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  1. This voyage with Captain McBain was the trip of a lifetime to a very special place!!!! The crew were also lovely and we met so many interesting cruisers. We were so lucky on many accounts and the Coral was a very comfortable ship. This will be our favourite and most remarkable cruise among many other also delightful journeys!!!!
  2. Played around with a few of your suggestions, seem to be back on website now. thanks for the help, i think it might have been a 'cookie' issue.
  3. I am having problems accessing Princess website from my computer (apple) but mobile phone seems fine. Has been going on for days. Have restarted etc...but just get error notice. Anyone else having issues?
  4. Two people in each room have to pay full fare or a full single supplement (thousands of $) but only one gets to sit down. Really! Upgrading to a bigger room can be thousands of $ for two - not possible for all. There are many moments in a 24 hr period that one might want to sit down - not stand in the middle of the room nor stretch out on the bed. Reading, eating, drinking, dressing, make up, hair drying, meditating, socializing, simply being awake, etc..... In rough weather, I would certainly want a solid place to sit so that I wouldn't fall over or have to lurch around the room with little to hold on to. Some people will spend time in their cabins for their own personal reasons and at the cost of cruises, it shouldn't be such a stretch to have a chair or better. Plus it can be difficult to find comfortable seating around the ship - many spots are 'saved' or simply full. It will be worse if we all have to sit in public areas. We often do breakfast in our room when we have early excursions. It is really sad to have to 'beg' for a chair in what should be a relatively luxurious holiday. Even cheap hotel rooms have two chairs, and often 3 (1 desk and 2 armchairs). Princess, all of your passengers deserve to be made to feel welcome, valued, and comfortable. This is an unnecessary problem - please put the chairs and tables back!
  5. I also sent an email and did receive a personal phone call the next day which allowed me to follow up on my concerns and reasons why I felt the chair and table were important, at least for some people. I didn't ask and wasn't told why this change but they were definitely hearing that was a serious concern for some people. We had a full discussion and I offered some different solutions. Clearly some find the chair and table in the way but for others, it makes for a more comfortable space as well as providing proper seating other than on the bed for two adults for a variety of reasons. It is not my role to run their business but I appreciated the opportunity to express my thoughts, which I believe were heard. What is decided in the end remains to be determined but some sort of choice would be ideal if it could be done without making life too much more difficult for the room stewards, who already have a lot to do.
  6. Not only do I like the privacy of my room at certain times but it isn't always easy to find other places to sit. Some people like to spend time in their rooms and it spreads everyone around the ship rather than crowded into public spaces. The public areas can be very busy and noisy, or too dark to read comfortably. Go find a chair by any pool that isn't reserved by towels or a spot in the atrium, especially if an event is happening. We enjoy the public spaces and activities too but there is no reason that we should not be comfortable in our own room if we choose to spend time in our space. I just wish there could be a way to provide chairs and tables to those who would like them - they have been in the rooms for years without issue. And we can't all afford bigger suites just to get more furniture.
  7. I hope what is really important here is that Princess can hear that many of us do appreciate having two chairs in our rooms for two adults and a small table. We use them for a variety of reasons. I like to be able to sit up straight in a chair and do not always want to flop on the bed. Certainly not when having a drink or food. The beds will get food spilled on them and the edges will break down faster if we have to use them for sitting. We do like to use our room to read and relax. Of course we also enjoy the other locations on board too. For those who don’t wish to use them or tuck them away then no harm done to anyone else.
  8. I agree, every room should have 2 chairs of some description to sit on, not just on the bed - whether to read, have a drink, eat breakfast, etc. The coffee table is about the only place to set down a tray as the desk is often filled with personal items, flyers, etc. We like to enjoy our room to relax and both need a place to sit down. I do hope all those chairs and tables haven't disappeared.
  9. have Safari on iPhone, iPad, and apple computer - only computer not working
  10. I still can't get past the 'technical difficulties' page on my computer. Cell phone seems ok. Any suggestions to fix? Have done my computer updates and restart but didn't help. everything else seems to be working ok.
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