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  1. No, we weren't in a top suite and as this was our first cruise, we were only bronze tier. Twice we dined by ourselves and the other two times, we dined with other couples. As our suite also wasn't high enough for a butler, we just went to the restaurant and asked the Maitre D' if there was any availability on the night we were interested in.
  2. We too took our first Regent cruise on The Navigator this year [we are also from the UK] and loved the whole Regent Experience. So hope you too have a fab cruise. We booked a Prime 7 reservation early on in our cruise, with the view or getting a second reservation and in the end, had 4 fabulous meals in Prime Seven. I couldn't decide between the bone in prime rib, or the seafood and our waiter suggested that I ordered an appetiser portion of the seafood, so I did. Most entrees can be done as an appetiser, so don't be afraid to ask.
  3. Hi we finished a cruise in Tahiti earlier in the year and our flight to LA wasn't till 23.45 with second night flight to Heathrow after arrival in LA. Regent offered a communal day room at a hotel with snacks or a tour, but that dropped us way too early at the airport. On researching I found a great one night rate at a seafront hotel with pool. We booked this and emailed the hotel to ask if there was any possibility of the room being ready on arrival about 10am. The room was ready, next to the pool and the hotel booked a taxi to the airport for us at 21.00. This worked for us as tea and coffee was provided, we had a safe and our luggage was locked in our room. We spent a pleasant day in the grounds had dinner then a nap before showering ready for our pick up. If we were in the same situation we would opt to do this again.
  4. It is nice to see The Navigator looking so good and I have loved travelling with through your photos. Thank you. I see you recommend using Tapatalk, but when I tried to install it, I got a message saying it wasn't available in the UK. Can you possibly shed any light on this, please.
  5. First an apology as I'm late to this thread, but thank you for posting such a great read and your food pictures are making my mouth salivate. The Gravelax was my go to appetiser as it really is sublime. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.
  6. I have tried to upload a photo, but have been unsuccessful,to show the spreadsheet. The world cruise finishes on 3rd of May 2021 and the next cruise begins on the 12th of May but where the Navigator and Vogager have a grey box stating Ship Upgrade, there is nothing under the Mariner for this date. It could just be because it is so far in advance.
  7. According to the pull out bit at the back of the new brochure; The Navigator will be having a Ship Upgrade from 28th August to 10th September 2020 and The Voyager will have an Upgrade on the 20th October till 1st November 2020 No other planned upgrades are showing through till the end of April 2022
  8. I have had the brochure for a couple of days and on the pullout calendar cruise, it shows the ship upgrades and I see The Voyager is getting an upgrade in October 2020 as well as the extra upgrade to Navigator in August 2020.
  9. To be honest, I'm not certain if naming the forum would break any rules, but suffice to say, it is a side kick from a holiday destination site that sells online in England.
  10. Another thank you from me. Have thoroughly enjoyed tagging along on your cruise. Enjoy your last days in London.
  11. Flossie, your weather has been much nicer than here at home [I am across the county line in Beds] it has rain, nice steady earth soaking rain, most of the day and temps have cooled. Enjoy your sail into Flam and I'll look forward to your narrative and photos.
  12. Thank you Flossie for taking us along with you. Good to see The Navigator looking so good in the sunshine.
  13. Reef Knot, we were in your situation last year and had the same concerns. We weren't in a concierge suite and when we booked our tours, we were waitlisted (had to ring to get waitlisted) for four tours, as they were showing full. We cleared the waitlist before we travelled for three of the tours. The fourth wasn't a big deal and just before our date they added a couple more tours and one of them suited better. So do keep checking back as we were never informed that we had been cleared, they just appeared on our itinerary and we weren't told extra tours had been added. Secondly, our suite stewardess asked if she could leave us a nightcap. On returning to our suite we had two bottles of the liquor we had requested, so yes to the drinks. Like you, I found this forum to be a wealth of information and we had a great cruise. What was going to be a one off has now become two as we have a cruise for 2021 booked. So be prepared for repeat bookings!!
  14. Thanks for the replies. So The Navigator is going back in and The Mariner is due in, in 2021, any info on the other ships? I know the Voyager was refitted in 2016, but know nothing about The Explorer.
  15. I caught something on a TV programme [bear in mind I'm in the UK] that said that you can find out what ships are due for refits and what what will be redressed during the refit. Now I'm almost certain that they said you could find the info on Cruise Critic, but I can't locate anything like that, but it did start me thinking how often Regent refit their ships. Now I know the Navigator has just had a dry dock refit and it has been announced that she is going back in, but how about the other ships? No real reason for asking apart from sheer nosiness.
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