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  1. Congrats. Still waiting - MSC cancelled sailing day of embarking (stranded us in Marseille, France) on March 13th. No reimbursement at all (222 days) but it is earmarked for a full reimbursement. I call often, hear the same story, and wait.
  2. I purchased through TA and when I called MSC directly for status of full refund from Mid-March was told I have to work through TA and they can tell me nothing. I have tried this several times with the same response for the past 6 months... but I'm tired of doing nothing. Although this time the MSC Rep said to ask TA for a 3-way call. As long as TA is on the phone, they can talk directly to you. Will try this Friday.
  3. Was supposed to sail March 13th from Marseille France, actually arrived at Port and was told Cruise was canceled. Stranded in France with three senior citizens. Made it back home after four days of solid traveling (to and from California), and filed a refund claim through Expedia mid-March. As of today, still have not received my 100% refund. So far I have received $0. I call once a month and I get the same story. I was told that there was an error in the processing, that it didn't have the right information, that I needed to submit a new form, that I was supposed to get refunds in various am
  4. The main reason I am asking is whether to store a piece of luggage on shore during the duration on the trip with my flat iron and blow dryer (and my travel companions "forbidden" items also). It seems silly to waste 45 euros to store a piece of luggage on shore if the ship will return it to me after the cruise.
  5. Will be on the Grandiosa in March and was just reading through the forbidden items... and all heated hair items are forbidden (including hair straighteners/ flat iron). So my question... if its confiscated from my luggage, will it be returned to me at the end of the trip? I'll be traveling through France and England for a few more weeks after the cruise and will need my blow dryer and flat iron. It does say things will not be returned but that seems harsh. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I was planning to purchase train tickets now but it might be better to purchase them the day of... for the chance of not getting there on time? I was in Paris with my dad last April and had a great time. He will be traveling with me again but will also have my mom and her best friend who have never been to Paris. So it should be an adventure.
  7. Thank you for the responses. Since I will be traveling with 3 seniors (all in their 70s) I try to keep the process smooth and steady. And yes, will be traveling to Paris.
  8. Will be traveling in March on the MSC Grandiosa and disembarking at Marseille. It states we will be there at 8am. First time cruising the Mediterranean and not sure how long it will take to disembark. Not a member or ever cruised on MSC. So will not have priority. Can I make it to the train station by 11am for a 12pm train? Any advise will be welcomed. Thanks.
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