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  1. Perfectly said Marc. We all have choices. We are currently in a bit of a "wait and see" mode for Crystal river cruising.
  2. Weird....I received an email several days. It seems hit and miss.
  3. JC in CA, We were on a similar trip from LA in 2005 on our World Cruise first segment (French Polynesian islands/ Nuku Heva) and we had gorgeous weather in early January. The seas were calm and it was perfect. We were on the Regent Voyager. This is actually an itinerary we're considering since we have Regent Voucher credits.
  4. Thanks for posting Wes. Like others have commented, it's disappointing this ends in Europe. We were fortunate in 2005 full WC'ers were able to board in Miami or Los Angeles which worked well for us. In 2007 we started and ended in FL.
  5. We earned free laundry/dry cleaning long ago. I'm happy that now everyone will have free laundry, it's such a nice perk. For those who earned it with status, we're getting shipboard credit so that's an extra bonus. A Win-Win to all. Now we just need ships that will sail and new appealing itineraries.
  6. I recommend that you listen to Steve Dasseos, owner of tripinsurancestore.com He's the only one we've always trusted to advise us yea or nay on policies. He will really look after you and advise you the best policy for your needs.
  7. I was disappointed...we were planning to use our accumulated FCC for the NY to Montreal on the Navigator September 2, 2021. Reading today's Regent email, this cruise is not part of the "Return to Regent"...bummer.
  8. 1) We received FCC from March. 2)We used it to book a September Mariner Alaska cruise, which was also canceled. 3) We used a portion of the accumulated FCC to book Oct. 22, 2020 Mariner cruise from LA to LA paid in full with a balance of FCC left over. It's showing "waitlisted" in all categories so unlikely won't sail. At this point it appears we're 0 for 3 cruises. Any chance we can ca$h in our accumulated FCC or do we just keep accumulating it ? I'm afraid once we've used FCC, that's the only way it's refunded back. Thanks all.
  9. We have Los Angeles to Los Angeles Oct. 22-29 still showing available. (H and G cabins are a guarantee).
  10. Thanks BWIVince. I know Regent, Silversea do similar and I'll look closely. We have future flight credit from flights we've cancelled so that's another option.
  11. This is quite concerning. We have a Crystal European river cruise in April and I was considering booking my air through Crystal to keep it easy. Now I have real 2nd thoughts.
  12. Do Cruise Lines have insurance that covers these unexpected shut downs like this ?? (or do they even have policies that exist? )
  13. Gerry, hope your flight back to Zurich is on schedule and uneventful. What a whirlwind this has been for so many. We too were originally on the Splendor from San Diego to Miami but took Regent's generous "bump" offer and now on the Mariner from Vancouver to LA in September. Who know's how things will be by then ? I'm so sorry for so many of you that have been affected with the cancellation and wishing EVERYONE safe returns back home. Stay healthy. P.S. Gerry...I sure hope someday we're able to meet in person, not just through emails !! Marcie
  14. We bought at $28. per share, today it's at $19.50...ugh. Hope they survive and don't go bankrupt.
  15. I think our disappointment came when we received the confirmation letter that we would be visiting the ship for a few hours, proceeded to buy Amtrak tickets from Orange County to San Diego, made lunch plans with passengers on board , then 24 hours later we received the letter cancelling our visit. It is what it is but I would feel like it's a slap in the face if they allowed TA's on board for a few hours.. Are TA's less likely to have been exposed to coronavirus? ....I don't think so. At this point, I just hope that the cruise it's self is a GO for all who are booked and and it's a fabulous cruise.
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