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  1. The cruise lines probably lobbied the Bahama government to do this! It is in their interest to have fully vaccinated ship.
  2. So far! The cruise lines are probably not releasing the statistic of how many were turned away last week, vs this week, vs next week, etc... Because the number of total cases are going up, the number of passengers testing positive pre-boarding will go up as well. Just not sure how much and when it will plateau out.
  3. Yeah I think a LOT of people were not aware of this as it is relatively new info just came in the last 2 weeks. It is not worth to it to go on a cruise now when the test result is like playing a casino game.
  4. Everyone should carry one of these on travel: https://www.amazon.com/bite-Electronic-Cleared-Dermatologist-Swelling/dp/B07Y3X5JDZ/ I am not travelling yet, but got this last year for home use. It works so well that everyone in my family got one of their own. I read that it could save your life too from bee stings if you are allergic to it. The other night we went out for dinner and I got 11 mosquito bites on my legs. I would not be sleeping that night if not for this thing.
  5. Google Voice is great as it can also turn your tablet into a phone to make free calls to any US numbers. I have T-mobile and I think if I am to make a call to Italy using T-mobile, it would be $3/min. Using Google Voice app, it is $0.01/min to landline and $0.22/min to mobile.
  6. It is WiFi calling. So OP doesn't need any carrier plan if he has Celebrity internet plan and he just turn on his smartphone's WiFi calling. Incoming calls would be free. However, outgoing calls could subject to carrier's long distance charges. I would use Google Voice app to make outgoing calls as it has really good international rate (much much lower than cell carrier's long distance rate).
  7. I think there were delay of testing results for international guests who had to fly back to their countries. The tests were supposed to take place the evening before but only happened late in the morning of the next day. And they didn't get the results at all before they were told to leave the ship so they missed the flights home. But OP is from AZ... so shouldn't be a problem for him.
  8. I was thinking of the results of the current pre-cruise test. So far until now, only the un-vaccinated needed to take a test before cruise. It would be interesting to see if you randomly test 2000 people without symptoms, how many will test positive.
  9. They could be asking for re-test thinking the first result is false since they are vaccinated and feel no symptoms. One thing leads to another, they could just be "I am staying in the room until you give me another test."
  10. I wonder if we will hear how many vaccinated people tested positive on this cruise. There has to be a few, but are we talking 2/3 people or 20/30 or 100+? The delta variant is very transmissible even for the vaccinated.
  11. Are those the B2B passengers who were tested positive at the end of the previous cruise?
  12. Is that line only for the people that have not been tested? If you have test result of your own, can you skip that line and board?
  13. 100% cruise fare refund for you, and your Travelling Party, if any of you tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days prior to the cruise or at the boarding terminal.*
  14. They can't expect for this to reach all the passengers in time, so they will likely provide testing at the port. But the risk of testing positive "after traveling to the port" will probably be higher than testing before travel even if you are vaccinated.
  15. It is not fair to compare NYC tap water to other places. It is probably the best tap water in the states. Try the one at my house here in CA, and you will probably spit it right out LOL. I have reverse osmosis water at home and I don't think the one on the ship is reverse osmosis. It tasted better my home tap water though.
  16. I only watched all the walkthrough of the retreat class cabins (sky suite, celebrity suite, etc...). I don't know if they added outlet for the non-retreat cabins. I think they only added USB ports for non retreat cabins next to the bed.
  17. I was watching the updated cabin video on the Millennium and the guy said they added plugs next to the bed, but they are EURO plugs only. So yeah, if you bring EURO adapter, you may not even need extension cord on some ships.
  18. Last time they put duct tape to cover up the exposed cord on the floor and they ran it under the bed. The chance of tripping over it would be minimal.
  19. Disney cruises had Wave Phones in cabin you can use anywhere on the ship or at the private island. This was like 5 years ago. They may have replaced it now with apps just like other cruise lines.
  20. We were on Silhouette and were able to get 3 tables that seats 10-12 next to each others every night. We had about 30 people in the group. But we also booked thru the same TA and she said put notes in for us to all dine at the same time 6:00pm and all seat together.
  21. With free internet on board and pretty much everyone has mobile phone, I think walkie talker will be a thing of the past. On our last cruise, our family has over 30 people on board and we all just got internet (was not free back then) and use Whatsapp to communicate.
  22. Someone onboard Edge quoted Captain Kate. The post said "Per Captain Kate..." It seems strange that someone would just make it up, but it is possible. More likely I think is there was some kind of NDA between Celebrity Cruise the passengers who got kicked off. Something like don't make a fuzz don't go to the press and we will pay for your travel back home.
  23. Excellent knife work though. Never seen a pineapple sliced so thin!
  24. I think they are called Retreat Host now!
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