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  1. My wife and I always sail in concierge class, C2, deck 10 midship. We have been in cabin 1207 eighteen times on the five S-Class ships. And 1205, 1209, 1215, etc on other sailings. We like the location. Midship, cabins above and cabins below, near the central elevators, stairs, and library, and just two decks up to the pool, and two or three to the Oceanview Cafe. Why concierge class? Well, I said the location is great. We really are not fond of most of the benefits that come with the concierge cabin. The afternoon treats over the last few years are just plain awful. Just go up to the Oceanview Cafe at three or four, and get really good treats, or of course the treats always available at Cafe el Bacio on deck five. The sparkling wine you get upon embarkation is also very very very very low quality. We don't really use the other benefits. HOWEVER, my wife LOVES the fluffy bathrobes that come with the concierge cabin. May not seem like much, but to my wife, it is great. The robes are much thicker and bigger than the normal robes in veranda and inside cabins. Simple, but to my wife, the robes are why we book concierge class. We also like the golf umbrella that comes in the concierge cabin. I guess we also like being able to board first. Another nice concierge perk. May not seem like much, but the higher deck 10 location, the fluffy bathrobes, the umbrella, and getting to board first are worth it to us. Before the "edgeification", concierge class also received better toiletries in the bathroom, but that may be disappearing.
  2. Thanks, elklemi. Looking forward to the excursion. Perhaps if more cruise lines add Kingstown to their schedules, the city may become energized.
  3. I am booked on a March 2020 Southern Caribbean Cruise on the Silhouette and a March 2021 Southern Caribbean Cruise on the Equinox. Both cruises stop in Kingstown, St Vincent. This is a new port for me. I was wondering if this is a new port for all cruise ships. Can anyone comment? I booked a shore excursion from St Vincent called "The Bequia Retreat", which is a six and one-half hour catamaran sail over to and sailing around the island of Bequia. It is an hour (8 miles) from where we port in St Vincent to get to Bequia. I can't find any information about ship's excursions for St Vincent. Help? Where can I look for excursion reviews, or is this such a new port for cruise lines, that none exist? I am taking these cruises as for years I have been taking the 14 night Southern Caribbean cruises, which were discontinued for 2020 and beyond. These 12 night Southern Caribbean cruises are the longest I can find for the Caribbean. No more 14 dayers.
  4. "Refreshment Package" question on Royal Caribbean. Bottled water and sparkling water are included. Can I get San Pellegrino, Perrier, or Evian with the Refreshment Package, or are the brands of lower quality. I am relatively new to Royal (just two previous cruises a long time ago), but am Elite Plus on Celebrity. With Celebrity, we always get the premium package, which includes the premium waters noted above. By the way, I will be cruising on the Explorer OTS.
  5. "Refreshment Package" question? Bottled water and sparkling water are included. Can I get San Pellegrino, Perrier, or Evian with the Refreshment Package, or are the brands of lower quality? I am new to Royal (just two previous cruises a long time ago), but am Elite Plus with Celebrity. With Celebrity, we always get the Premium package, which includes the premium waters noted above.
  6. Shhhhhhhhh!!!! Quiet please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of Celebrity's best kept secrets. Celebrity does not inform you anywhere, in writing or by word of mouth, that the treats at Cafe Al Bacio are free. We especially love the chocolate mousse, which is only available a few times during the cruise, but we take a look every time we pass. Note that what is available changes throughout the day for "morning" treats, "afternoon" treats, or "evening" treats.
  7. We've been on over 30 celebrity cruises, including all of the M Class, all of the S class, the Edge, and, a while back, the Century. We like a good wine. I can't tell you how many times we have gone up to one of the bars on the first or second night, and they say they don't have that yet, we ran out last cruise, and the bottles for this cruise have not been unpacked yet. And, the last or next to last night, we hear "Oh, we ran out of that." Most of the time, what they are saying is not true, they just are too lazy to go get it, as if you go to another bar on the ship, you can find the wine you want, or they will go fetch it. Overall, the bartenders do a pretty good job, but we have seen some of this behavior all too often. Also, in the main dining room, with the premium package for the last many cruises, we want a particular good wine, by the glass, each night, and we pay the upcharge. The wines we want are from the specialty restaurants or other bars, and we tell the sommelier the first night what we want on the next night, so he can retrieve the bottle, even though we only drink glasses. Oftentimes my wife doesn't have any wine, and I may have three glasses, so I do not want the whole bottle. (why pay for the bottle, when the premium package allows me to drink "for free", or with a slight upcharge). We have had a few instances where the next evening the sommelier has just said "we no longer have that wine available to us", when in fact they just forgot our request or did no want to be bothered to go get it. Now, this sounds like I am unhappy, but I am not. We know the drill, and make sure the bartenders at the various bars or the sommeliers in the dining venues know what we want. We really are easy to please, just give us what we are requesting. After explaining our desires for the remainder of the cruise on the first night, along with a fifty dollar bill, allows us to enjoy our wines throughout the cruise. Also, leaving an additional ten dollar tip for the dollar or two or three upcharge a few times shows that you appreciate what the sommelier is doing. So, if you know the drill, there really is no problem. Maybe the extra tipping is not required, but we really do like good wines, and want specific ones we request. We are asking the sommelier to go above and beyond, and we are trying to reward him/her for that effort.
