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  1. UGH, I agree it is frustrating! Why does Carnival use "Airtable"? What ship and date are you looking for?
  2. https://airtable.com/shrxzucqLGHbpDmm8/tblZJCAW6us7UhDmZ?blocks=hide&fbclid=IwAR0EcENDyoOl6SwaEEgSiquG6PfL3OkZoeeNxr3UDBWtDzYn4e-o1WfBbJ0
  3. https://airtable.com/shrxzucqLGHbpDmm8/tblZJCAW6us7UhDmZ?blocks=hide&fbclid=IwAR0EcENDyoOl6SwaEEgSiquG6PfL3OkZoeeNxr3UDBWtDzYn4e-o1WfBbJ0
  4. Markmom18: How was your first solo cruise? I'm considering... I'm sailing with my kids on the Dream 11/30-12/5- would love to know who the CD will be. Any clue if there is a current CD schedule out there? I've searched, 'uncle Google', as John Heald would say, and nothing.
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