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  1. We will be b2b 18 Dec - 8 Jan 22 on Symphony. This is an excellent question! With the different islands on the front segment and Bahamas island on the back I would hope Crystal will have this all worked out. In any case, we will have the PCR Test completed by 15 Dec and quarantine until port entry for Crystal's antigen test. Anything after that we'll just have to accept. That includes staying on the ship if necessary. We're just ready for another Crystal experience.
  2. Crystal Symphony, December 18- January 8, 2021 RT Miami jrandjr (Jesse/Jeffromenia)
  3. D-ma enjoy the cruise. We were debarking as you embarked. A few helpful things may help in this link.
  4. Posted our complete experience in this thread:
  5. My source: 7 Best Luxury Cruise Lines https://travel.usnews.com/cruises/best-cruise-lines/ I do know you can't believe every source but again I used it for comparison. In any case, Crystal was a great experience and we're more than grateful to have had the opportunity. We've always thought it to be beyond our means. However, we quickly realized it is worth 1 or 2 cruises a year verses 4 on the other lines.
  6. They had us to stand in front of the camera. It could have been for facial recognition but it was first for us after 56 cruises.
  7. Sadly our journey on Crystal has come to an end. We have Regents, Oceania, NCL and Viking cruises booked through Dec 2023. There will be evaluations and reconsiderations after this Crystal experience. The debarkation in Miami was an easy process. 1. Wait in any public area for the timely announcement of your number. 2. Pickup your luggage 3. Take a photo at Customs and be on your way. Good luck to everyone on your future cruises be it Crystal or otherwise. Stay safe! Jesse
  8. My comparison was to Oceania and Viking because a Google search brought them up as luxury with Crystal. Go figure! In any case, it was the only ones I could compare. My results clearly saw Oceania differently.
  9. Rather than decifer and/or abbreviate all this.
  10. Pax boarding in Miami and returning to Miami do not require testing. We lost $50 by purchasing Crystal provided testing vouchers that wasn't needed after changing from Nassau to Miami embarkation. Our debarking directive is uneventful. Just do the custom declaration and move on. Bags may be inspected however. Your sailing will have close to 300 pax all vaccinated at this point. According to source that could change but I doubt it at this late stage. By the way, be sure to bring a jacket as some areas, specifically Crystal Cove, can get very chilly. Loved the dou Julie and Andy but couldnt sit there long. I didn't provide any feedback on ports as we chose not to get off the ship. Enjoyed every moment on board. Smooth sailing!
  11. Its day 6 in Nassau and it has been a great. Those disembarking today were tested yesterday. Unfortunately 3 pax were positive so they will have to go into quarantine on the island after quarantining in designated stateroom on deck 5. Was it the antigen test failure to pick it up when boarding? Did they pick it up when touring one of the islands? It's a mystery. I do see the strange looks we get when we are masked everywhere and I'm good with that. Two more days of fine dining, Great shows fantastic cocktails and pure relaxation before we're back in our bubble again. My next update will be the debarking process in Miami.
  12. You're welcome happy to share. Will look for Georgia. As pain killer drinkers we were introduced to a new way of drinking them. Frozen!
  13. We are in day 4 and have had a chance to come down from the high of cruising again. Initially we were going to compare this to all 10 cruiselines we've experienced but decided just to compare luxury lines only to be fair. Oceania and Viking River are our only other luxury cruise experiences. Crystal has the edge on Oceania in all the following categories and it didn't take long to see and feel it. SERVICE - crew can't bend over backwards any further. ENTERTAINMENT - shows have left us wanting more. Love all venues. STATEROOM - PS is much more roomy in similar category. CUISINE - the specialty restaurants are simply outstanding. BREAKFAST - Love the split times at different venues and no self service. CASINO - spacious, airy and plenty tables and machines. PASSENGER DIVERSITY - saw and met a very wide range of people. Is there anything else to be considered?
  14. We've been on our first Crystal voyage now for a mere 36 hours and without making this a PSA I can say it has been very impressive. We boarded in Miami 9 Aug 21 and already started comparing this Serenity experience to our Oceana, Viking, Celebrity, Norwegian, Princess, Holland, Carnival, the old Renaissance, etc.. for cuisines, entertainment, ship layout, stateroom and service. So far everything has been superb. Five more days to make a complete assessment but its trending towards the top!
  15. We timed the drive to get to terminal J (which is isolated from all the other ports) an hour before our boarding time of 1:00pm. We were concerned about being in a additional location and parking before the cruise. Filled out a medical form and got nose swiped. They did not stick the swab in the back of the nose but did a circulation about 8 times. Easy!!! We sat until receiving a text and email in which time they brought us the band's. Exhaled! By the way, the bands actually give you a red light when you are too close to someone and turn blue when at a safe distance.
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