.
  10. It’s rare to see young children on Regent anyway.
  11. We enjoy going to the main dining room and being seated with random people we don’t know. Regent has always done well with matching people this way. It does rather sound like they’ll accommodate requests to dine with others you’ve met outside your group, but maybe not do their “people pot luck” magic. It won’t stop us from going, and they may be past that by the time we get on in late January, but I was just wondering.
  12. Will they seat you with others in the dining room, or must you eat only with your own group?
  13. Only if the included hotel makes financial and/or logistical sense. We've used it once in the past, and once on an upcoming cruise. Generally, though, we can do better on our own.
  14. The last time I stayed in a Mariner cabin with a tub was 2005, but I remember it all too well. At that time, all the regular verandah cabins had those tubs. There's a reason that, over the years, they've been gradually tearing out the tubs and replacing them with showers. There are several problems with them. First, the tub is elevated so that it's a high step up into it and a high step back out again. And the elevation also results in the ceiling being low. The other problem is the way that the tub abuts the sink. If you have any kind of leg or knee problem, the old trick of sitting on the edge of the tub and swinging your leg in won't work because the sink is in the way. I am not tall, and had no knee problems back then, but even I found the tub awkward. But it was tolerable. It was a real problem for others on the ship, however, to the point that some showered in the gym.
  15. https://www.rssc.com/Seven-Seas-Grandeur-Inaugural-Collection
  16. If the main city is a reasonable distance from where the ship is docked, there's usually a shuttle. If it's a longer haul, excursions often include an option for "[City X] on your own". Those aren't really a shuttle, because they don't run back and forth. Instead, they leave the ship at a specific time and pick you up for return at another specific time. Often, the ship is docked within walking distance--a real advantage for smaller ships. This is particularly true of Navigator, Regent's smallest ship. Is there a particular port that you have in mind?
  17. On Splendor, the Penthouses (A,B, and C) and Veranda Suites (G and H) do not have tubs, only showers. All concierge and above cabins have espresso machines, but I wasn't crazy about the coffee they made. They use illy, which some people love, so it may just be my taste.
  18. Weird. Even for a website full of weird. You might want to call Regent (or your TA) tomorrow to check.
  19. Did you “check out”? Just adding them to the cart isn’t enough. You have to check out and “pay” even if the cost is $0.
  20. Sometimes I forget how many features other than these boards are right here on CC. Here's some good photos of the spa area on CC. They're from when Canyon Ranch ran it, but I'm sure none of the thermal features have changed. And it does look like Explorer has the same features as Splendor. It starts getting into the thermal features around slide 15. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/seven-seas-explorer-998/canyon-ranch-spaclub-298972/canyon-ranch-spaclub--v13637977
  21. No additional charge. You might search youtube for a video tour of Regent Seven Seas Explorer that includes the hydrothermal spa. I'm familiar with this one of Splendor, but I think the Splendor has more features than Explorer. The spa starts a little over 8 minutes in
  22. I did have the Health Dept nurse who administered my 2 Moderna doses complete the yellow card in addition to the standard covid vaccine card. She was not familiar with it before my friend and I asked for it, but was happy to fill it out and to learn about it. Ever since I got it for a yellow fever shot I needed for a cruise in 2008, I've used it for all vaccines. In addition to its use for international travel, I find it a handy way to keep myself and my doctor aware of what vaccines I've had when.
  23. We usually go for deck 6 because of its proximity to coffee and other liquid refreshments, and the stability of the lower deck. We also like being close to the water when we get a balcony (that usually depends on the itinerary), but there was that one time when, after a night of rough waters, we found a dead fish on our balcony in the morning.... Stuff happens.
  24. Much to our astonishment, we received our refunds. My cabin-mate got it on 8/14, and I got mine today, 8/20.
  25. There also will eventually be another round for the preliminary injunction (PI) to become a permanent injunction. The good news is, one of the criteria for a PI is a strong likelihood of winning on the merits.
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