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  1. Any chance any of you are in Marseille on Tue July 9th? We will be hiring 2 vans to see Arles and les Baux for a tour and have room for 7 more people. Our group is 9 people and each van only holds 8 people, so it would be nice to have another group join us to help keep the price lower. Just message me if you have any interest.
  2. Thanks for the walking tour ideas in Barcelona, the night tour sounds really fun! What else are you doing there? Since this our first trip to Europe, trying to figure out a rough schedule for the first few days has been tough for me. I arrive at 8am and have to wait until 1pm to check into our AirB&B, not sure what to do with that time. I hope the next day everyone will be ready for a full day tour. Then the following I'm thinking of a chocolate tour I found on airB&B (my kids really want to do a food tour but most are expensive and include alcohol: https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/169232?location=Barcelona%2C%20Spain&checkin=2019-07-03&checkout=2019-07-07&adults=9&source=p2¤tTab=all_tab&searchId=16db6edf-dab6-407b-859a-be641614dcac&federatedSearchId=908a04d4-010e-4c4e-811b-38f86087b6f3§ionId=cc24540b-102a-4836-8b8e-9f82734f210f ) I'm also thinking some beach time since my youngest LOVES playing in the sand still (age 13). This is a great thread! Thanks everyone.
  3. What? I haven’t been paying attention I didn’t realize that the oasis had an incident. Is there anywhere I can read about it? Thanks for all your tips!
  4. Thanks everyone! She said as of March 21st they changed it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that she is wrong!!! We are 88 days out from our cruise. I can't seem to even find what shows are on Oasis. Mind you I've been so busy trying to get everything else in place since it's my first trip to Europe and I'm coordinating for 9 people before and after cruise stuff. Does anyone know are the shows similar to Allure? We did Allure 2x in 2017 (won a free cruise on our first cruise) and I'm really hoping they have something different.
  5. We went on a few RCI cruises in the past couple years on Allure and always prebooked our shows so I could plan excursions and dinner times around show times. We're cruising again on Oasis in July and I've been waiting for them to release the shows and they haven't so I just called and found out that in March RCI no longer lets you prebook your shows. I'm so frustrated about that. We're a large group in 4 rooms and that's the last thing I want to do when I get on the ship is stand in some long line to set up our reservations... Any one else frustrated with this or is it just me.
  6. Great thread. This stop has been the hardest for me to figure out. We're a family of three teens - 13, 15 and 17 on Oasis in July (I wish some of you were on my cruise). We've decided to book our own private tour/van to go to Arles and Les Baux. We are either going with https://www.provence-travel.com/ or www.facebook.com/simonsaysprovencetours/ both look pretty good - about 550 Euro for a van/guide for the day. We're doing Cinque terre on our own, with the train/bus/walking pass. In Rome we booked our private with "Can't Be Missed Tours" so we could do both inside the coliseum and Vatican and in Naples we're doing the Pompeii, Sorrento and Ammalfi coast with www.italytours.eu. In Palme we hired a catamaran for 4 hours (we're also with our parents, so we a group of 9 people total, makes it easier to split up costs for private tours). We'll spend 3 days in Barcelona before the cruise, then afterwards we take the train to Paris for 3 days. It's our first trip to Europe too and I feel like I'm spending HOURS and HOURS researching and booking things. Thanks everyone for sharing, it's nice to read what others are doing with kids!
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