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  1. I have the Oasis out of Bayonne in July.....I think I need to come up with other vacation plans as a backup.......
  2. It's too bad it is set up this way, I like pre booking entertainment. If it's done on the other ships, it should be done on Indy.
  3. We payed $39pp in July.....hope it drops for you, that price is insane!!
  4. Great ship with plenty to do, but keep in mind, it's a very big ship. Lot's of walking, especially if your cabin isn't mid ship. Steve
  5. Weird, they don't go to MIA...….Thank you for the suggestion Clarea!
  6. I know Uber/Lyft will run about $35, but I know they can be tough to get when you get off the ship with 1000's of others. Any suggestions on a transportation company? There are 6 of us. Thanks!!
  7. Agreed, but I'm a domestic, lite beer drinker, so my beers will be about $8 each. If I were into the cocktails, hard drinks that are $15 each, then I would be okay paying the $60-65pp.
  8. Actually, I will now take 2 bottles of wine and my 12 waters that I would have used the drink package for, so in a way, they are losing out on people like me who will buy less product. So, "dumb move" in my eyes. Wasn't even thinking about bringing that stuff onboard earlier.
  9. Honestly, should have bought at $52, but when people post they get things for less, it's kind of a mind bender making the decision. But, I can always just pay out of pocket, I like beers, but I won't drink 10+ per day. Live and learn I guess.
  10. It has gone from $52 all the way to $65pp per day for our November cruise on the Indy. That's a bit crazy.....We will now just pay out of pocket and save a ton instead of the $130 for the day, which in a 5 day cruise, 1 of the days we will be at port most of the time. Dumb move by RCL....Put it at a fixed, fair price and most will buy it. People post on here that they have seen it for $47-48 (With the exception of the $18 error of course.). I just don't get the fluctuation of pricing for RCL. I need a beer...….
  11. We are on Indy in November and it's at $65pp!! That's insane! Was just on Harmony this month and it always was between $50-52pp...… I'm a beer drinker, and can stick with lite beers if they keep it at $65pp. Insane
  12. You on the Harmony? I was there a few years ago, but know it was all destroyed and getting refurbed. Sorry I can't answer, but that place was super nice when we were there.
  13. Anybody do this snorkel tour and use this operator? Steve
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