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  1. See this is what has me so confused. Carnivals website says that 6201 and 6202 have “two twin beds (convert to king). Desk and seat” and do not show a couch on the photo.
  2. I have the Breeze booked in April 2020 in a 4J (9201). I called Carnival as different websites are giving me different information on the features of the room. According to Carnival, this room, and the others in the category (specifically 6201 and 6202) have a desk and ottoman seat. I was hoping for couch/sofa that we can sit on to watch tv. The Carnival rep says the ottoman is sufficient for two people. Does anyone have a recent photo of these rooms so I can figure out what an ottoman seat is. Thanks!!
  3. Which Conquest cabin? We were on her two weeks ago in cabin 7418 and we loved the location. Our only con for the room placement was we had any time dining. Our dining room was on 3, but we actually had to go past it, almost to the front of the ship and then down to get to it due to the galley, etc. Not worth not booking the same room again though.
  4. I have a hold on Cabin 9201 on the Breeze. Can anyone give me any information on this cabin? It is a 4J with the "secret" deck view. I've never been at the front of the ship like that. I'm concerned about noise (I'm a semi-light sleeper) and movement to a certain degree. It is right under the bridge and according to the deck plans, there is a stairwell next to it (I'm assuming employee stairs to the bridge??). Movement hasn't bothered me in the past, but I've always been aft, port side (only 2 cruises in though). I thought about getting a balcony room like we had last time, but I really like the idea of the price savings. I tend to over-analyze these things so would love as much information as you guys can share!!
  5. I have no information on those rooms, but will be on that cruise! Only 6 days!!
  6. Now I'm going to be "that person" - I know that sharing is not allowed. But honestly, how often is the package taken away from someone? I mean, if my husband gets our 6 year old the occasional milkshake or virgin drink (and I mean occasional, not regular), is he going to lose his package?
  7. We are going on the Conquest in less then two weeks. My husband mentioned (last night - ugh - we've been booked for 20 months!!) maybe we need Cheers. I'm torn as I'm not sure we drink enough. We are booked in two separate rooms, currently, myself and our 6 year old in one room, and my husband and 18 year old in the other room. We had decided that once we get on ship, we are going to switch my daughter and husband's rooms so their sign and sail card work for the room they will actually be sleeping in. If we buy Cheers for my husband pre-cruise, we will only have to pay for one person. If we get on ship and switch his room, we will have to buy it for me at that time?
  8. I would love to see the kids club activities if you do not mind. 16 days away for me!!
  9. Love the review! We are on this exact same cruise in 3 weeks and I cannot wait! Can I ask a semi-stupid question? When you use the tripod to take pictures, how do you click the button to actually take the photo? Do you set the timer on the phone? I love this idea, but do not understand how it works :)
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