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  1. Hmm…I had better luck at the other specialty restaurants. I think the sauces make the dish, especially in a French restaurant. Did she notify the restaurant before your dinner, or just at dinner?
  2. I tried that, but none of the ones I found had any mention of what allergens the dishes had.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with this? I’ve been on the POA twice and have had no issues with Teppanyaki, Moderno, and Cagney’s as far as specialty restaurants. I’m considering trying Le Bistro on our upcoming Gem cruise. I do have it noted on my account that GF is required.
  4. Is there a private dining room for the suites on the Gem? On the POA, all suites had a private dining room (Cagney’s) for breakfast and lunch. Is there a similar set up for non-Haven suites on the Gem? TIA.
  5. If you are a suite guest, they will hold them in Cagney’s for you.
  6. Wearing your cabin key card on a neck lanyard just screams, “I’m a tourist” to all the potential pickpocketers.
  7. Was the Distinctive Voyage Package part of booking a suite, or could non-suite guests get this also? Was there an additional cost for this package, or something you got for free when you booked the cruise?
  8. You do go back down the same way you went up, so you can admit defeat. On our way up, I did meet one person who found a place to sit and wait while the rest of her group made the ascent, but there are really not a lot of areas like this on the way up. If you’re out of shape, I don’t recommend trying it. One test would be, how many flights of stairs can you climb before you get out of breath? If it is less than five, go to the zoo, as a previous poster suggested.
  9. One person in our party does not want to hike up Diamond Head. Is there a welcome center or store where she could spend some time while the rest of us hike? More importantly, will there be a place (preferably indoors or in the shade) where she can sit for a while? Thank you.
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