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  1. We’re leaving on Meriviglia tomorrow  but haven’t made any show reservations except for Cirque shows  is it necessary to make reservations for  all night shows in main theater every night


  2. Has anyone done the Graycliff experience at the hotel? The one we booked is Wine Maker for a day

    at Bahamas Barrels.  We’ll be going on the 28th and were wondering how it is and if there are any people

    we should tip after the experience

    thank you for any info

  3. Thank you all for your help. My friend had to get cancellation notice in three days after her accident and our wonderful travel agent helped with all the details. Her doctors said it would almost be impossible for her to do any traveling. She had surgery today and both surgical teams reported good results on both injuries our travel agent received final cancellation notices and forwarded to her family and they submitted right away. All entertainment reservations and excursions were cancelled - was only reimbursed for half of port charges and full taxes and that was stated.  I have not been charged with anything as yet and hope this will stay the same but I thank all of you for your info

    i will inform you if anything else negative should occur . As far as my dear friend she will have at least two months recovery but she will do it - not much can keep her down- loves life!!!

  4. I’ve recently returned on 7 day cruise on Regal 2/3-2/10. I wear hearing aids with Blue tooth and had no problem at all - loved the luxury of having your cabin door unlocked as I approached along with my photo posted at door

    great idea, wish it was available on Crown for my cruise in three weeks 

    Crown not ready yet!😔

  5. Yes it is per person , I referred my cousin and her husband and had $50 in my Personalizer. I just scheduled a 5 in cruise and they already assigned me the $50 credit under my name . The other person in my cabin did not receive anything or part of mine. They applied it without my request - completely automatic when you schedule a cruise

  6. Thank you Shmoo

    You were so right - I looked up my cruise and itinerary and sure enoughnlisted sailaway and also Pirate night listed on third night- Nassau! I imagine a lot of people will be getting to Castaway Cay a little late next day! Enjoy!!

    Thank you again :cool:

  7. i just booked a Princess cruise in February. I went to all my cruise cards and came across a coffee card and an ice cream card - they don't have date or ship on them so could be as old as 10 years- I have 5 unpunched crowns on the coffee card and three cherries on the ice cream card - does anyone know if I can still use either of these cards or both or neither??:cool:

    Thanks for help

  8. is anyone else concerned about the Disney Dream cruise leaving Friday, September 8th. We live in South Florida and don't know whether to cancel or try to get closer Thursday so we can take cruise if it should go out. We have the Disney cruise line insurance but I don't know how they handle hurricane cancellations and up to what time can you cancel. I've had people tell me they had to go if ship left port or lose their money with previous storms. We also have to figure their coming back to Port Canaveral Monday and what conditions may be in area by then. Please help if you've had any experience with this

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