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  1. We have done one full transit on the Jewel and two partial transits on Jewel class ships but I forget exactly which one. We had an aft balcony on the full transit and it was wonderful. We did have soot on the balcony two mornings, but otherwise it was fine. Two out of 16 days was not too bad. I agree that the old locks provide a superior experience to the newer ones. And I have always enjoyed the more personal feel of the smaller ships, which NCL has done a good job of keeping them fresh. we have booked the Jewel for another trip in February of 23. and
  2. We had one of those B6 balconies before they reclassified them and they were BAs . That huge balcony was great! The Napoli coast is gorgeous. IMHO you should order a very nice beverage and enjoy it from a port side balcony. The cruise took a few hours, whereas the volcano was more of a drive by. The late afternoon lighting makes the coast magical, while when the ship turned for starboard folks to view, it was nearing dusk.
  3. Plus, on the roll call group, we have a cruiser from the hospitality industry, who is requesting a group rate for a block of rooms at The Harbor House. It’s a great place, so join us and stay tuned.
  4. Another vote for aperol spritz. It can be a bitter tart for some people, if so tell the bartender to add a splash of sprite to it, personally I like it as is, but the waiter did tell me that. And it’s a big pretty, bright orange, sassy looking drink! What’s not to like?
  5. We just did it with the Pride from Galveston. Drive to IAH, shuttle to the pier, fly back to IAH and fetch the car. No problem. Our air for second person is $79. 😁
  6. Congrats on your hassle free upgrade! I’m okay with our cabin but would have chosen something that’s as not across the hall from a lathe white area. As time goes by I may call my PCC and see if she can lateral us into a cabin with known neighbors on all sides.
  7. There seem to be some strange things happening. In the past you could book any available cabin. But now there are only designated cabins. Hmmm. Twice in the last year (out of 5 or 6 upgrades) they gave me a list of available to upgrade cabins and they would not have been my first choice,although some were not too bad. Also, and this is new, you had to book the highest OV to upgrade to a BA. So on this cruise I had to go to book a O4 in order to be upgradeable, so today’s issue was I HAD to book a B4, when. BA or BB would have been fine but said I couldn’t do that you have to book exa
  8. Hallelujah!!! We have a cabin! Finally was able to do my upgrade. Got a delightful young lady who was able to navigate the system and between her and her supervisor they made it happen. Although I got the only B-4 they had available on deck 15 🤔 Hmmm, makes me wonder what on earth is going on. But, at least we are upgraded and I can move on to other things. happy day, all
  9. When you book on the website it bypasses the agents. Look at your summary and see if by chance they assigned you an agent. Otherwise, call NCL and speak with the agent who answers at the call center. I would give you my wonderful PCCs name but it’s not allowed here on CC.
  10. One more thing that happened today. The rep asked me all the usual questions, name address, reservation number, phone number DOB of both occupants. Then she asked for the CC number and asked me for the points in the account. I knew roughly what I had but she said no, it had to be the exact amount. Huh? Never ever been asked that before. So, I had to go to my iPad, log in to BoA and give her the exact amount. Anyone else have that happen? Last week the guy asked me my middle name, although it’s not on my account anywhere. That was a first, too.
  11. Yes, you can. I don’t know if they are available at this time on the Prima, though. If you go to the rewards page on BoAs site you can see the redemption values. But here’s some food for thought. Any charges to NCL with your MasterCard will get you double points, so the best use of your points would be to pay your account with your MC, then file for cash back and,pay off the onboard charges.
  12. Tried again this morning. No luck. They did offer me a BB on deck ten, but they had no balconies available above deck ten. She put the points back in my account and I will try again later. She said, like all the others, that they received notice that all was ready to go - obviously not.
  13. Swordfish steaks on the Pride. Osobuco in LaCucina Shrimp cocktail in Cagneys Oh so many meals. Never had anything that was sorely disappointing.
  14. I have a full cabin layout. I’ll have to find the link to it and post it here. Stay tuned!
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