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  1. Personally haven't given anything other than cash/tips because of mixed responses to posts like this. Can't help but wonder if they say they have everything or say no to needing anything it might be because they think they will get things instead of cash/tips? Not understanding some people want to give both things and cash/tips?
  2. I don't have a long cruising history. sailed with RC 3 times before trying Carnival. While I enjoyed RC I loved Carnival! The biggest difference I noticed right away was the cruise directors. On RC I never knew who the CD was until they introduced themselves before a show started. That's all I saw or heard from them. On Carnival the CD was everywhere, involved in everything. You saw them, you heard them, you interacted with them. My 2 Carnival cruises were so much fun, such a fun, friendly vibe. On RC sometimes it seemed like people were on their best church behavior lol.
  3. We are older, I don't feel like doing research so getting Carnivals makes sense. Now if I could just find where on my account online I can add it.
  4. Thanks for the answers, I understand now. It's it still a good idea to shop around or is Carnivals plan a decent option, I'm kinda lazy lol.
  5. I have never used Carnival vacation protection in the past. I was looking at the different booking options and saw different prices for the protection plan. For example using the cheers to you offer the price is $190, but using the military offer or wifi offer the price is $158. Wondering is there a reason it's not the same price across the board?
  6. I liked visiting Roatan. First trip we went to Tabyana Beach where I snorkeled for the first time. Very nice beach, snorkeling was great. Second time we booked a sloth, snorkel, and Little French Key excursion. So fun to hold a sloth! Husband got nauseous during snorkeling part so we didn't really experience Little French Key since he just lay in a lounger recovering. Waiter mixed him up something to help him feel better and was very attentive.
  7. I didn't know what to do either so I put the cruise I wanted on hold then called next day. Was on hold less than 10 minutes and all done in less than another 10 minutes. He applied my FCC and $600 OBC and sent the e-mail confirmation and had me look at it and see all was good before ending the call.
  8. I also got this e-mail but our final payment date was already May 31 so no extension for us?
  9. Hmmmmm I have an 8 day for end of August. Rather it gets cancelled sooner than later I guess, then I can grieve and move on☹️
  10. I am booked on the 8 day Dream 8/28/2021 with a Key West stop. If it changes down to a 7 day do you also get compensated for losing a day? Only have a $100 deposit invested so far while I play wait and see for the next couple months.
  11. Due to cancelled cruises last year ended up in Vegas 4 times instead of my usual one or two trips a year. We did a lot of day trips and overnights at Laughlin and Zion. Booked our 8 day Memorial Day vacation. Will be going to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Lassen Volcanic National Parks, plus whatever else I find of interest in the area. Have a Labor Day cruise booked but already planning to go to hot air balloon festival in New Mexico in Oct as backup ifcancelled.. Will still have a week of vacation left. Have never done an AI but its looking and sounding worth considering.
  12. Had a March cruise cancelled, got a refund, no intention to book until ships started sailing again. Went to Vegas to use up vacation time in July and Sept and it wasnt the same of course. A few weeks ago saw $50 deposits and couldnt hold out. Booked the Dream on a 8 night eastern Carribean out of Galveston August 28-Sept 8 2021 with the hope it would be far enough out for things to get back to normal. Usually have only booked a couple of months beforehand. Get to drive to port and got an inside spa cabin for a few bucks more than a regular inside.
  13. My March MyVegas cruise that was cancelled would have been my 5th comped cruise, first time on Norwegian. The other 4 cruises went smoothly with absolutely no issues. I wanted to rebook a Sept. cruise but just didnt have a good feeling about it so I requested a refund, so glad I did. Expect to wait the 90 days they say it will take for a refund, maybe even longer by now. Its very disappointing to not be cruising this year, hope it all works out.
  14. Went the CC dispute route also, had my money returned almost 60 days ago plus an interest credit adjustment. So as an example, will everyone that requested a refund on March 23 all get paid in one big group at 90 days? It doesn't seem as though payment are being staggered over the 90 days.
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