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  1. San Pellegrino was available on the Sky last month but it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to get your hands on. I asked the Bartenders in the Aquavit Terrace, The Living Room and The Explorer lounge and they all said it was unavailable in the bars. Two of them said that it was only available from the cabin steward. I asked our cabin steward who checked with his boss and they said that it was only available through room service and not something they stocked in the mini bar. The next night I asked in the Main Dining Room and the waiter said that he could get me some from Manfredi's as they always have it available there. Every night thereafter, the waiter and/or wine steward ensured that I had a liter of San Pelligrino with dinner. It was readily available in The Chef's Table and Manfredi's. There was never a charge for it so it must have been covered under the Silver Spirits package.
  2. For our flights, they got us to the airport in Amsterdam just shy of 3 hours before our flight. This was consistent with a previous year as well in Rome.
  3. Last week our transfer from the Viking Sky to the airport in Amsterdam was at 2:30pm. We had to be out of the room by 8am but they allowed us back onto the ship until our transfer time. Last year when we finished in Barcelona, we just kept our bags overnight and left the ship at 8am and grabbed a cab to our hotel for 15 Euros.
  4. Last week when we used the laundry room on the Viking Sky, there was a 5 gallon bucket underneath the soap dispensers to the right of the laundry machines. I looked at it for a second and saw that there was a hole cut in the top and a hose that went from the bucket to the soap dispensers. I don't recall the name of the detergent but it wasn't a name that was familiar to me.
  5. I have to wonder if Viking saw this post because I just received a pdf called edoc######.pdf from my travel agent on 3/25 that is a copy of the document book.
  6. This particular cruise was only a four day. I will keep HAL in mind for next time. It looks like they even have sailings out of Boston and Montreal which are both driving distance for me.
  7. I'll be on the Viking Sky in 37 Days for Scandinavia and the Kiel Canal itinerary. My first Viking cruise was on the Sea and the second was on the Star. I'm trying to work my way through all of the ships but they're building them faster than I can earn the money to go. LOL
  8. This cracks me up. I never had an interest in ocean cruising until I learned of Viking Ocean Cruises. After a couple of Viking cruises, I figured I would give Carnival a go as we were trying to schedule a short affordable vacation that we could share with friends. While I can't say that I hated the Carnival cruise, I was rather annoyed by the napkin waving sing alongs in the dining room. One night, a man at the table next to us stood on his chair, put his foot on the table and waved his napkin and sang along with the staff. He then decided to dance with the waitress in a manner that nobody should attempt with a stranger.
  9. I just cruised with Carnival for the first time this month and the smoke from the casino spilled out into the surrounding areas which made it unpleasant to attend events that were in the vicinity of the casino. There was also an outdoor smoking area near the pool that was awful to walk by.
  10. I just checked the Carnival site and I think you are right. I can only see 3 and 4 day cruises listed for those ships. Thanks
  11. When I look in the Meet & Mingle section for Carnival Inspiration, it is not listed in the list of ships. I also noticed that the Inspiration is not there. Maybe others are missing too but I'm not sure of all of the ships they have. Is this an oversight or intentional? Do they have Meet & Mingles on the Inspiration?
  12. I can't speak to the Explorer Suite question but we were on Deck 8 in a Penthouse Junior Suite last January and I found the location to be perfect for our needs as we enjoyed the proximity to the upper level entrance of the Explorer Lounge/Mamsen's. The two issues we had were that there are 2 televisions so close together and sometimes you would try to turn one on and the wrong one would come on. You'd press the button again and both would be on. Then when you tried to turn the other one off, both would go off and you'd start all over again. I just ended up getting out of bed and closing the curtain. The other issue was a neighbor that always had their TV cranked up too loud all of the time but that's just the luck of the draw regardless of which cabin you are in.
  13. As a person who prefers hoppy beers, I was disappointed with the selection on our Viking cruises. Since we had the Silver Spirits Package, I was able to try all different types of drinks and found some new favorites. My favorite was called La Bastille which was on the menu in January 2017 but not on the menu in January 2018. Luckily, one of the bartenders was able to find the recipe and recreate it for me. It consisted of Armagnac, Cointreau and lemon juice if I remember correctly. (or perhaps Grand Marnier instead of Cointreau) One great thing about Viking is you are free to bring alcohol on board so if you find a nice beer in port, it's never a problem to bring it back on the ship to drink. We did this with wine a few times.
  14. Congratulations! We got upgraded from a DV2 to a PS1 back in January and the best part was the complimentary laundry service. We spent the week after the cruise in Barcelona and Ireland and had all of our clothes laundered before we left the boat so we had clean clothes for the next week.
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