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  1. I agree, my favorite place to go read a good book in peace
  2. Skywalkers is quiet and we enjoy going up there and looking out the back or side of the ship until time for the Platinium/Elite cocktail party. Quite comfortable and peaceful place to read or just relax.
  3. I agree, we do that too. We are Elite now and love the laundry benefit, but I still do a load or two of undies/delicates. We cruised 23 days last year and our next one is 21 days. These are great!
  4. look at http://www.travelscoot.com. I have a second battery and the bag they sell holds 2 of mine
  5. If you are in a port that has a pier you will be able to ride on and off. Crew is there to help you if needed and assure you are safe. If it is a tender port it is very iffy you will be able to get off. I used a Travelscoot (my own) for 3 weeks on the Ruby Princess last Sept/Oct. It was my first time to cruise with it, however it won't be the last. We had both handicapped and a regular cabin on that cruise and will never do it without a handicapped cabin. It was so much easier since mine did not fit thru the door in one piece. We did anything we wanted for the most part. We did arrive for shows early so I could part close by the top seats and sit together in the regular seats. That way the wheelchair seats were still available for someone unable to walk a short distance. You will have a great time. Just use patience and realize not everyone is courteous. However you will meet others that will make up for them.
  6. We so agree with that. In fact just to relax sea days are the best. We have laughed over the years that if they offered a cruise that just sailed off the coast of Florida far enough you couldn't see land and just cruised in circles for a week we would have been happy just relaxing.
  7. Thanks everyone! Guess we will just have to settle for chairs or find a new favorite hang out!
  8. We love sitting in the padded wooden lounges on the Promenade Deck to read and people watch. We haven't been on the Ruby Princess yet and the only picture I have seen showed padded wooden chairs but not lounges. Can anyone tell me if the lounges we have enjoyed on other ships are on Ruby as well? Thanks for the help!!
  9. The Holiday Inn Crown Plaza does Park and Cruise as well as Fly and Cruise. We have booked the Fly and Cruise for September. They have been very nice to work with. This will be our first time to stay with them so I can't give a personal review of the hotel. Go to the San Pedro Crown Plaza website for the packages.
  10. Sea days are a gift, the more the better! We have always said We could get on a ship and as long as they got us where we couldn't see land, they could just sail in circles and we wouldn't care! When we were still working it was the only time you felt you truely relaxed! Now we can relax anytime but never more so than when we are on a ship! 51 days, I have loaded my kindle and just look forward to reading and hearing the ocean as I do it. DH likes to walk (I can't walk long distances any more and use a scooter) so he will walk laps and then come back and nap in the chair next to mine! After his nap, discussion about where to have lunch (or dinner) and what to do that evening after dinner....MUTS? Music? Show? So many choices....how lucky are we all for the opportunity to be there on a ship?
  11. We are going Fly and Sail with the Crown Plaza at San Pedro. $249 including transportation from LAX to hotel and then $5 each for hotel to ship. Then when we return pick up at ship and then shuttle to LAX. Also Breakfast for 2 and 2 drinks the evening we arrive. Seems like a good package. At least we are going to give it a try.
  12. We have been on the Caribbean Princess more than once and always had a great time. It has been awhile but attitude and expectations will always impact your experience. We have never had a bad cruise. Some stand out more than others, some crew stand out more than others. If you go expecting to have a great time but knowing it will not be perfect then chances are you will have a wonderful trip, meet some interesting people, eat some good food and see some fun places. Good luck!!
  13. Thanks for the weather info! Not a slow cruise, 4, 4 day B2B followed by a 7 day. Just sailing back and forth on the west coast. Getting our Elite and then just hanging out since we are already there. We needed 3 to be Elite so we will get to try it out the last 2 cruises.
  14. We have never cruised the California coast before. Only up as far as San Diego where a Panama Canal crossing ended. We will be going from Ensenada to San Francisco. Just wondering what to expect temperature wise. We will leave 9/22 and be on ship till 10/15. Trying to plan what to take for thru the day on ship and in port. Thanks to those experienced with this time of the year there!!:
  15. Well it worked for us. We were lured there and never made it to the dining room that night on several cruises. Well, like lots of other things, here today and gone tomorrow! We are behind on the changes, haven't been able to cruise for several years due to family and health issues. We have alot of time to make up for! Thanks everyone for the info.
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