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  1. We have always used Eavesway Travel and they are brilliant at making a 6hr coach journey fly by effortlessly - I just hope they are still in business when we come to use them again.
  2. Cannot bring myself to use lift buttons, atm machines, pedestrian crossings etc. so will always use the stairs - healthier too after all that food multiple times a day 😃
  3. Also what about quarantine hotels will you still be expected to stay at Southampton for 10 days at £1,700
  4. Sounds like our local bus company don't like that at all!
  5. sorry just post this under the wrong topic: Could be 'Allegra' meaning - happy and joyful. Picture showing two 'A's' one for start and end of name and also people's legs so sort of fits in 🤔
  6. Could be 'Allegra' meaning - happy and joyful As there are two 'A's' in the photo one for the start of the name and then ending with the usual 'A' also people's legs so sort of fits in 🤔
  7. Cannot stop now - 'Paradisia' sounds quite nice and exotic!
  8. UTOPIA to go with Arcadia as both mean the same thing
  9. Perhaps we could all go to Guernsey or Jersey if want a little continental flavour, Iceland, shame that Monaco and San Marino are surrounded or they would be lovely options
  10. I don't say much on this site usually just every now and then - but I do certainly read all the posts most days and usually have a little chuckle. Just to say it is lovely to see you gradually returning to your usual postings. You take care and keep improving!! Alison
  11. What a lovely man your Dad sounds and you sound like you have the same qualities
  12. Totally agree with you, it is very true when you say you see the sights and then the next time the city as that is exactly what we do. I go to great lengths finding hidden off the beaten track places which are not too touristy but rewarding to visit.
  13. Brings back memories dancing to 'Crazy Horses' and 'I Love your tiger feet' at the school lunchtime disco
  14. Argh we were really looking forward to seeing this show whilst on Aurora last year but unfortunately the sea was too rough for the performance to take place and it had to be cancelled and it was on the last night as well so was a real letdown!!!!
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