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  1. If the price is about the same, I would take the extra day!
  2. Great report! I must agree that Cartagena blew me away. On my first trip to Panama, I wasn't excited about stopping in Cartagena, but it quickly made it to the top of my favorites list!
  3. we were there last week, and had a great afternoon,. All of the local places had signs out for drink specials... be sure and have a frozen mojito! and a pina colada from the barrichina!
  4. My two favorites are Labadee……… love the mountains, the pier, just beautiful #2 is Half Moon... love that beach
  5. We are just back from a stop in St Maarten on the Adventure of the Seas. I found Coastal online, and reserved a car for $64 pre pay. The company was excellent. They were very prompt and nice. We drove clockwise around the island to avoid traffic, stopping at Maho beach first. we took our time, made many stops, spent a little time at orient, and had time left to shop before turning the car in.
  6. I was just there on the Adventure of the Seas last week. we rented a car and stopped in Marigot. We looked at the market, went to a bakery and had the best chocolate croissant ever!. But that's about it. Not much else there.
  7. I suggest you rent your own buggy. I have rented from executive many times with no problems. The last 2 times I rented some vw thing with no roof or doors. It was awesome. you cant get lost, and you do what YOU want to do. plus you will save money.
  8. We took advantage of a quick 2 night trip on the Silhouette this past weekend. It was great to be back on X after having cruised many others. I was not disappointed in any way. X is still the best!
  9. We cruised BC line 4 times last year. Twice on Celebration and twice on Classica. It is a great short getaway. The crowd is very unique, because many people leave the ship and stay in Freeport. I think making people pay for an "adult" comedy show helps keep people out that don't want to see that type of show. This cruise is an excellent value for the price paid.
  10. I did not see a ship model when I was on three weeks ago.
  11. We purchased our tour on the ship the day of the tour. Wait until that morning, as I believe the deal is better....do it by 9 am.
  12. They offered us a deal on the Concierge pkg at the luggage drop off.
  13. I really do like the Classica. I guess I was just so surprised because on three prior cruises, the entire crew was great. And I must point out that the "regular crew" ( cabin, food, casino, etc) on this trip were all still very good. BUT, the Gr staff just blew me off on this one. I am not looking for a refund or anything. Take my cabin number and check on things maybe? A note from the Hotel Mgr? something? but no...……….
  14. Good morning! We just disembarked the Classica 4 hours ago. This was our 4th cruise with BPCL this year. twice on the Celebration, and this was our second on the Classica. Embarkation was easy as usual, we boarded promptly at noon. Rooms were ready at 1pm, luggage came by 3pm. They are now putting zip ties on your suitcase zippers for security. Don't send valuables through with you luggage...… Lunch was good as usual. I took advantage of the spa deal....a one hour full body massage for $67. This price INCLUDED the 18%, so I thought that was a good deal. She did a great job, no complaints. Dinner in the MDR, same menu, food was good. Freeport, We did the buy one get one drinks included beach break for $75.00 (per couple) . this is a nice beach with great facilities.. much nice than Taino beach. For dinner we ate a A Slice Above. It was very good. Pizza is excellent. Only approx. 600 passangers ok, now for the disappointments..... Sunday morning at 7:30 am, we were awakened to what sounded like a jackhammer in the room next to us. I looked in the hallway and saw nothing. more pounding.....I put my ear to the cabin door next to us, and it wasn't closed all the way, so I knocked. A crew member looks at me , and I said seriously? You are gonna tear a bathroom apart at this time of the morning? No sleeping in today... I explained my disapproval to Guest Relations, who were less than concerned, and didn't see the problem with this. Soooooo… Sunday night at 2:38 am, a group of people decided to move their party to stairwell near us. Another trip to the GR desk at 2:40 am......She didn't seem bothered by the noise, but did get security to disperse them. I spoke to the GR manager wo could not have cared less about either disturbance. The end result is this...… I like the Classica much better as a ship, BUT the Hotel Director and his Guest Relations manager need to go back to school and figure it out. They flat out suck at guest relations. I have paid for 9 cabins over 4 cruises, and this is the first issue that I have taken to Guest services, and they fell way short of my expectations My take,,,,,the Classica is the better ship, and the Celebration is the better crew!
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