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    I tenpin bowl in two leagues and enjoy reading, travelling, cooking and entertaining.
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  1. Boatmans Lady

    changing tours

    I booked the wrong tour by mistake and also tried to deselect the tour and book the right one, but couldn't. So rang and got everything changed quickly and a new confirmation was received before I had aid thank you and goodbye. Don't know if Regent UK is different, but they have always answered quickly.
  2. Boatmans Lady

    When to expect Tickets?

    Still nothing for us and we embark before you, so here is hoping ours come soon.
  3. So very sorry to be late to your wonderful blog. Your daughter has a captivating smile and radiates happiness. Thank you for your wonderful photos, I'm reliving our cruise last Christmas to the Caribbean, such happy memories,
  4. Boatmans Lady


    Very nice and if it was free and unexpected, all the better. Enjoy, I'm always pleased to hear of unexpected bonuses.
  5. Boatmans Lady

    When to expect Tickets?

    Eagerly awaiting our post every day at the moment as we are four and a half weeks out from embarkation, so expecting ours 🤗
  6. Have a great trip and looking forward to reading along.
  7. Thank you for posting the photos of the Country Fair. We attended a small town fair in Vermont recently and loved it, so really hope we get a Country Fair on our cruise as the games just look such fun. I will be sad when your cruise is over and your lovely blog finishes.
  8. Thank you for the sparkling wine and champagne tasting. So glad you took one for the good of us people on here So pleased to see a that a good Italian sparkling rose was a winner as I do like a good sparkling rose.
  9. Jackie, I see that there is a model boat building competition. Is this offered on most cruises and have you got any other info on this, please. Thanks
  10. Boatmans Lady


    As there have been a number of threads over the last few months [including one of my own] I thought I'd post about my experience of booking them [as we are new to Regent] being waitlisted and 'missing' excursions from the lists, We had eagerly perused the example excursions and made a list of excursions that we were interested in, so come booking day, I was sharp on the button as the required time came round, only to be greeted with 'there is no reservation of the reservation number or name!!' A hour and half later, I was still getting the same message and with it being a Sunday, I was unable to ring Regent. A few hours later, I decided to have another try and lo and behold everything was there, but some of the ports only had few 'included' tours. Booked with no trouble the ones that weren't full and rang Regent the next morning to be waitlisted for 4 full excursions. I also had a conversation about there being no excursions to Pearly Harbour and the very pleasant lady said that if I emailed them with what we wanted to do, they would price a private tour up and get back to me with no obligation. We decided not to go down this route, as it seemed quite easy to pick a taxi up and do it independently and we thought we might find there were other cruisers interested in making a group up once we were on board. Fast forward a few weeks and I noticed that one of our waitlisted tours had been confirmed, then another, and another. So we were only waiting to clear one waitlist. Then whilst checking on something else last week, I noticed that extra excursions had been added, with one being Pearl Harbour, so I signed us up for that and added another onto another day that we had an early morning tour. I must admit to double checking the second tour as it is a 5 hour tour leaving at 2pm and we sail at 7pm, but presume these timings are fine. The moral of this tale is to confirm to other 'newbies' not to panic if your preferred tour is sold out, tryst what others tell you on here. Get yourself waitlisted and most of the times you will clear the waitlist. We never received an email to say we had cleared the waitlist, so keep and eye on your excursion listing and you may be pleasantly surprised as we were. So a big thank you to all those members who take the time to reassure newbies and well done Regent for a system that obviously works. Only another 45 days to embarkation!!
  11. Just catching up on your blog and thank you for the daily schedules. From a soon to be new on Regent cruiser it is good to have an idea of what is offered on sea days as we have two sets of 5 sea days. Hope your swells stay manageable.
  12. Boatmans Lady

    Review of Navigator Window Only cabins

    Duly noted about not cranking the heat up 😉
  13. Boatmans Lady

    Review of Navigator Window Only cabins

    Thank you Sharle and Peggy.
  14. Boatmans Lady

    Review of Navigator Window Only cabins

    Great review of cabins that aren't often mentioned. Just one question if I may, do any of the windows open please.
  15. I too have read you embarkation post with a smile on my face and I have to admit that this is why we are thinking of boarding a little later as we go straight into four sea days, so plenty of time to relax and get sorted. Will have to remember to ask to sit in Mario's section for dinner. Thanks for the recommendation.