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  1. I too received the email with a free cruise offer. There was a link to a form where you could list a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of sailings which I completed and sent to Celebrity. The form says they will call you back within 72 hrs. I do have a question for those whom have taken offers before...when I completed the form, iI notices t had spaces for up to 4 people in the cabin. Nowhere could I find if there is a charge for the 3rd & 4th person in cabin. I know they pay the port fees and taxes but what additional costs is required? I called the Blue Chip number and have been
  2. Update: On April 19th Royal stated they had sent our port fees and taxes for 2 cabins back to our credit card for the May 29th sailing (I cancelled this sailing on February 22nd). They indicted it could take up to 5 days to be posted to our card. On May 24th (Friday - 5 days later) I checked our card statement online and sure enough the charges were credited back. Our March 14th cruise which was cancelled by Royal was processed as a FCC erroneously (as stated previously) and had to resent back to accounting for reprocessing. Royal said we should see that credit posted to our credit card s
  3. I received my refund on 4/24 (Friday) for a May 29th cruise we cancelled on February 22nd. I was told it was processed to our credit card on 4/19. She said to give it 5 days to post to our credit card and sure enough she was correct. So glad to see Royal is finally returning our money.
  4. I called Royal today and told them I had not received our port fees and taxes back for two sailings (Symphony March 14 which Royal cancelled and Anthem May 29 which I cancelled; also 2 cabins for each sailing). Since thirty days had passed I should have received the credit back to our credit cards. She said the first sailing was reprocessed due to an error and would require an addition 30 business days (not calendar days) and the second sailing had been credited back to our credit card on April 10th. I had already called our bank to see if there were any pending credits and they said no. T
  5. I too am waiting on a refund of ports fees & taxes on a comped cruise that was cancelled due to port closures. Our cruise was March 14th on Symphony. I was told at that time our refund would show up on our credit card in 7 to 10 days. After 10 business days I called back and was told 30 days. A week ago we received an email with a FCC that was completely wrong. They had credit us $775 per passenger (which was a mistake as the cruise was comped) but no refund of port fees and taxes. I called and it was corrected and was told we should see the refund for port fees and taxes in about 7
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