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  1. sunseawinedine

    4 people in a room, with only 2 Beverage packages

    In my experience on Solstice I brought a bottle of wine in the MDR and I was able to share it with my sister who did not have a package. That was 2 years ago so check when dining. I would think if one person ordered a bottle on their package they could share the bottle. They’re not ordering separate drinks for all.
  2. sunseawinedine

    Pre Purchasing OBC with Celeberity Soltice

    Thanks everyone, I think I will call Celebrity direct, still no reply to email I sent them. We do all have separate accounts. The cost of each OBC unit is $32.50 AUD presumably from what I can see on some of the forums here, that should be what it transfers to in US dollars on board as well? not sure how that works unless the AUD dollars amount already account for the exchange? I emailed my travel agent too and she has said i can transfer money to them and they can add the OBC for me. :)
  3. Hi I am wondering if any lovely cruiser out there can tell me if I pre purchase OBC through Celebrity will the credit be allocated to me or will it go onto the room as a whole or the person who booked the cruise. There are 4 of us travelling. I emailed Celebrity yesterday...via their link to RCC Aust asking them but as of yet not heard anything back. I have done what I consider a reasonable search on here but could not find an answer, so I apologise in advance if this seems like a simple question and the answer should be readily found. Thanks in advance for your responses. :) Cheers