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  1. In our 77 cruises, I can tell you that only rarely do rates drop after initial release. We always book at least a year in advance just to take advantage of the low rates. If rates do by chance drop you can always cancel and rebook. But when doing so be sure to take into account any perks you may have received. When we booked our Jan 2021 cruise they were offering a take all offers promo, along with $100 OBC for balconies, currently you can also use 2 CruiseNext certificates if booking a balcony. We like the larger angled balconies that are the same price as regular cabins, and those go quickly - another reason to book early. My advise is to go ahead and book, you can always cancel or adjust your reservation without penalty so long as you do so prior to penalty phase.
  2. It has not been all that many years since the program was changed, so I cannot see NCL making any changes any time soon. Prior to the last change we received questionairs for almost two years with extensive questions. I've not received any such queries since the last change. If and when we begin to see those then we can assume they may be contemplating some changes. We've been PP since the last changes took place and are very happy with the program, particularly when compared to Carnival's (pitiful, even as Diamonds). That being said, we certainly would welcome a bit of a reward between the cavernous gap toward Ambassador As NCL has added the free beverage option, additional beverages or wine may not make much of a difference to many, but a bottle of better wine, rather than the bubbly would be appreciated. OBC is the universal option that no one could complain about (oh, wait this is CC where some people complain about everything), priority disembark would be wonderful, and a "landmark" cruise would be something very new to NCL (CCL does it on multiples of 25 cruises - 25, 50 or 75% of cruise fare is refunded as OBC) , a free photo or two would certainly not cost them much, nor would free movies. Til then, we'll just keep on enjoying our perks and reaaaaly hoping the Latitudes party will stop being an infomercial.
  3. Sounds similar to our experience in February, although on that trip bar service was extremely slow, never once did we get a drink in less than 15 minutes and 30 was not uncommon. Critical shortage of bartenders that trip.
  4. Twe were on the BA last week and Cagneys was awful. All the glassware had a distinctly fishy smell, the spoon I received for my bisque was a serving Spoon - not a tablespoon or soup spoon but a huge serving spoon. Like a previous poster, the crab cake was very cold, the bisque had a sheen and tasted more like a fish chowder a reeked of fish broth. I had ordered fish and it was so very salty I could not eat but two bites. DHs steak was very smal and mostly hunks of fat. weve always enjoyed Cagneys but this was our first time on one of the big ships, and I was nt impressed at all. 😩
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