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  1. We already had our first shot of Moderna in January, and our second in February. We went back to our favorite local restaurant for the first time 2 weeks ago. It was the first time in over a year. We wore masks while being seated, and leaving. All of the staff, as well as those in the kitchen, wore masks, and wore them correctly. We might have been OK without the vaccine, but we felt quite safe with it. We still have to wear masks in our condo public areas, such as the lobby and elevator (although spring break brought many younger visitors who ignored that), and almost all stores. B
  2. If that $59 dollar test at the airport gets us through LAX for an overnight at an airport hotel, we'll have no problem getting back into Florida. I did pay extra for our flight back from LAX to PBI for insurance that supposedly has coverage for Covid 19 quarantine, but a long term stay in an LAX hotel doesn't sound like fun.
  3. Hopefully we don't need to quarantine for 10 days when we fly back to LAX. We needed to have an overnight in a hotel in December since we couldn't get a flight back to Florida the same day. On a happier note, the Paul Gauguin in back at the dock in Papeete.
  4. We've been been on quite a few cruises over the past 5 years with most on Regent and Paul Gauguin, as well as HAL, SeaDream and Silvesea. The only time we have seen a Tux onboard was a holiday cruise on HAL, with Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve being formal nights. We got by with a dark blue suit for him, and a cocktail dress for me. We have also been on longer Regent cruises that had "formal optional" nights. We didn't see a tux, but there were women in gowns, and more suits than not. Short sleeve shirts for men are the norm at dinner when you're eating outside on SeaDream or PG, and it
  5. I am a career woman who worked for 30 years at IBM. I don't care at all about how NCL empowered women. At IBM, I often saw women who were not qualified due to lack of education or experienc, promoted to a job that they couldn't handle. I suspect that the same thing is happening at NCL based on this press release. It makes me feel like I don't want to take our next (delayed another year) cruise on Regent. At this point, I only care about whether I will be able to take the cruise I booked in 2019. It currently won't be sailing until at least September 2022, and if they're promoting wo
  6. This is the second time that I've commented on this as it already came up in a different thread. A covid vaccine passport is just more government regulation, and a way for them to collect our health data. Once they create a health passport (or add it to our existing passport), the government will want all or our health information added to their database (which is probably on someone's Microsoft server with outdated security). The yellow fever card, issued by the vaccine provider has worked for a very long time. The card that was given to us for the covid vaccine, which was a CDC card wi
  7. We already had our pre, and post, and out excursions booked for Splendor in September. We had some really good flights booked as well. We postponed to next year because so our cruise started in the UK, and it's still totally shut down. But I also don't know why we're discussing Crystal from the Bahamas to the Bahamas on the Regent forum. Will the CDC destroy cruising from the US? Of course they will. That's why Florida's Governor is asking that US ports be reopened. People can cruise from the Bahamas, Bermuda, Barabados, etc, and the CDC has no control over it. That's why cruise
  8. I had actually twice typed in a similar comment, but I couldn't make it seem nice enough to feel comfortable with it. But SD is obviously an adult cruise. There are no activities for children, and not really any room for them in a cabin. A well behaved child who enjoys spending time with their parents, and whose parents don't need to spend time drinking and partying after their child is left alone in their cabin at night would be fine with me. But the last thing I want to see or hear while on SD is a screaming kid in the pool or restaurant, or in the cabin next to me.
  9. None of the vaccines are 100 percent effective against contracting the virus, but some have been 100 percent effective against causing hospitalization and death. I think that with a negative Covid test on boarding, and temperature checks with a followup Covid test onboard, it should be safe to a not wear masks onboard. I think social distancing and stricter food service handling at the buffets and Coffee Connection should be in effect permanently. There's way too many cases of flu/colds/pneumonia/norovirus being passed around on all cruise ships, including Regent, to go back to the way it was.
  10. I sure hope they don't allow unvaccinated children onboard. I'm sure that if one of them tests positive, the whole cruise will be cancelled, and possibly those after it. It was a family group of 6 from the US that caused them to cancel all of this winter's Caribbean season. They didn't say how old that passenger was. Since many teens and kids have no symptoms, they're most likely to try to board.
  11. We started out using a TA for cruise travel since we had always used a trusted TA for air/hotel travel in the past. We have stayed with our cruise TA for many cruises at this point, and we'll stick with her for the cruises that she's had to reschedule from last year to this year to next year. And we even booked for next year.
  12. I think you're wrong about the expense to the cruise line. If the country or town bans excursions, the cruise line isn't going to have to pay the local company. The ship already has to plan for all the food and drink, and the staff is already paid for the whole cruise. They expect to provide service for everyone for the whole cruise. We book an excursion in every port, since that's what we like to do. At most, we have a light lunch and a glass of wine if we're off the ship for a whole day cruise since we don't like to have a big meal or drink excessively while we're on a day long exc
  13. I see the problem as being the ports that will be open to us, even if we can board the cruise. We have no desire to take a long cruise on a ship that can't dock, or where we can't disembark if we can dock.
  14. I think we might have taken a similar excursion on our Regent Voyager cruise in July 2019 which was our first trip to the Mediterranean. We took the bus trip from the ship to Rome. There was a bathroom stop along the way with a huge line. Once we got to Rome, we drove past a few major attractions. We drove past the Colosseum twice so each side of the bus could see it. I will say that seeing the crowds there, we were glad we weren't stopping. The bus parked on Viale Giorgio Washington, and told everyone to leave the bus. Many of those onboard could not walk downhill or uphill and didn't know wh
  15. We've sailed 3 times on the PG, with the first being in early 2017; a 14 day Marquessas cruise. We booked a cruise to the Cook Islands while still onboard for later that year. We loved both of those cruises, and booked a cruise to Fiji while on the 2nd cruise. All 3 of those cruises were while Intercontinental Hotel Group owned the PG. Ponant took over while we were on our 3rd cruise. A rep came aboard while on that cruise and we had bad vibes from him. We were afraid it would look like a Ponant ship in the future, which wasn't something we wanted. Now that the recent refurb has been completed
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