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  1. You can always call Carnival or who you used to book your cruise and see about extending. Doesn't hurt to try. As the previous poster said, you could see if Carnival ends up extending final payment as well.
  2. Thanks... Too funny, we were cruising the same month. I was on the Breeze July 2018, in an aft extended balcony.
  3. I said deck 8 because, 9 puts you under the lido. Didn't know if it would too loud.
  4. I'm having a hard time trying to decide if I want a spa balcony cabin on deck 12 or aft extended view on deck 8. I've had an aft extended view before. My husband loves them. But I'm wondering if a spa cabin is worth it? I'm afraid I won't utilize it.
  5. I received the RU1 offer 2x. So I used it on two different cruises. Each cruise it was about $200 more to use that code. My husband received the RU2 offer which isn't bad either. The RU9 code is awful.
  6. Your TA can call Carnival for a payment extension.
  7. Dream, October 2020 Vista, February 2021 Radiance, October 2021 Breeze, March 2022
  8. I know this is a very old post. But I just want to say thank you. I switched to 2301. 😃
  9. Depends on the ship. The Dream doesn't have the Red Frog Pub. Only the Rum bar on the lido deck. The casino should have specials though.
  10. Hello! I booked this excursion through Shoreexcursioneer.com Has anyone been here? Any reveiws/picture would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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