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  1. Thanks for that link. We have a post-cruise tour booked through our TA, but didn't think to look there for an overnight during the cruise. We'll have to check that out.
  2. Yes, we're on the Singapore to Singapore, and then continue on the next cruise to Sydney. We've never been anywhere in that part of the world and are really excited to go. It seems like stopping at the cruise port nearest to Bangkok, then taking an excursion to this could be disappointing: "Ancient City: One of the world’s largest outdoor museums features a 200-acre city with 109 scaled-down copies of Thailand’s most famous monuments and architectural attractions". It does have good Trip Advisor reviews, but miniature versions of famous monuments doesn't sound good. For our Alaska cruise last summer and our Med cruise in July, the excursions listed as "here are past excursions, they may not be the same" next to the itinerary were nearly spot on when it came to what was available for booking. I hope something more shows up before April 10th. Signing up on board hasn't worked well for us since many ship's excursions have already been sold out.
  3. We're in the same situation as the OP with a cruise starting on Dec 6th, so it's April 10 as well for us. We can find a few excursions listed, but they're mostly private car or van, which are not included excursions. I hope some more open up soon. Yes, we already know how to get to the excursions online since we're looking to book our excursions on our 3rd Regent cruise.
  4. We were given that information in our cruise packages, under "what to pack". Searching their websites is pretty difficult, buy it's there somewhere. They keep the dress code in an obscure place, so feel free to spend time looking for it. As a woman, I feel I could have gotten by with dressy sandals on Silversea and Regent, and men can get by with dark sneakers when wearing long pants. Flip flops are a definite "no" even if dressy, and on Silversea, you can't wear them after 6 at any bar or restaurant.
  5. I'm wondering why your flights haven't been booked by this time since you are less than 270 days out. That's what others have mentioned and what we thought as well. We're Concierge E with a pre-cruise hotel night in Barcelona. We'll be leaving from Miami. We recently asked about our flights from Miami to Barcelona and back to Miami from Venice in July. We can actually leave from one of a number of airports in Florida, but thought Miami would be most likely to get us to Europe based on some searches for nonstop flights to Barcelona. From what we understand from our TA, we had to pay a deviation to ask for a flight from MIA to Barcelona. I'm not sure why. On our Alaska cruise, we had to pay for a deviation from FLL to Vancouver, even though we didn't really want that flight since it had a stop in Atlanta that we could have more easily made with a flight from RSW which was much closer to us. I have no clue when you need to pay for a deviation with Regent, and our cruise TA , who is always great, can't really explain it. But I will say that paying for a deviation got us some great business class seats from MIA to Barcelona, and from Venice to Madrid to MIA on the way back. The AA flights from MIA to Barcelona were over 6000 dollars one way when I looked them up on AA's website, so 175 each is fine with us.
  6. And if anyone is still booked on the Prinsendam before it leaves the fleet, anywhere that smoking was allowed was heavily used by smokers on the holiday cruise. The most annoying was the port side of the pool deck toward the front of the ship. No one wanted to sit at the tables on that side since the smoke was blown back along that side. I'm not sure why the aft part of the ship isn't the only designated smoking area.
  7. Since KroozNut had nothing to offer for a real answer, I will answer based on our HAL Caribbean cruise where we spent numerous days at sea, with even more added since we didn't stop at places where we had to anchor. There were repeats of previously given talks about ports that we had already been to. There were wine tastings which were not free even though we had the beverage package and a Neptune suite. We enjoyed the cooking demonstrations, because it at least got us out of our cabin. If you are spending 3 days at sea on a 7 day cruise in Alaska, I would take a different cruise. That's too many days at sea for that area unless you like to spend most of your time in the spa, the casino, playing trivia in the bar, watching cooking demonstrations, and listening to lectures. I would definitely look for a cruise that had more stops. We did Regent to Alaska, but others might have something similar.
  8. We have always had a queen bed at home. We've been on the Paul Gauguin twice in a B veranda stateroom, and haven't been asked if we wanted a king or queen, nor have we been asked that on our September cruise. On our last cruise, we were on HAL for the first time, and the 2 twins in our Neptune suite had a large bump at the edge of each twin mattress. It was very uncomfortable. We didn't experience that on any of our previous cruises.
  9. If young people still read, they would find your reading list of interest. Those even younger won't even know what your talking about when you refer to a local library. Thank you for your recommendations. We'll be on the Paul Gauguin for our 3rd time this September. I always enjoy the lectures on board, and bring along a book related to the area where we're cruising. Even though I have a tablet, I still feel more comfortable having a real book.
