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  1. I am surprised to hear that there were problems with the Princess wristband. We bought them for our May cruise on the CB and they were fine. At first I thought it was a bit loose, but they are magnetic and stick to the wristband easily.
  2. I have often re-fared our cruises as prices dropped, but never realized I should be checking our air ticket prices, too. Can someone tell me how to do this? I have logged out, brought up the cruise we are taking and selected EZ Air. And low and behold it brings up my reservation! How can I get to where I can chose flights and see prices?
  3. We were in a Concierge Class cabin on the Constellation last summer. There was no umbrella. (In fact not much of anything and the cabin was quite small.) Also, last year we were in a Vista Suite on the Crown. When we docked in one port it was pouring. We called our cabin steward and asked for umbrellas. He said they didn’t have any. I pointed out to him that it says umbrellas are available for suites. He still insisted he didn’t have any. As we were walking down the hall he handed us a large umbrella- big enough for two. Buy a mini umbrella and bring it with you. They fit perfectly in the outside pocket of my carry-on.
  4. We picked up our taxi at the port and made arrangements with him to return at 2:00. Wish we had said a later time!!! He was there waiting for us when we walked off the beach. I am pretty sure that the drivers do not have a problem returning for you.
  5. Thank you. Great suggestions. I read earlier that someone said they stayed in the Sanctuary for viewing. But that is very high up.
  6. We will be on the Ruby at the end of August and the pictures posted here this week have been magnificent. Where is the best place on board to view Glacier Bay? Yes, we have a big balcony, but I’d like to have a wider view.
  7. I can’t wait for your next installment!!! Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures and great info.
  8. Your second link shows the three plug, however that would not have worked in the CB mini suite cabin we were just on. The ONE double outlet by the desk only allowed for the two prongs. The round (grounding?) prong would not fit.
  9. Thank you for this wonderful, detailed info. I wish we could do the Valet but unfortunately, we can’t.
  10. This may seem like a silly question but it has been years since we used a cruise line transfer, but I am wondering if this is the easiest thing to do at this pier. Question- After we disembark and get our luggage I have read we need to pray for a porter. (Not numerous at this port?) So, in the event we cannot flag down a porter how far away are the buses? Will someone there handle our luggage? We have used taxis or a limo most often, but I read they are located a distance from where we exit the building. Can anyone help?
  11. Week of May 18 (second sailing after refurb) D422 AC was fine in room. Buffet did get warm at times- mostly because of open doors by pools.
  12. Thank you, again! All the ports we have disembarked from have been different but most have had lots of porters to help. I was thinking maybe we should do the Princess transfer to the Airport but we have avoided doing this in the past. I can’t wait to read your next installment!
  13. Thank you so much for all your great information and beautiful pictures! We will be doing this cruise at the end of August! I can’t wait! Could you answer a question for me, it you know? You wrote about getting to the port from your hotel. We are staying at the Marriott waterfront and thought we would just grab a taxi to the pier. Will taxis not be able to take us up to the ship with our luggage? Thus might be a problem for me. Any suggestions? Again, thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to see more tomorrow.
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