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  1. I had dose 2 of Pfizer a couple of days ago. I had a mild reaction to dose 1. I had as stronger reaction after the second dose, but it was nothing too horrible. I received the shot around 10am. I was fine immediately after and after waiting the 15 mins my husband and I went about our day and ran a few errands. By 4pm my arm was pretty sore from my elbow up my neck and down to the middle of my back. By 8:30pm I couldn't keep my eyes open and went to bed. My husband went to bed around midnight and I remember mumbling something to him about not feeling good. Around 2 am I woke up with a poundin
  2. I am also on a Mac with chrome and I have had the issue in the past but have not had it for several months. I do have issues when I try to log in on my phone (iphone) and rarely log in on it anymore.
  3. This is really how it should be done everywhere. We were encouraged through the school district I work for to go to the county POD site, which is where I made my appointment. We were told we would receive an email after the first dose inviting us to schedule our second dose. a couple days later when I did not get the email I was told you would only get the email if you went to the state run site and not one of the county ones. The county then released a signup sheet (only on twitter as far as I can tell) to sign up if you are interested in the second dose. Supposedly they'll email if appointme
  4. It is all over the website you need to use to set your appointment and one of the questions they ask when filling out the pre vaccination questionnaire. I am just pointing out a difference in how the are running different vaccination site depending on location.
  5. Interesting. Here if you test positive for Covid you can't have the vaccine for 90 days.
  6. This is my concern as well since I got the first dose a week ago and have not been able to get an appointment for the second dose yet. The POD I went to for the first dose (county run) isn't scheduled to be open after Feb. 1st. The state run pods show availability for the second dose but at this point they aren't giving them to people vaccinated through the county. So in order to get a second dose through the state I need to wait until the open more appointments for 1 doses and just bring my card. I am on a waiting list for the county but they haven't said what they are doing yet.
  7. We booked Brilliance for June 2022 a few weeks ago. We got to the point where we figured that we weren't going to do the Anthem cruise we have booked for this June so we decided to roll the dice. We haven't canceled the Anthem one yet but we have pretty much decided that even if the ship sails we wont be on that one.
  8. They aren't scheduling the second doses with the first here and it is very hard to get a appointment. I had to drive 90 mins for the first one. I was able to get a appointment for the second but we have been told that those appointments will likely be cancelled since they don't think they will have the vaccine doses. I am crossing my fingers.
  9. And we have been back to school since October. One of our students (a 3rd grader) died 2 days before Christmas and we have another currently in the ICU. We are in a small community, many of the students live in crowded conditions and we have a lot of cousins that go to school at our school so even with wearing masks it is had to trace where the contracted COVID. It doesn't make it any easier to look at an empty desk. We have under 400 students and about 70 total full and part time staff. We have had 30 cases of COVID since we went back in person. We lost one staff member over the
  10. It has been updated but I can't keep track. I believe the quarantine has been shortened to 10 days but they also have a way around it by taking a pre and post travel COVID test. That was several weeks ao now though and they may have changed it yet again. We briefly considered Hawaii for spring break but have since just decided to stay closer to home until next fall at the earliest.
  11. I'm 1b in our state and looking at getting my first shot end of January. We were originally told early to mid January but there are still a lot of health care workers/first responders waiting so we have been told it has been pushed back a couple weeks. My husband is also in the same group but hasn't been given a date yet. We registered with the VA as well and will go with whatever is offered first.
  12. Everyone's kids are different. My kids have yet to make a friend through the kid/teen clubs. Though my daughter did pick up a stalker in the teen club It took about 5 days to finally get him to leave her alone (and no she didn't feel unsafe with him, just found him very annoying). My younger two (10 and 14 last cruise) did find another kid to hag out with, they just found them at the pool and playing basketball. My kids aren't really the type to hang out in a stairwell, so that isn't ours. My oldest mostly just finnds somewhere quiet to read and sip on mocktails. My youngest spends pretty much
  13. We just booked Brilliance out of Venice (Ravenna) in June for Greek Isles. We will likely fly into Venice and take the train into Ravenna. Then post cruise we will take the train back up to Venice area for a week or so. We will likely only spend a day in Venice itself, we've been there many times though only our oldest daughter has and she hasn't been back since she was 2. We will probably spend most of the week near where we used to live.
  14. I do agree that they can handle the windjammer crowd if they choose to. I think it is more they can funnel more people from the the dining rooms to that area. In any case i expect whatever they start out with will change at some point as they figure out what works and what doesn't in the different markets.
  15. This is why I am wondering if they are considering using the windjammer extra seating for dinner service, but plated meals vs. buffet or cafeteria style. On DCL their buffet is only open for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a more casual sit down venue that has a fairly standard menu. It had their basic offerings and sometimes offers some of the favorites from the various dining rooms. They could do something similar on Royal. I think more of the buffet regulars would be disappointed in the change, but it is an easier set up to manage, at least initially.
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