  8. Due to all the unrest in San Juan at the present time, is the Celebrity Equinox still stopping in San Juan on their Western Caribbean cruises? Can anyone confirm if they stopped there last Monday, July 22nd?
  9. A little off topic, as this post seems to be discussing the "revolutionized" Equinox. For those currently on board, who is the party (house) band or the dance band. Are they one and the same? In the spring, they usually have two bands, one a house or party band, and another lower key dance band. Who are they, and what do you think of them? We are not cruising until August, but that is just one month away, so we probably will have the same bands that are on the ship now.
  10. There has been some conversation here as to what you would use your On Board Credit (OBC) for if you get all four perks, the Go Best package. One thing that Celebrity does not advertise, but it is allowed is this: You take say $200 of your OBC to the casino, and they give you $200 of chips that cannot be redeemed for cash (house chips), but they can be used to play the tables. We play blackjack with the OBC. So, let's assume you have a night where you bet all the fake house chips, and break even. When you win, even though you bet the house chip, they pay you with real money (chips). So, if you bet all $200 of your fake money, and convert it to $200 of real money, you have broken even. You started with $200, and you leave with $200. However, you started with worthless money, and you walk away with $200 in real money. So you can use your OBC to convert the OBC to real money. Just a thought for how to use your OBC. You can also use your OBC to purchase shore excursions, but those would be through the ship, not independent excursions. Another thought.
  11. My Wife and I have stayed at the Embassy Suites on 17th Street many times, probably a dozen or more over the years. We have been taking Caribbean cruises each spring for probably the last 15 years. The Embassy Suites is conveniently located (Publix and Wine Store right out the back door), and a short cab ride to the cruise terminal. It is an easy walk (maybe a little long) down to the inter-coastal at the end of 17th street, where we usually spend a day on the water taxi, just taking it around and getting on and off throughout the day. An excellent choice for a hotel, and, yes, good free breakfast and free evening happy hour. If you are staying more than a few days pre-cruise, like three, four or five to extend your vacation, I recommend Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood, Florida. Remember, the airport most fly into is the Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood Airport, and Hollywood Beach is the next town over from Fort Lauderdale. This Jimmy Buffet themed hotel opened in late 2015. We have stayed at Margaritaville pre-cruise for each of the last three years, and will stay there again before our April Edge cruise coming up. The other hotels discussed here (including the Embassy Suites) are fine places to stay, but they are just hotels, yes with a pool, and close to restaurants, but just "a place to stay before the cruise." Margaritaville is a resort, a destination in itself. It has three beautiful pools, and is right on the ocean. No streets to cross, you walk out of the hotel to the pools and keep walking to the beach and ocean. It is a terrific hotel, but more of a resort. So, if you want to add more vacation time, you won't regret staying here pre-cruise. It also is an easy cab ride to the cruise terminal. Just google Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, and read the reviews. It is terrific. Did I mention that it also has four music venues playing each day, and a three mile "broadwalk" (cement not wood) up and down the beach? We will still stay at the Embassy Suites if only a day or two pre-cruise. But we like extending our vacation at Margaritaville before we cruise. It is an active resort. Good food, music, entertainment, relaxation by the pools, or just sitting on a beach chair on the sand. My wife and I are age 72, but we still love the upbeat atmosphere of this resort.
  12. Hi all. I am cruising on the Edge in April in a mid ship concierge cabin deck 12 (12157). I was wondering if any previous cruisers in that mid-ship area of the ship have any comments. I am particularly concerned about 1) is the room too dark due to the "overhang" from the pool deck above?, 2) how large is the overhang?, and 3) does the overhang affect your view in any way; that is, is the first thing you see the overhang or the view? Thanks.
  13. For those of you currently on or returned from the Edge, how many black jack tables are in use during the evening. And, what normally is the black jack table minimum bets (in the evening).
  14. For anyone who has recently booked a future Royal Caribbean Cruise while currently on a RCCL Cruise, I have a question. What types of perks are generally given for booking on board? For example, on Celebrity, if you book on board, they normally give you two free perks (gratuities, beverage package, internet, or OBC, for example), additonal OBC, and a reduced deposit. Does Royal Caribbean offer the same types of perks if you book a future cruise on board?
  15. Can I book a Royal Caribbean Cruise while on board the Celebrity Eclipse? If yes, are there any perks that you get similar to booking a future Celebrity Cruise, such as two free perks or a reduced deposit? That is, is there any benefit in booking an RCCl cruise while on board a Celebrity Ship?
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