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  1. These are your choices for drinks. It is also $20 pp plus gratuity and gets you 2 drinks. At 17 degrees 2 drinks were more than enough.
  2. I would definitely pick Caribbean but keep in mind the Super Bowl is in Miami on 2/2/2020. That could effect prices/availability on flights, hotels, transportation, etc.
  3. Unfortunately the specialty restaurants are only open for dinner. Margaritaville and (I believe) Food Republic are the non complimentary lunch options.
  4. Yes there is a clothes line in the shower. La Cucina is included with the dining package. You will sign at the end of the meal and the balance will show $0, you may add a tip if you choose. Not sure about Bayamo. Enjoy your cruise 🙂
  5. I think the buffet closes at 10. The 24 hour options are O’Sheehans/The Local (depending on ship) and room service.
  6. I would pick Caribbean. Most damage was done to the Eastern Caribbean, I only see western Caribbean for June 2020 for NCL. We went to St Thomas and Tortola in January and the islands were fine. Is price a factor? Encore out of NY will be more expensive since it’s a new ship as of November 2019. Also some people believe that ships don’t have all their “kinks” worked out within the first year of sailings.
  7. $50 gets you 24 one liter bottles, which for the typical 7-10 day cruise is more than enough. You can also bring them off the ship with you at port, saving costs while off the ship. Not sure the length of your cruise, but just buy the 6 pack for $15 to have in your room and bring a refillable water bottle for the buffet/bars, or have your room steward fill a pitcher for your room.
  8. There are planned meet ups in the dailies for the 18-20 age group. We love Cagney’s and use 2 of our 3 specialty dining meals there for 7 day cruises. We usually pick Teppenyaki for our 3rd meal. It’s been pretty entertaining every time we have went! We’ve also never had a bad experience in the main dining rooms. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. We buy a larger package so we are able to take bottled water of the ship with us while we are walking around the port or on excursions. You just have to drink it all/throw away since you cannot bring it back on board. You could always do that if 6 will be too many to drink while on the ship.
  10. They aired NFL playoff games when we cruised in January, so I’m sure there is a pretty good chance! They were on one of our TV channels, as well as broadcasted on the pool deck screen and bar TVs.
  11. I believe the perk for those sailings are “premium plus” packages. The premium plus beverage package is offered as a perk on the “open bar” sailings because it includes top shelf alcohol, along with bottled water, premium coffees, etc. Personally, I am more than happy with the open bar already included for those sailings and would not chose the premium plus perk. But some people are picky when it comes to the alcohol they drink. The water and premium coffees are a major plus for some people, too.
  12. I know “promotions” are excluded from sail away staterooms, but is it possible to get an invite to bid on a higher category still? Wasn’t sure if bidding was considered a perk/promotion. I’m aware that not every passenger/every cruise has a bidding opportunity, just curious if it’s been done. Thanks!
  13. Soooo. My boyfriend surprised me by booking us a cruise on Bliss in January. I am an excessive planner, and especially so with a new ship. I was looking at deck plans and he booked an accessible aft balcony. I asked if he realized the cabin he picked, he said no and that he didn’t look at the deck plan legend/key (surprising [emoji23]). I recommend he call NCL and see what their policy is on this. But, he says that during the booking process handicap verification never came up, and it’s not listed anywhere on the confirmation. He says that he booked it for the bigger room and balcony space.
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