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  1. Bob, I just found this blog and read it all in one sitting. I LOVE your wittiness style and I've never seen photos as gorgeous as yours. I'm sure happy I found this. Thank you for making my day extra special.
  2. We have done it before on a change-over day, we ate at the pool grill. It was several years ago so perhaps things have changed? My TA took care of it all and it went without any glitches. I hope it works out well for you too.
  3. This is not good news. We're going to Antarctica in January on the Cloud and based on our previous Explorer trip there, we will definitely need boots. If anyone hears of a change in this policy, please share. Considering how $$$ the trip is to begin with, they should rent boots for free .
  4. Yes, agree with others. Steve (or any of his staff) at Trip Insurance Store is the BEST. He will really go to help pick the right policy and go to bat for you if you have a claim.
  5. Add me to those that agree with Taxare. This is exactly how we felt as well and thoroughly enjoyed our cruise (exact same itinerary as Taxare). Thanks for taking the time to write such a good review. See you soon on the Cloud Rachel.
  6. To those currently on the Cloud...do they provide mid calf boots for passengers like they do on the Explorer for wet landings? Thank you...keep enjoying !
  7. Yikes, what a trip with these injuries. To the best of my recollection , we had none of what you've experienced on our 2016 South Georgia/Antarctica cruise. Hopefully this is all behind you and you'll have and a wonderful rest of your cruise.
  8. We're the same 3 sea days before South Georgia. I'm on the West Coast so a 5 hour time difference for us. 🤪
  9. thanks Bill B. for confirming what I dreaded. I still think that with such an insane 3:45am transfer, SS should provide a TWO night hotel stay as they did on our Silver Galapagos cruise. Enjoy your cruise !
  10. The reasons given do make sense. Thanks guys. With that said, considering the very very early departure time of the charter from SLC, I think SS should have included TWO nights hotel pre-cruise. We went to the Galapagos Islands on The Silver Galapagos about 7 weeks ago (January) and SS cruise fare included 2 nights pre-cruise in Quito. It was very much appreciated.
  11. Stumblefoot, We may run into the same problem. We're in Biz Class using SS. We'll pay the $150. deviation due to wanting a non-stop plus we want to arrive a day early to get some rest due to this ridiculous charter flight in the wee hours from SCL to Ushuaia. Unfortunately, it's too early to request our flight with SS. I still don't get why a private charter with ALL Cloud passengers has to leave in the middle of the night (my version of middle of the night) and can't leave more like 9:00am ?
  12. I'm catching up on this thread....Am I understanding correctly that on the day we return back to Santiago we'll be dropped off at the airport to hang out for MANY hours waiting for a 10:55pm Lantam return flight (that's the only non-stop to LAX) ??
  13. Knowing the Silver Galapagos doesn't have laundry facilities, is there somewhere my husband can press his shirts?
  14. We have cruised with Rachel & George previously so always look forward to having them onboard.(we have same TA). Chris will certainly have a great birthday on this trip. Interesting about using Santiago Sheraton & Convention Center now, who knows where they'll stash us a year from now but I'm sure it will be nice. I'm not finding our roll call...link please.
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