  10. Thank you to those who have made me feel better about it being unlikely that we will have the teen gang onboard our 32 night Singapore to Sydney cruise next December. We see so many kids everywhere at anytime that we aren't surprised to see school age kids on vacation anywhere or anytime we go. We've often been told that they are being home schooled. I wish I had been schooled like that. Our local schools were off for 3 weeks for last year's winter break, and had a few half days prior to that. That's plenty of time to take a cruise with their parents, grandparents, and every other relative that can take a long time off at Christmas, so only being on a short cruise is no longer a restriction. I think it's different than it was years ago when there was no home schooling by people who took cruises, and when Christmas break was about 10 days.
  11. Oh no...this is my worst nightmare. We're booked on the 2019-2020 32 night Singapore to Sydney "back to back" cruise on Voyager. We've already seen one of these mini gangs on our first Regent cruise lastt summer. It was made up of the kids from a large family group, and any other teens on board that would join them. Alcohol was involved, as was lewd behavior in the pool. If this happens again on the most expensive cruise we'll probably ever go on, I will not like it at all.
  12. When we boarded our HAL cruise last year in Fort Lauderdale, we had 6 bottles of wine with us: 4 very nice reds and 2 bottles of good champagne. We carried them in an insulated bag that had a 6 bottle tote within it, and cradled in bubble wrap. We pointed it out throughout our entry to the waiting area for embarkation, and no one was concerned about it. Once onboard, we put it in our closet. We had a bottle of champagne from HAL and a bottle of champagne and a bottle of red from our cruise TA in our cabin. A few nights later we brought one of our reds to the main dining room where we had an assigned table for 2. We were charged a corkage fee that night. We were not charged anything else for the other 5 bottles. We had 2 in our cabin that we opened ourselves, and the other 3 we brought to either the main dining room and the Pinnacle Grill. Your mileage may vary. We were in a Neptune Suite so I don't know if that made a difference since this was are only HAL cruise.
  13. Other than the cancellation of the excursions, it wasn't a big impact on our cruise experience. They birdwatchers were mostly people in their 70's, with many single women. Their club was from the area in Florida where we live, and my husband wore a number of logo t-shirts during the cruise that were from our area. They always started a conversation. We've encountered large groups before, and have had an unpleasant experience with a large family group (with plenty of unsupervised kids) and with a "how to make money" business group who tried to include us in their propaganda when we sat at a table near them. We had no problem like that on SD. We still had a good time.
  14. On our 16 day Silversea Whisper cruise in November, we had 3 Formal nights. The restaurants expected a dark suit/dinner jacket or tux for men, and a cocktail dress or gown for women. We got by with a dark jacket and tie, with closely matching pants, and a dressy dress. Closed toes shoes are, of course expected, which is the hardest part for us since we live in Florida where a nice pair of sandals is the most we wear for dressy shoes. We did see couples with gowns and tuxes, but most of them were elderly (and we're early 60's so elderly is much older than that). And informal on Silversea isn't very casual either, but no ties are needed. We didn't see people wearing shorts and t-shirts after 6, but we did see jeans and polo shirts in the main dining room on informal nights.
  15. We had a large number of people in a bird watcher's club on our SD cruise. They made up more than half of the passengers on board. And yes, they were penny pinching. All of the onboard excursions were cancelled because there were not enough of us who weren't in the bird watcher's club, and they weren't interested in paying for any excursions. They did a short walk around the port area whenever we docked, but often just stayed on board looking through their binoculars for bird species. It was really disappointing to have all of our ship excursions cancelled the day before they were scheduled. It was even more disappointing to have to try to get our money back from SD since we had prepaid, and were told on board that they had no record of that. We were very relieved that we had a cruise travel agent to help us with getting a refund for the excursions that SD cancelled.
  16. Silver Spectre, you completely misunderstood my post. I said that Silver Sea was much better than HAL and Regent. I was not against SS at all. The only cruise ship we've been on that we enjoyed more is the Paul Gauguin, and it doesn't offer the amount of luxury and service that we had in our Silver Suite on the Silver Whisper.
  17. I didn't want to encourage others to think that walking to the baths was a good alternative. We always find that there are some people on the cruises we've taken that like to save money by "doing their own thing" rather than taking excursions.
