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  1. It is the Jones Act that is at the heart of the problem. The Jones Act states that a ship cannot leave a US port, go to US ports and return to a US port without stopping in a foreign country unless it is registered in the US. Canada is not allowing cruise ships (at least until July) therefore, ships cannot do Alaska. The only ship that could is NCL's Pride of America. Also, I am not sure SF or Seattle is allowing cruise ships this summer. I do not think cruising to Alaska will happen anytime soon.
  2. I bought 100 shares last week when the price was $8.55. My question is how do I get proof to Carnival that I own the stock?
  3. I just bought 100 shares at $8.50 a share. I wonder how far down this thing will go.
  4. How long do the Drive Wise gift cards usually take to be delivered after ordering them?
  5. Thanks. I just saw that as I was reviewing my booking.
  6. I have not sailed NCL in the past but will be on the Bliss in April. When do luggage tags and other paperwork become available to print?
  7. I just did this. Thanks. My room went up a grand total of $10, but I get $200 on board credit. It is a good day!
  8. Does anyone know about the possibility of the Legend going through an extensive dry dock when it heads to Europe in 2021? It appears as if it arrives in Barcelona on April 10th and then does not sail again until May 17th. That is what I see (unless I am missing something). I am sailing on that ship in Europe that year and I would love for it to look a little "fresher" before I get on.
  9. I sleep with a noise machine all of the time, but I do not think noise would have been a problem regardless. 5208 is well up the hallway away from the band. The band is actually facing away from the room. The only noise we ever heard was the sound of water running. It may have been a drain line from a washing machine or something like that. Noise in the evening was never a problem for us.
  10. I disagree that it is all "marketing." Look at the before and after of the Destiny to the Sunshine. It was a completely different ship. if they are adding new venues and cabins and drastically changing the public spaces, how is that marketing? A lot of people do not want to go on old, outdated ships. I look at videos of the fantasy class ships and I would never sail on them. They are horrible looking. So many of the early Carnival ships are Joe Farcus floating nightmares. They need to update and that is what they are doing. The fantasy class will also have a future for budget cruisers, but I think they are trying to expand the market a little. When you look at all RCI has to offer and the new Norwegian ships Carnival really needs to step up their game and it seems as if they are doing it now. I sailed the Horizon last year and I am sailing her again this year. She is a very nice ship and the public spaces are visually pleasing. The Triumph may be 20 years old, but if they change everything inside and out (including mechanically) then it will not seem like an old ship. That is an extensive, lengthy and costly dry dock. I sailed the Sunshine last year and loved that ship. Not trying to start a fight, just giving my two cents.
  11. I see that you can currently book a cruise through April of 2021. Does anyone know when Carnival will make available the remainder of the 2021sailing dates will be available?
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