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  1. This confused me at first but I think it just means that you can either have it all as FCC or if you want a refund you will get your money back according to the cancellation schedule with any otherwise non-refundable sums back as FCC and the rest in cash.
  2. On the Cruisemapper ship tracking app, Golden Princess is already showing as "Pacific Adventure" (currently off the NW coast of Australia, heading to Asia it seems).
  3. I agree things are unlikely to start up by then in terms of cruising. We were looking at a Southampton to Norway cruise at the end of August as the prices are crazy cheap but we concluded it would just end up being another trip we have to wait for a refund on. Most likely situation in the UK by September is a partial lifting of restrictions to allow people to go back to work etc. but non-essential things like cruising I just can't see by then unfortunately.
  4. Can someone please help me understand something about the temporary cancellation policy. We want to cancel. We have paid a deposit of around £450 that is otherwise non-refundable. We have not yet made final payment but this is due this week. If we cancel now (and bearing in mind we have only paid the deposit) will the port taxes and fees be taken off the deposit amount and refunded in cash, leaving the balance as FCC, or will the whole £450 deposit be returned as FCC only?
  5. A lot of airlines are restricting refunds too in favour of future credit. I worry that is the logical next step for the cruise lines 😧
  6. Saw that too. Might change our decision to make final payment this week on a upcoming cruise that is almost certain to be cancelled. This was previously worth considering to get the deposit back in cash + some FCC when the cancellation came. Without the extra FCC might as well not tie my money up as the risk vs reward dynamic has changed.
  7. Logged into my 16th May Japan cruise today and it says cruise has been cancelled (although is still for sale on the website). Don't know whether they are just cancelling DP cruises right now or whether a sign of more widespread cancellations to come. I imagine the latter as I can't see anyone cruising in May in any part of the world.
  8. Depends where the OP is from. Different countries have different payment dates. The standard payment date in Germany for example is (from memory) around 45 days before departure.
  9. I've been buying CCL stock the past week but clearly pulled the trigger too soon. I do want to buy more but am going to hold out for now as I fear it could go very low indeed. As stated above, if the company survives it will be a good long term investment. CCL not surviving was unthinkable to me just a few days ago but now I have to think of it as at least a remote possibility 🤯
  10. The Diamond Princess was a big story with a lot of media coverage but a LOT has happened in the past month and people will mostly forget as more bad news comes in to eclipse it. People who said they would never travel on that ship are finding the virus on their doorsteps and this gives a completely new perspective. I predict the Diamond will be back in service as soon as Princess is back up and running and the Japanese open up their ports. It might not be as soon as May but it will be back before long. And it will have the same name!
  11. Don't know if it is too late but Virgin have just announced changes their policy and previously booked flights are now eligible to change to a later date without penalty.
  12. They had it for 2 days in the UK last week - £1 deposit.
  13. Check with your airline and keep checking with your airline. Just like cruise lines, airlines are scrambling to protect their businesses and are starting to offer flexibility with regards to re-booking flights. Right now BA and Virgin Atlantic's response won't help you, but other airlines now are offering free changes or 100% credit towards a future flight. I predict in the coming weeks both BA and Virgin will update their policies to allow changes or cancellations to bookings made any time in the past and not just new bookings. If you are flying with a US carrier you might already be in luck. Re not getting taxes back, I believe these should be refunded to you as money back and not in the form of a FCC. FCC only covers non-refundable elements.
  14. Well, I'm willing to bet that within 2 weeks, RCL, NCL and others will have cases on board too, so then it won't just be Princess in the headlines. Unfortunately the cruise lines cannot stop the virus getting on their ships. It makes me laugh that lines such as Carnival are banning people who have been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan in the past 20 days when those countries have far fewer cases than countries from which there are no restrictions. e.g. Cannot board: Hong Kong - 108 cases Singapore - 138 cases Japan - 461 cases Can board: Germany - 799 cases France - 716 cases Spain - 500 cases USA - 376 cases It is time to accept that the outbreak cannot be contained!
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