  18. At the suggestion of my 60 year old brother, we did the Amazon cruise on the Silver Whisper last November. It was our first cruise on Silversea. If you have a 0 percent solo charge, take it. He would book another cruise immediately if he could find that. We booked a Silver Suite so he could join us for dinner since we didn't want to dress for dinner on formal nights. We all enjoyed the cruise. We dressed up enough that we never felt embarassed. There were old people who dressed up more than us. But there were not an excessive number of scooter chair, wheel chair and walker bound cruisers blocking up the hallways and access to tables in the dining rooms, creating backups getting on and off the ship. and getting on and off the excursion buses. That's what deters us from cruising. Silversea was much better than HAL and Regent when it comes to avoiding the assisted living passengers.
  19. My husband is also 6'4" and he had no more trouble than usual on our SD cruise. The shower is never is above his head, but it's usable. The bed was fine for him. Most king or queen cruise line beds are 80 inches so at 6'7" your hubby will need to stay up close to the headboard. Getting on and off the tenders always requires watching my husband's head on every cruise line. I've had to watch my own head quite a few times at 5'9".
  20. If you can afford to take a cruise on Sea Dream, then you can afford to take a taxi to the Baths and a taxi back. Even if you don't mind the walk from Spanish Town (and you'll have a long walk down to the Baths when you get there, and then back up to the road when you're done), this isn't a road with sidewalks, and the traffic will be close and fast next to you. Leverick Bay to the Baths is definitely not walkable, and is a much longer taxi ride.
  21. The last time we flew on ATN was December 2017, and it was our third trip. None of our trips were bad. The food was always edible. At least food was served, and it was included. The wine has always been drinkable and free. For an included flight, that's acceptable to us. We never go to see movies in a theater, so that leaves us with plenty of choices to watch. I found 3 movies to watch, 2 of which were good. We upgraded to business class for our September 2019 cruise because we don't like the seating configuration on the new planes. With the 2 of us, we don't want another person sitting in the third seat. We were recently on the Prinsendam for it's last holiday trip. It was our first, and probably last, cruise on HAL since we prefer smaller ships. Between excursions and meals, It took 4 times to watch all of Crazy Rich Asians. I loved it. I didn't even mind rewatching the parts that I had already seen. We're heading to Singapore for a Regent cruise in December. While we won't be living the lifestyle that the movie portrayed, I'm looking forward to visiting Singapore even more than I was when we booked that cruise.
  22. We haven't had access to the Business Class lounge on our return flights from Papeete to LAX. Our flights have always departed between 11PM and midnight, when most of the flights depart. The inconvenient time isn't PG's fault. It's often hard to find a place to sit at all once you get through security, and finding a comfortable place to sit isn't nearly impossible. We've always flown coach over and back, and the flight attendants, food and beverages, as well as onboard movies, have always been way better than the flights we take in the US, including those we took to get to LAX.
  23. The bus transport between the Hilton and the ship, provided by Regent, takes less than 2 hours, and is very scenic. We saw beluga whales in the water, and mountain sheep on the cliffs, and views of glaciers. There's a bathroom on the bus, and you're transported onto the dock. There may be a stop at another hotel on the way, which delayed us while traveling in the opposite direction. A few people preferred to get off at the extra hotel stop to use the restroom, despite having a restroom on the bus. This added an extra 15 minutes to our trip since they needed assistance to get to the restrooms in the hotel. The same 2 people needed to use the bathroom on the bus. Drinking too much coffee or tea before boarding a bus is not a good idea, especially if you are physically compromised and can not get to the bus bathroom in the back from your front row seats without assistance from people you aren't traveling with.
  24. My choice would also be the Concierge cabin mid ship rather than an aft cabin. We're bothered by the vibration when trying to sleep.
  25. We were on the Mariner for an Alaska cruise last August. We had a grab rail in our tub/shower. I'm 5'9 and my husband is 6'4, and we're both in our mid 60's without mobility issues. We had no problems with showering, even on the last few days of our cruise when we had high seas. I wish all of the cruise boats would get rid of the tubs. All boats have a limited water supply. They make fresh water from seawater, and fill water tanks in ports. With a limited water supply, there's no reason to be filling a tub. It's so much easier to get into and out of a shower stall, and it takes up much less room in the cabin's bathroom. We've had cabins on other cruise lines with a separate tub, wasting even more cabin space, and were then left a request in our cabin to conserve water.
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