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  1. We have a September, 21 Med cruise booked along with two in 22. Based on what I heard on TV about the rate of people being vaccinated we will most likely cancel September, 21 and keep our fingers crossed for 2022. Every state is different, and the order of vacations varies between states. At this rate who knows when we’ll be safe to cruise. I wonder if the European countries are more uniformly planning for vaccines.
  2. We have a March 2022 Panama Canal Cruise. I called my Princess Vacation Planner and we did get the promo. $50 for each of us. Call Your TA or Princess directly. If you don’t the the right answer then call again and get another person. And may I add that I HATE this new format on CC! The print is way too small!
  3. Thank you, I would love to have read this. But...it says Access Denied. 😢
  4. We are booked on October 2 also. When I checked last night the “Sold Out”:was gone and prices listed again. I did not see a change in the price listed for our cabin. It will be interesting to see what ports they have listed for all the new itineraries listed on that posting.
  5. We are booked on the Enchanted for 10/2021. I checked for our favorite Marriott hotel in Rome for that cruise. But... Marriott won’t open up reservations until one year out. Not sure if other hotels have a similar policy.
  6. Yes. I checked with the passenger services desk and they directed me to Room Service. Yes. Swapped mini fridge for coffee card and big bottles of water. This was on the Ruby, August, 2019. BTW learned we could do this from a posting on these boards.
  7. Here’s more info on your mini bar. We are not drinkers so we called room service when we arrived. They came and removed the alcoholic items and soda from the fridge. We traded them in for one coffee “card” ( no cards anymore - just number of coffees credited to your account) and water. Could have had two coffee “cards” but only one of us is a coffee drinker. This worked perfectly for us. However, it did take several calls to get those coffee credits to our account.
  8. We canceled our Enchanted July 1 cruise on March 15, also before Princess canceled. (They knew then the ship would never be ready). So tomorrow is day 90. Nothing yet. When I called 3 weeks ago to check on another cruise I asked about our Enchanted refund. I was told “ it shows as Processed so it should be in your cc account very soon.” Nope.
  9. We have used EasyAir to Europe and Florida. Both times we booked as soon as the airlines allowed which I believe is 331 days out from you return flight. On both occasions the cost went up after we purchased our tickets and EZAir was cheaper. The biggest difference we found was last September when we booked our flights to Europe which was supposed to be June 29. (Called Princess on the date they had previously given me for booking flights) American Airlines listed the Business Class Sears At $4800 each. On EZ Air we booked for $3400. Within a month American and EZAir were over $5000. So book early, watch the airline website and Princess. And...American allows you to select your seats as soon as you book with Princess. But DO NOT book an British Air flight flown by American because you can’t pick your seats.
  10. No, not those companies. We also used an excursion companies in Portugal and Spain for our July cruise and those refunds came within a week.
  11. Interesting, I wonder if we had the same excursion company. They are in Italy and we have used them many times previously! Yes, every email we had from them had in the auto signature that there would be a full refund if canceled 24 hours before. The word “voucher” never appeared on their website until the last week in March. I spoke to my credit card company and they said you have to dispute within 60 days. So, we paid in full in January so they were not sure if we could dispute. Lesson learned - do not pay ahead! I do love this company and will not bad mouth them as I am sure they are in serious financial straights. I hope we will be able to use their voucher but who know what the future holds.
  12. Ok , how about this? We canceled our July 1 cruise before they canceled It or moved the final payment date. So we don’t qualify for the double deposit back?
  13. Another South Jersey cruiser here. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Just finished listening to our governor. It still sounds like it’s not getting better. Stay safe!
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