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  1. This is really simple. You don't need a "math" brain. You cash in your OBC, say $100, and you will get for example 20 $5 chips, the same color as normal $5.00 chips, but with a note imprinted that they can not be redeemed for cash. You merely take these chips to the blackjack table, where your odds are 48% to 52 % favoring the house, if you follow the rules of blackjack as to when to hit, when to double down, when to split and when to stay put. You play the 20 $5.00 chips, and any winnings which are paid in real chips are put aside to be cashed in. Even if you have a really bad night, you
  2. On our last maybe 10 Celebrity Cruises, we have had the Premium Drink Package. Both Evian and San Pellegrino have been available at most bars, and often both sizes, small and large, bottles are available. At some of the bars, though, just the small bottles are available. But, maybe a little bar hopping is required, but you can get both Evian or SP, large or small, with little effort. Cafe El Bacio, the Oceanview bar, and the pool bar, usually have both sizes of both types. The Sky Lounge sometimes only has Evian. The Passport bar usually has both but small bottles. The Suns
  3. My two cents, though, is that we still have COVID out there. Celebrity is doing great right now with Edge, Millennium, and Apex. Small steps. There will be COVID cases popping up on the next few sailings, hopefully just one or two like the Millennium, but everyone wants to see that those cases can be handled without any fanfare. Then, increasing capacity can go ahead. So, I do believe Celebrity needs the revenue, but better to be careful, than sorry. I am not a doomsayer. I love to cruise and think we are on the right track. So, going from 40 % to 50% after a few cruises, then to 60%
  4. Here's a thought. Book them both. That gives you two trips to look forward to, and you no longer need to make a decision. Ahhhh, the decisions we need to make in life. Two cruises in 12 months. What can be better than that. Life is good.
  5. We have been on many Celebrity Cruises. We always take the Vacation Protection Plan through Celebrity, which we used once when my mom died two days before our cruise. Our total cruise fare was refunded. I have never taken any other insurance. I have medical evacuation insurance through my credit card Company, so I always felt safe. I have never had any medical insurance coverage for when we were out of the country. Maybe not the best idea, but so far, so good. Now, with the COVID thing, I am worried about being tossed off the ship at some Caribbean Port, and placed in a hos
  6. My wife and I have been on over 20 S-Class itineraries over the years. We always get the concierge cabins on the port side from 1205 through 1215, that is, we normally get 1207, but have also stayed in 1203, 1205, 1209, 1211, and 1215. There is no 1213. Probably 80 % of the time we are in 1207. 1203, 1207, and 1211 have the bed by the closet, with 1205, 1209, and 1215 having the bed by the balcony. Some of the rooms have the crew staircase across from you, but this has never been a problem. These are great rooms. You have rooms above (Aqua Class) an
  7. We are elite plus, and no longer take advantage of the drinks offered at the elite social hour, in either the Sky lounge or if too crowded , the bars around the ship. The reason is simple, We are not wine snobs. We like a good chardonnay. The Chardonnay they serve at the elite happy hour is absolute garbage, St Helena chardonnay and the like, It is awful. That is why we always book our next cruise while on the ship, get the classic beverage package as a perk, then always upgrade to the premium package for the $10 per day plus gratuity. This was all done before the
  8. We have been on Celebrity cruises each March or April for the last fifteen years. We always have a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago O'Hare leaving around noon. We do the early walk off carrying our own luggage, take a taxi to the airport, and have always been at the airport by like nine at the latest. Sometimes we get to the airport by seven thirty or eight, depending on how quickly we get off the ship. We have never had a problem. The people that say you can not make a late morning or early afternoon flight are wrong. Just carry your own luggage off. Taxis are never a
  9. okay, I see when I call up my reservation I can make reservations for each day for whatever time I like. Let's assume that I make a reservation each day, but for the same time. Would I still probably get a different table with different servers each night, or will they just set us up like traditional dining? Does anyone have experience with this exact scenario?
  10. We have been on many Celebrity cruises, but have always had traditional dining. On our next cruise, we are trying "select" for the first time. This would give us the opportunity to meet other guests during dinner. We still would like to eat between six and seven, probably a busy time for Select diners. Is it possible to reserve a set time for "select" dining, but still eat with other people each evening? If you can make reservations beforehand, can they be done pre-cruise or reserving for futures nights while already on-board? Any comments would be appreciated. Again, we do n
  11. After hearing the CDC Director speak yesterday with her expression of "impending gloom and doom", what is the possibility of a twelve day Caribbean cruise in November, let alone a seven day cruise out of a US port? I realize whatever we say is speculation, but to me it appears that a lot of these people in power still believe the old adage that cruise ships are petri dishes, and one should never set foot on a ship. These people have probably never cruised, call the ships "boats", and really have a negative attitude. I just miss cruising, and would just like the people in charg
  12. I would overnight in Jerusalem. We took a cruise a few years ago that stopped in Haifa for the day, then continued to Ashdod overnight. Many passengers got off the ship in Haifa, stayed overnight in Jerusalem, then returned the next day to Ashdod to reboard the ship. This was perfectly allowed by Celebrity. We did not stay overnight in Jerusalem, which we now would probably do. The first day, we got off the ship in Haifa, and took a day long tour over to the Sea of Galilee and visited many sites that followed Jesus in His heyday. Then visited Nazareth before returning to Ha
  13. People sure are bummed out. There has been very little postings on any roll calls. Even though the spread of gloom and doom seems prevalent all over the media, it just feels that things are turning around. Vaccinations are becoming more available every week. And when two weeks ago, people I had been talking to were discussing how hard it is to get the vaccine, those same people all seem to have found a way to get vaccinated. I am booked on two caribbean cruises. One in November, and one in March, 2022. I am still skeptical about the November cruise. But, I ju
  14. Celebrity using Barbados as a Home Port may be something they must do if they still want to cruise the Southern Caribbean. You can't do a seven night cruise to any of the Southern Caribbean ports out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Eastern or Western Caribbean, yes, but, Southern Caribbean, no. In the past, San Juan has been used to go to the Southern Caribbean for seven nights. Since the CDC is saying seven nights is the maximum one is allowed to cruise, Celebrity must find a port in the southern Caribbean to use as their home port. San Juan being a US port may not be possible.
  15. We have been on 27 Celebrity Cruises over the years. Five times on the Eclipse and five times on the Equinox. The Equinox is our favorite ship. We chose the Eclipse for a few as that ship did the 14 night Southern Caribbean while the Equinox only did 10 nights. (Equinox now does 12 nights, as the 14 days have been removed from the Southern Caribbean). And the Eclipse did some nice European sailings out of Southampton and Rome. We enjoy both ships a lot, but for some reason, maybe just the "feel", we like the Equinox best. We have been on her two times "post-revolution" and fo
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