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    Poll: Taking Kids on Cruise After August 25

    Hi there.....we are going on our first cruise in mid-Jan '06 and will be taking my 13 year old son out of school for 5 days. It's our first winter vacation since before he was born. Initially we had planned to go earlier to take advantage of the Christmas break but after reading several reviews commenting negatively about the large number of kids and teens onboard over the holidays we changed plans. Since the rest of our group are adults we decided to book after the holiday season. I know there will still be more than enough kids in his age group to meet so I'm certain this will be an amazing experience for all of us. I intend to discuss our plans with my sons teachers but I WOULD NEVER want him to get homework in advance to take with him on the cruise.....that would be torture......"hmmmm what should I do today, rockclimbing, snorkling, basketball, miniputt or homework?". We have saved and sacrificed for almost 2 years to go on this trip and I think the financial choices we have had to make along the way to do so have been a valuable experience for him already. The journal sounds like an excellent idea as it really is like keeping a diary which can be a good memory years from now. Anyway, since this is our first experience with taking him out of school for a vacation I guess I will learn if his catch up time at school upon return is worth the happy memories and new friends we made along the way. For us this is truly the trip of a lifetime.
  2. Hi there.....I've just been reading some of this thread.....We've just booked our first cruise for January.....the points sound like a great idea but when I checked it out the offer is not available for Canadian citizens.....so sad!! Shirley