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  1. So Valor is on schedule as far as their dry docking work? We are booked to leave on Valor out NOLA on November 20th and I've been trying to keep updated on it's dry dock. It's not scheduled to resume service until the first of November so any delays could cause ours to cancel. So ready to cruise again!
  2. It depends on the layout of the balconies so you'd need to check on your specific cabins ahead of time if it's something you want to have for certain. We sailed on the Dream in connecting balcony rooms and when we got on board asked to have the partition opened between the balconies but we were told that wasn't possible for our cabins. Kind of a bummer but it was what it was......
  3. We are booked for the Valor out of New Orleans for November 20, 2021. We were originally supposed to have sailed this week but moved it to November thinking that's far enough out. Now, I'm not very confident in this one! Ugh! Valor is in dry dock until the end of October and New Orleans isn't high on the list of ports that will start sailing first. We have another booking for late June 2022, same ship and port so we will wait until Carnival cancels and move everything to that cruise since it's all paid for. Hopefully that one will go!
  4. Hubby and I were supposed to set sail in a couple of weeks on Valor out of New Orleans but that got moved to Thanksgiving Break 2021, which at the time I thought surely that's far enough out to be "safe". Then Carnival canceled more dates and announced Valor would be in Dry Dock until the end of October. I'm thinking this cruise may not happen either, not just because of COVID but maybe a dry docking that takes longer than expected. Anyone else out there have a November or December cruise on Valor and what are your thoughts? Yes, we are beyond ready to cruise but not if every litt
  5. Thanks so much for the heads up! I have been checking daily for months now for our March 2021 cruise on the Dream out of Galveston and even checked before reading your post on here. I always look at the Shore Excursions page for Galveston and it wasn't listed but when I went back to look at Recommended for You there it was! I didn't tell my hubby until it went through and then had a little celebration. haha We only get to sail once a year so it's worth it to us.
  6. Thanks! I finally decided to check ours this morning for a March 2021 cruise and our Aft Balcony on Deck 8 was down $50 per person for the husband and myself. I filled out the online Carnival form and within an hour they had adjusted my bill to the lower rate (was $709 and now $659). I've never tried this before and was so happy when it actually worked! Will keep my eye on it because there are still 4 rooms open in our category.
  7. My husband and I took our 3 kids (22, 18 and 14) and 2 of their girl/boy friends (22 and 20) on their first cruise January 2-6 on the Carnival Dream; just a 4 nighter to Cozumel and back for a quick getaway and to celebrate having a Senior in College and a Senior in High School. We had connecting balcony rooms with a guys room and a girls room. Our cruise was very memorable because our son proposed to his long time girlfriend and we just had an overall great time. I wanted to share our Excursion story because I know everyone likes to debate pay more to book through Carnival or save mone
  8. We sailed on the Valor Memorial Day of 2018. We did NOT take life jackets to the Muster Drill. I will say the Muster Drill was our least favorite and only unpleasant part of the whole 5 day cruise. We were packed like sardines in an area that was really too small for the size of our group and it was brutally hot. So much so that one of the not-so-friendly Russian crew members pointed to a poor older gentleman and said you, come here, I am taking you inside! The poor man had been pinned in to the back of the group against a wall because he got there first and he was about to pass out from
  9. Thanks guys! I just booked ours now! Saved me $50 I can use elsewhere.
  10. I've been wondering the same thing for our cruise Jan 2, 2020. I know some of the dates the month before have opened for FTTF so I am still checking numerous times a day and guess I will until I hopefully find it! We need it for 2 staterooms (bringing our older kids and their friends for the first time). I noticed last night that when I tried to check under Manage my cruise that part of the site is down for maintenance (Still is just checked) so MAYBE they are trying to load excursions. haha I know, probably wishful thinking!
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