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  1. They had it on my first Cruise in 2001 but not on the Breakaway in 2015 it was nice but I think it is over.
  2. I sailed 4 years ago mid December out of NYC on the Breakaway and weather was great no snow going or coming home. I had a little choppy seas on the last day before getting back in NYC. Had sunny cool day leaving. Taking the same cruise this December I hope I get the same weather I am taking 2 first timers with me. Just looked at the weather history and it was 66F when in NYC the day we left.
  3. Please do not hate me to much but I am a Pepsi guy have been my entire life. And the Funny thing is my Uncle worked for Coke. The entire family except him and my Grandmother are Pepsi drinkers, I count NCL Pepsi as a 6th perk.
  4. For the Dec 13 cruise to the Bahamas I got a small cabana for $399 3 of us went in on it so it was only $133 each person. The dumb thing I did was I charged and paid for it I forgot about my $50 credit so I hope after we have our GSC day they add $50 of OBC to my account I will find something to spend it on.
  5. I always get a beach towel from my ship or NCL on it
  6. I sailed out of NYC in December and it was no problem I have lived in different parts of NJ from south to Central and even north for college and March can be a crazy month. We have had blizzards in March which I really hope is not the case for you. Most of the times I just hope to make it snow free by the Ides of March (15th) but we have gotten snow and cold as far as tax day in April. Just keep an eye on the weather.
  7. I would drop Moderno I loved Cagney's and Teppanyaki but do realize the show it a bit different on the ocean for Teppanyaki do to fire rules but still really great. Moderno was just too much for me and I am a big guy that loves steak and beef some of it was good some was just so so.
  8. I am in South Jersey and I drive up to Metro Park and park for 7 days for $80 about and then take train into NY and a cab to the Pier works great for me.
  9. I have a question about Q Texas Smokehouse. My sister is allergic to tomatoes and wanted to know if Q has a dry rub for the ribs something with out BQ sauce with tomatoes. Has anyone eaten there?
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