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    Learning new Art techniques, Arduino and similar, SCA, Snorkeling, Family, MMC, Life, etc.
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    NCL, but I haven’t really ventured out to other lines.
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    Don’t have one. Yet.
  1. So excited to see the pictures! Thanks for posting them. I’m looking forward to seeing her in a few weeks! ❤️
  2. Yup, that's what I was originally saying. I'm holding off till I have the results. 🙂
  3. What if you test positive for the PCR test but have already submitted the $75 application fee a few days/weeks before? This is something JamieLogical had brought up. There are only a few hundred on this site that know about it. I’m guessing there are other social media sites as well that know. However, that will leave a good 1 thousand not knowing… and how many of them think “hey I should check my junk email to see if I missed any important information from NCL about my upcoming cruise.” It will be uncomfortably interesting to see what happens. I’m grateful we know.
  4. So I am holding off on filling out the TA for Bermuda until after I get our PCR tests. If for any reason Bermuda decides to shut it’s borders again (they are not doing too good right now with Covid) or for any reason my family tests positive with the PCR test I don’t want to pay $75 to Bermuda and not get it back. We have 3 people in my group and that would be $225 down the drain. There is nothing on the site saying you will get your money back if you do test positive or if the borders close and you already gave them the money. So I don’t want to take that extra gamble. Mind you we are not traveling till 10/03 out of NYC. So we have time. Some people are traveling next weekend, so that is a different story all together.
  5. Someone posted that you can use the NCL app to communicate with others on ship while on the cruise and that the information would be sent to you via the app. Someone posted about this on another thread. The service was free to use the NCL app.
  6. I had some alcohols that were not on the typical lists. Not even on the plus list. And the bartender I had made me drinks that were very custom to my requests. I put him to the challenge to make a particular kind of flavored drink. He spent time in the kitchen cooking up a concoction that he used to make me two different drinks. He made me other drinks that were an art form. Loved all of it. I am friends with him on FB. He is a true Mixologist. I’m hoping that on the next cruise in 2 weeks, that they have another artist for the Haven bar. I’ve told my husband about my previous experience. I already told my DH I don’t expect to have such a treat as I did before. I tipped the bartender more than any other person on that ship. He went way above and beyond anyone else. I was so impressed. I have traveled many places and met some very interesting people and drank some crazy drinks, but never had so many wonderful drink experiences as I did my last cruise. I actually bought special alcohols because of that cruise. Talk about an experience. All you have to do is ask. Love the Haven. Love the Bar! Love the people who helped make my experience amazing! 🙂
  7. Actually, what I’m about to ask has nothing to do with the Vibe or Haven other than the upgraded drink package and access to the higher end drinks. I know you have traveled extensively with NCL Haven Sthrngary. Would they have the higher end alcohols at the Vibe the way they do at the Haven Bar? I’ve had some liquors at the Haven Bar that I did not have anywhere else on the Breakaway. Mind you, I didn’t even try the Vibe because I was in Haven. I thought it would be paying for something I was already getting in the Haven. Just curious as to the alcohol selection at other parts of the ship. Was wondering because of your extensive experience if you might know? Thanks!
  8. You get one for each excursion, per cabin. We booked two excursions for one day and got credit on both for the first person. We also got excursions for the other days and got credit for them as well. 🙂
  9. My favorite Mixologist, Sefano, won't be on my cruise. But I'm also in touch with him, so that's why I know. What I want to know is who's tending Breakaways bar in the Haven?!!! I hope they have an amazing Mixologist again. I was spoiled last time. 😉
  10. JamieLogical, that’s message that you are talking about was specifically addressed to the person who asked, not as I would assume a blanket claim for all passengers going to Bermuda. It never addressed that it would be okay for everyone. You have to be careful about that. I even stated that I would love to use that message, but I wouldn’t assume it was for everyone, but just the person who’s name was on it. Perhaps we should call to find out if it is okay for everyone before making that assumption?
  11. Make sure you bring in a copy of the email with the requirements on them. Show them to the person at CVS this weekend and make sure they can administer the tests you need in the timeframe you need them. Don’t just call. This way you can have a guarantee of knowing what is what. And you can even schedule the test while you are there for the day you need to get it. 😄
  12. Oh, I just read how this has become a very serious thread. Common people. No matter what, we all are getting tested at the cruise terminal! I hear the stress of everyone here. It’s not easy but we all want the same thing. Try and lift each other up not slam each other down. I wishing all of you (and including myself and my family) all the best of luck on winning the “don’t have Covid and can get onboard now” lottery!
  13. They give you a second antigen test if you test positive, just to make sure that it isn’t the case. And yes you are silly. And so am I! 😉 😄 I know this is all stressful, but we have to keep our chin up, eye on the prize, and keep positive. Be informed and be safe (including keeping others safe). I don’t think we are on the same cruise, but when I’m on mine, I’ll toast to your successful boarding and enjoyable cruise. 😉
  14. I’ve read somewhere that you have to have the TA from Bermuda to board the ship. I think it might have been in the email. Either that or Bermuda’s website for the TA. But you do need it to board the ship. They can’t go into Bermuda waters unless everyone is authorized. All of this is like the craziest hokey pokey I’ve ever done.
  15. I have gotten it. I got called in to go over the results when it was done (around 15minutes, and they were busy at the time too) which was negative and they gave me a printout along with an updated page online for my results. I've also gone ahead and scheduled my family for the rapid PCR testing for the Bermuda requirements for Wednesday. Luckily we could get very early times so my daughter won’t miss school that day. I also plan on using our local CVS for the antigen tests. Though, I might cancel it because we will be driving in.
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