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  1. Thanks so much for the live coverage. I really enjoyed it. Travel safely in the future and hope to meet up on another Princess cruise.
  2. FLL to Southern Caribbean. BCs, Grenada, Dominica, etc. Should be lotsa satellites. Any info on the embarkation price for elites? No info on website. Thanks, voljeep.
  3. Is this a Medallion cruise? I am boarding in three weeks and trying to decide if it is worth upgrading my elite minutes. I appreciate your comments.
  4. Someone said they took chairs out of the OV and balcony cabins. Is this correct?
  5. Corgidawgga


    Major side eye.....I love it!
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  7. Corgidawgga

    Duomo by Sarah

    From the bell tower... .
  8. I agree.....we had her once and she was excellent.
  9. If anyone is still posting, can you let us know who the cruise director is? getting on for the TA thanks!
  10. On my 15 day TA, I am wondering whether to get a coffee card. I generally don’t use all the drinks on it. Will the unused portion carry over to the next 7 days from BCN to Rome? According to my agent, since the two cruises are linked, the OBC will.....so wondering about the unused coffees....
  11. Thanks! Looks like the Faroe Islands are in! Finally.
  12. In the last three cruises, we have only had to wait a few minutes for a table in Anytime dining. We share the table, always, and in most cases do not have to wait. We do tend to eat later.....around 8ish, sometimes a bit later but always in time to get to the late show if we want to attend. The biggest plus for me with anytime dining is the number of really interesting and charming people we meet at our tables. We tend to be outgoing, and love talking with others about their cruises and experiences.
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