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  1. Glad to hear that the jackets are no longer required for muster. We had to take them on our last Princess cruise but that was almost two years ago! The other lines we have tried since (apart from Cunard) we didn't need them. I guess the health and safety people got involved because it always seemed to be a big trip hazard on the stairs having the cords dragging along the floor (some people seemed incapable of wrapping them around the jacket as they found it!) I don't think it was needed anyway. We don't all try out our jackets when we get on a plane after all!
  2. This is the kind of itinerary that cruising is designed for - getting to those difficult to reach places! We did this cruise on the Emerald Princess a few years ago and loved it. All the ports were interesting in their own way, got to see lots of wildlife, sailed to places we'd never visit otherwise and in our case the weather was mostly excellent (YMMV!) If you have time to tag on a trip to Iguazu Falls I highly recommend it. It is very easy to arrange independently and not that expensive in the grand scheme of things to spend a few nights there (a fraction of the price the cruise lines charge). My tip for Buenos Aires - if you listen too much to the people lining up to tell you it is a dangerous city you'll never do anything! We felt very safe moving around on our own and even walked from the port to the city which also felt very safe. Just use common sense, don't be flashy and you'll be be fine. The Falklands was a highlight for us as Brits which is why we sailed Princess (Celebrity didn't stop there when we were looking). That said if you are not interested in the history and/or penguins then you probably won't miss it.
  3. Store your bags in the city and explore! I definitely wouldn't waste a day in this great city sitting at the airport. CDS Baggage have a storage facility at Canada Place during the summer. According to their website they offer both storage of bags and also a transfer option to YVR. There are other storage options around the city or at the airport. When finished take the Canada Line to the airport - quick, easy, cheap and fairly comfortable.
  4. Great, it will be available on the Golden from late 2020. Better go and book a cruise on that ship for that period. Oh, wait a minute ... Strange and unnecessarily misleading comment given there will be no Golden Princess to install it on by late 2020!
  5. Really not worth it to avoid a 1.1% charge. If your bill is $1000 you are paying $11 extra. That's one cocktail! Much better to use a credit card so your funds are not being frozen with pre-authorizations and you don't have to worry about having money in the account. In fact you should be able to get 1.1% or more back in rewards if you are using the right credit card (e.g. cashback or airline miles card).
  6. Great post, and so true. Coral to Alaska was our first cruise. We saw all the brochures showing bells and whistles on the new mega ships and wondered if we'd made the right choice. We made the right choice! There are so many places to get outside and see the scenery, some completely deserted, like the areas aft on deck 10 and the excellent viewing areas at the front of the ship that not many people seemed to know about. On the Royal I'm sure we'd have been jockeying for a good position with hundreds of other people given the more limited outside deck space. As we've sailed more ships and experienced some of the bigger, newer examples, we've realised bigger and newer is not indeed better. Sure the decor is from this century, unlike the Coral, but deck space is being squeezed by all lines and more recently it is more and more being reserved for suite level passengers (looking at you Celebrity!) leaving everyone else with less and less space from which to see the world go by. Thankfully the Coral still gives you this opportunity.
  7. We did a Christmas cruise in 2017. We enjoyed the carols, decorations, storytelling and it turned out there was a stowaway on board called Santa! However with the exception of Santa, all the other stuff occurred on Christmas eve with very little happening on Christmas day itself. They didn't even do a Christmas meal in the MDR which really surprised/disappointed me. The first time I've had fettuccine alfredo for Christmas dinner!
  8. We're booked in the opposite direction (SOU-HAM), 1 week earlier than you. We received our allocation this past Tuesday, so if the same time frame applies to you, you should get an allocation in the next few days, although I'm sure this is highly variable. We got an email from Cunard informing us of the allocation. I had checked online the same morning and nothing had been allocated, suggesting the email came very quickly after the room was allocated.
  9. The dining table looks the same size as we had last month on the non-revolutionised Constellation. If there used to be a larger table on the FV balconies, I think the decision was made to down-size them by Celebrity before Kelly got involved. Constellation balcony:
  10. Thanks for the updates - very enjoyable. You probably don't want to hear that it is hot and sunny in Scotland today! Hopefully the weather will pick up for the rest of the trip - I'm sure it will.
  11. In Copenhagen and Stockholm you can pay by credit card for pretty much everything (they seem to prefer it) so no need to worry about that in my view. Euros are obviously fine for the other ports, except St. Petersburg. Depends what you plan to do in St. Petersburg there as to whether you need the currency. If you are on a ship or organised tour as most are there, I imagine you can live without Rubles. If you are exploring independently you would probably need them.
  12. Enjoy. We got off the Constellation last week and the staff we encountered onboard were excellent. It seemed like a well run and happy team. Wasn't sure about the cruise director Paul at first but he really grew on us and by the end we decided he was one of the best we have encountered (very funny guy if you ignore the "dad" jokes!)
  13. Personally I think the post cruise survey is designed to elicit positive responses and not for anyone to provide constructive feedback. I don’t think they want constructive feedback, they just want to create a fancy chart showing each department how they are scoring. If they really wanted constructive feedback the survey would be designed very differently. I get the impression Celebrity think they are doing a great job and just want us to confirm it and not challenge them in any way. Certain crew members also guilt trip you into giving high scores telling you the company considers only a 9 or 10 as an acceptable score. Well for me 10 is perfect and 9 is close to perfect and very little in this world is perfect so the whole thing is a little flawed. In any other world an 8 is very good! I gave mostly 9s against my better judgement as a result (thus showing the limited real value of the surveys). We had a great time but there was plenty of room for improvement. I only wish they made it easier to let them know about it. The second last thing a Celebrity employee said to me before I left the ship last week was “remember – 10 out of 10!” I heard that a few times and it isn’t very classy.
  14. Sorry, as Celebrity first timers we didn't come into contact with them.
  15. Ship: Constellation Revolution (2019 onwards) - No Cabin: 7202 Deck: 7 Class: FV (corner) Area/Location: Aft Bed Location / View: Wall-facing Quiet? Yes Balcony/Porthole View: Excellent Balcony/Porthole Size: Oversized Wind a Problem? No Soot a Problem? No Comments: Excellent, spacious room, especially for just the two of us. Has 2 rooms and 2 TVs. Sofas need replacing as they are in bad shape but we didn't really use them. Biggest plus is the balcony which is huge and has a 270 degree view. Balcony had a medium sized table with 4 chairs, plus 2 sun loungers. We didn't hear much noise from the bar on deck 10 (you could hear the live music faintly when outside in the early evening but it was pleasant). Very noisy when one of the other aft balconies had a party one afternoon but that only lasted an hour, otherwise a super peaceful balcony with nothing but the sound of the ocean. Would definitely book again.
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