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  1. Ah ok. I doubt it’ll be more than a 1/2 hour then! It probably won’t even be that much time.
  2. It would depend on the port and excursion and where check in would be... but generally meeting about 15, 30 max, minutes early is a good window. If it's a tender port and the excursion meets off the ship, you'll want to give yourself more of a buffer just in case.
  3. On the Dream earlier this month, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the internet worked for me. I only had the social media plan, and Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat worked really well.
  4. Just got home last night. Was in Cozumel on Monday 11/4, and went to Del Mar Latino. I had a nice time. It was a quiet day, and there were only a handful of people there that day. Service was great, food and drinks good. The beach is man-made, with steps leading into the water. I liked the pool. Easy to have shade or sun. It was an easy walk from Puerta Maya or the International Terminal. Directly next door to Atlantis Submarine Well worth the price, and I would go here again!
  5. You can try showing up the day of and buying the day pass, but I would have an alternate plan in case that does not work out. In the past, they have accepted walk-ins. BUT -- there was some chatter in the FB group for my cruise, which will be in Cozumel a few days after yours, that Mr. Sancho's is doing some renovations and is limiting availability for a couple of weeks.
  6. Will do! I will be there the first week of November.
  7. I am going here in a few weeks. The price really just couldn't be beat. I will report back to you all!
  8. Breakfast is usually served until 10:30. I wouldn't expect too long of a wait if you have a reservation, so you should still be able to get breakfast.
  9. I really can't comprehend how people could be that rude! I would like to say I would have been able to say something, but in the moment I'd probably just be so taken aback that I wouldn't be able to come up with a suitable retort. I had one uncomfortable brunch experience on a solo cruise where I was seated as the 5th at a table with 4 already seated. None of my table mates talked to me, in fact they barely acknowledged my presence and I did feel like I was intruding; but they weren't outright rude to me. It was certainly awkward, but I had brought a book and made the best of it. Thankfully, I
  10. Most of my cruises have been in October/November. I'm in my early 30s, I don't have children, and I can use my vacation time any time of the year (although I don't generally vacation in September for work-load reasons). In my opinion, if you have no reason preventing you from cruising in September or October, it's a great time of year to go. There's an inherent risk to Caribbean itineraries in those months, but that usually results in really good pricing. While I've never been on a cruise with ZERO kids, there are definitely fewer. Other passengers have been really mixed - senior, young adult,
  11. What time is your excursion scheduled to start/when does the transfer bus leave the port? I'd assume a Magic Kingdom arrival about 1.5-2 hrs after that time. As far as departure from the park, for planning purposes I would assume return transportation leaves at least 3 hours prior to ship departure. It might be later, but I always err on the side of caution. Restaurant reservations open up 6 months out; whether they NEED to be made that early isn't necessarily true. Some restaurants book up quickly. Breakfast reservations are easier to get at some places than dinner reservations.
  12. Last October, it was located in the Adriatic lounge, 5 aft.
  13. I’ve also never been on Easter Sunday. But I was there once in the week leading up to Easter. It was absolute madness. Lots of schools are on spring break. But with the planning tips already in this thread, you should be ok. Just pack your patience and expect longer than normal lines.
  14. emen822 -- not from Texas but have the same situation for my November cruise. Flying into and staying near IAH, and need a shuttle to Galveston the next morning for embarkation. I have not been able to find that any of the shuttles offer hotel pick up. This is only from my research online; I haven't actually called any of the shuttle companies, so maybe it's available and just not advertised on websites. I'm going to stay at the Marriott in the airport, so I can just walk back over to the airport in the morning to catch my shuttle. My flight lands after dinner, so I just need to worry about br
  15. I like the ocean view cabins, and I don't mind being on deck 1; being near the Lido deck isn't really important to me. If it's a factor for you, then definitely choose the 4J. The deck outside the 4Js is a nice feature too.
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