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  1. That's what I'm thinking. It'll be our first time there and I don't want to be on the go the whole time. My son would enjoy it, but I think he'd also be just as happy with the pool and beach time. I think I'll save that for next time. The cruise is in February, so there's a chance it won't even cruise and I don't need to worry about it anyway.
  2. We booked a March 2022 spring break cruise on Rhapsody at a great price. Hope it sits on the clearance shelf for a while...
  3. Full day Waterpark pass is listed at $83.99 in the cruise planner. Is this a typical price? Does this vary on different days like the drink package? Also, do they have half day passes?
  4. I got through almost immediately today and saved a little over $600 for my next 2 cruises! Great service today!
  5. Although I consider the beach my happy place, I'd say my favorite memory on a cruise happened in Alaska. Standing on one of the top decks cruising into Hubbard glacier watching and listening to the calving. Then my husband, son and I went to our balcony and sat quietly just watching. It was pretty awesome!
  6. On our Alaskan cruise on radiance, family swim time was something like 2-4 each day. This may have varied on port days. Still plenty of time for adults only.
  7. I'm sorry you lost your job. My job is secure and I'm grateful to still be working(nurse practitioner), but I am terrified to be working at this time. So much unknown for everyone. What a scary world we're living in.
  8. Thanks for posting this. We have an offer too and we are going to take advantage of sailing either symphony or odyssey. So far I've been too cheap to pay for one of the big gals. Hopefully this virus is under control by then. I'm a nurse practitioner and have been working LOTS of overtime, and will be for the foreseeable future. I'll be ready for a vacation!
  9. I haven't been able to get through to casino royale and I know they are busy with more important things. Before i waste my (and someone else's) time, do they provide any type of tax form or print out of casino losses? If so, do I just call them or is there an easier way to request this information? Thanks in advance!
  10. Our next cruise is in Feb 2021 and I haven't seen anything open yet. I obviously won't be expecting to see anything for our March 2022 sailing until next spring, but it doesn't stop me from looking. Lol
  11. We're cruising next Feb on Navigator and also do not have access to the planner yet.
  12. I will also add that last year late June/early July, it was hot in all the ports. There were record breaking temps (in the low 90s in Anchorage). Layers is the best advice, but make sure you pack a few warm weather items as well.
  13. When should I expect to be able to purchase dining and drink packages for Feb 2021 sailing?
  14. We are reserved to go to Maya Chan next month. I understand that meals and drinks are all-inclusive, but how do tips work? Do they have a central location that I an leave a tip at the end to be distributed evenly or do you tip different people throughout the day? Thanks!
  15. I sail on majesty Nov 20 and the lowest I've seen is $56. I've been checking a couple times per day. Im hoping it drops below $50. Glad you got your lower price!
  16. I know that you cannot use 2 casino offers on the same cruise, but you can use one and a spouse can use one. For example, we booked a free casino cruise under my husband's casino offer and I was able to use "free play" that I was given.
  17. On our recent Alaska cruise in July on Radiance, they served our family of 5 family style. We had more than enough appetizers and mains to share.
  18. I can't give you specific advice about this particular ship, but we have only been on smaller ships (Brilliance, Radiance, Majesty) with our 10 year old son. He just loved being on the ship. He didn't really like the kids' clubs, but he usually found a few new friends to play with in the pool and if we were hanging out at the beach on port days. He's an only child (i'm assuming yours is too), so he is used to being around adults and just enjoyed hanging out with us. We played pool, darts, trivia, shows, etc. We have done many "fancier" land trips to Disney, Hawaii, many Caribbean islands
  19. How do I figure out what status we are? (Choice, prime, etc?) My husband just received a free inside cabin and I received $200 off or freeplay, but it doesn't say what level we are.
  20. As I researched flights, I found that we have enough Southwest points to fly us round-trip to Fort Lauderdale, which means we will be choosing the 5 night Western cruise on Majesty. We've done a Western cruise on Brilliance, but it's hard to turn down an unexpected, very inexpensive cruise. We'll only need to cover taxes, grats, drinks, and excursions. Seems like a win-win.
  21. We just received a comped casino cruise credit with specific dates and ships. (We have only cruised on brilliance and radiance, so not super knowledgeable about other ships). Our options are Empress, Majesty, or Enchantment. I know these are smaller ships and we can make dates work for any of them. All similar 4 or 5 night itineraries. Which one is most desirable out of the 3?
  22. After our cruise to Alaska this summer, we started receiving mail about booking at casino rate plus offer for free play. Is the casino rate standard or does it vary by person? Does it matter if both my husband and I receive the discount? Can we both apply our discount or free play to the account? Can we use any other offers? Thanks in advance!
  23. We just did chops and Giovanni's with our 10 year old son a few weeks ago on radiance. They charged $10 and he had the same size filet mignon as I did with the same choice of sides. They even let him order 2 appetizers (ceasar salad and bacon). For Giovanni's, we chose to have everything served family style so we could all try different stuff.
  24. We just got off the Radiance today and every port we hit was warm/hot and not a drop of rain. We did see some calving at Hubbard glacier. The naturalist on board said sometimes the warm weather causes more icebergs in the water, which sometimes makes it difficult for ships to get in close to the glacier.
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