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  1. Iluvcruising2, Thank you so much for sharing the videos. In January we will spend almost 3 days in Singapore for the first time as part of a Southeast Asia cruise. We are looking forward to trying the great food, visiting the Orchid Garden, and the Zoo.
  2. Thanks for the clarification! An excellent list but I might have been tempted to try it all in one sitting. 😉
  3. The downside to some of the lower cabins is more mechanical noise/vibration from the ships engines.
  4. I think the variables are most likely related to the specific airline and rate type. We chose Flights by Celebrity because our trip is not until January 2020. It let us book a flight without fretting, knowing we could change our minds later (in this case no money up front, fully refundable until October). Initially we first went with EVA air which seemed like a good rate but no seat selection was offered. I found a flight variation with United that gave us an extra 2-days pre-cruise in HK and 1-day in Singapore. We were given adjoining seats (3 people). A month later, the rate went down again and they rebooked and got us the same seats. No hassle. I can even see my reservation on United but will wait to make any potential upgrades until after we have committed with final payment.
  5. OK, I've already previewed the menu and this option was on my short list (if still available). I love tiramisu but have had it many times so prefer to push myself to try something new. I also saw a reference to a chocolate lasagna (which doesn't sound great, but I saw a picture that looked good).
  6. I will say this thread is great too. We are only on a 7 day cruise and in port most of the time so not sure how it will affect my eating. Generally prefer a nice restaurant over a buffet but this thread has me looking forward to trying this at least once for dinner.
  7. Keep it coming....we are looking forward to tea time. I love tiramisu and creme brulee....my wife/daughter are big fans of all kinds of bread!
  8. Thanks everyone for the great feedback! My wife will enjoy the prime rib and our daughter will love the shrimp cocktail and smoothies.
  9. Thanks, we will be on one of the R ships, Insignia so will be limited to Tuscana or Polo for specialties. I am looking for interesting items that ideally have not personally tried before. On Silversea people would brag about Dover Sole or Duck Ragout. They also would make almost anything on request with 24 hours notice. Example: I had one server from India and asked for an Indian meal and another server from Singapore and they each created a unique dinner based on their favorites. I don't believe this is an option on Oceania but still interested in those "not miss" items.
  10. Yes, we reserved Tuscana on our first night and Polo for our third night. I've only had foie gras once but it didn't do much for me.
  11. Hi Everyone, We'll be on our first Oceania cruise to Bermuda this month....just two weeks away. What foods should I try? From what I have already gleaned: - surf and turf sandwich - french croissant Your help and advice is appreciated! -- Doug
  12. I appreciate the effort of the OP to compile and post the ratings. That said, my conclusion is this effort has proved the numerical ratings of the cruises is useless (actual perspectives and opinions are likely helpful). Why am I so confident? Because I have cruised with Silversea twice and Celebrity once. The overall experience with Silversea blows away Celebrity and the price differential is reflected in the marketplace. I'm looking forward to my first Oceania cruise this month and hoping this line proves to be a level of luxury that I can occasionally afford. I plan to give Celebrity one more try on an Asia cruise in January and hoping I receive decent value relative to the price. The combination of onboard booking promo, credits for an issue, and a decent price for the itinerary is having me give them one more chance.
  13. I've been pleased with Flights by Celebrity so far. Made two changes so far with no hassles (lower rates or better flights). Our final payment is not until October. I don't think we could pick our seats with EVA air (prior to payment) but had no issues doing so with United. For this reason, I am pretty sure it is not a "Flights by Celebrity" restriction but dependent on the airline and their agreement with Celebrity and may also vary by fare type.
  14. Agreed, "click bait" very much like the "worst hamburger in the world" thread.
  15. I think everyone (except people focused on shows and entertainment) should try smaller ships. Personally, I've been on 3 cruises (Silversea 300ish passengers, Silversea 600ish passengers, and Celebrity Summit 2,000ish passengers). We've enjoyed every one of these but are looking forward to try Oceania in August on the Insignia. I believe this ship size will be ideal for us. Knowing this ship was used for the world cruise should eliminate any doubts that it can provide a comfortable trip across the Atlantic. For us we will be testing this out NYC -> Bermuda. That said...many people like Vegas, I can't stand it. Don't like large hotels. Everyone has different priorities.
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