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  1. Well I guess that depends on how far over 60 you are. If it's 25 or 30 years then... Sorry, I'm just kidding with that. I do believe in dress codes, but not the tux and gowns. I'm only a few years over 60, and I've only worn a gown 2 times in my life (when it wasn't required for a wedding). I still have those gowns which were worn for upscale New Year's Eve parties in the early 2000's. That's the only time I've seen my husband in a tux ,and he looked very good. I'm saving those gowns for my wake. Someone else will need to choose between the 2. But I remember my mom loving to dress up in a long dress, and my father wearing a suit and tie (the same thing he wore to work everyday) for a regular Saturday night dinner at a local restaurant with a few other couples. I've never done that. But, I do like cruise ships having a dress code that requires at least upscale casual at dinner, and at bars after 6PM. Anyone who wants to wear sweats, shorts, caps, yoga pants, or pajamas should stay in their cabins after 6PM and order room service.
  2. And also mind you head getting on or off the ship's tender or any excursion boats.
  3. We sailed on both Silver Sea and Seadream Yacht Club this year and there were dress codes enforced on both of them. Silver Sea has formal nights, and we had 3 of them on our November cruise. You are not allowed to go to any bar or restaurant without a jacket on a formal night. At the Dining Room, you need a tux, dinner jacket or dark suit with a tie for men, and a gown or cocktail dress for women. We did not see anyone seated that wasn't dressed appropriately for formal night. We did see people dressed more casually than they should have been on other nights. On Seadream, there were rules for dinner, and showing up with shorts would send you back to your cabin to change. To me, the big problem is cruise lines expecting people to have gowns and a tux/dinner jacket for dinner. I don't think most cruise passengers want to take up room in their suitcase, and/or don't want to buy something they won't use at home. I think dress code is a throwback to my parents generation, and I'm over 60.
  4. Thanks for the info on docking at Scarborough. We just docked there last month and it was a nice calm port with plenty of excursions available from the dock on our Silver Sea cruise. I'm hoping for low winds since the Charlotteville anchorage isn't a place near anything on Tobago so we could end up staying on board. East winds at 18 to 20 mph aren't rare in the Caribbean so we'll hope for the best.
  5. The 6-day cruise starts on Dec 15th to Dec 21st, so Mosaic is correct. Pdam is currently in it's shortened dry dock. The Dec 15th cruise was added when the dry dock was shortened.
  6. From which direction? Would winds from the East, for example, cause the ship to anchor at Charlotteville instead of docking at Scarborougn? Has that happened to anyone in the past?
  7. But it wasn't in dry dock on December 1, which was what the original poster pointed out. Does anyone know if that was where it really was on December 1? Does anyone know if that is an anchorage they use?
  8. We're also on the Prinsendam trip at the end of the month, and Charlotteville would be a big disappointment. This will be our first HAL cruise, and it's interesting that there are no answers from the large number of HAL fans. We docked at Scarborough on our Silver Sea cruise, and we made our Prinsendam excursion plans based on being at the same location. I understand that things happen and plans change with cruise ships, but it would be nice to know if this is something that happens.
  9. That is a great list that akenned posted, and it's the one that I remember from a year ago when we booked our upcoming cruise. But, that list wasn't included in any of the documentation we received with our reservation. And I can't find any of that information about what's included with our Neptune Suite or in the Neptune Lounge on our cruise 2 weeks from now. In the future, I'll save the info they offered at the time we made out reservation so there won't be any surprises that we can't contest. The changes to the SBP plan, and drink prices currently being discussed by HAL cruisers are particularly annoying. Our first HAL cruise might be our last.
  10. Our Cruise Travel Agent suggested it. We were looking for a holiday cruise, and she suggested this one as being a great price on the type of ship we prefer (smaller and older). Little did we know that our first trip on the Prinsendam will most likely be our last. I hope we don't love it too much.
  11. I checked our original cruise reservation that we made late last year. We did have a promo that gave us Explore 4 at no charge when we booked the Neptune suite, so we do have the same "free" PG dinner as everyone else who's signed up for Explore 4.
  12. Are the "free Pinnacle dinners" being discussed on this thread the same one that we will receive for booking a Neptune Suite on our upcoming cruise? If so, based on what we've paid for that suite, I wouldn't consider it being free or given away. Are there other reasons that this dining option is being given away? If the food and service are bad, then we won't bother going. I'm not sure why anyone taking a cruise to the Caribbean would want to eat at a " Pacific Northwest-inspired steakhouse". I'd rather have a menu based on what's local to where the cruise starts and ends. King Crab Legs are good in the Pacific Northwest, but I've tasted some very bad ones in the Caribbean, and they're not reliably good in Florida.
  13. We passed the Prinsendam going up the Amazon as we came back down on the Silver Whisper late last week. Since the Prinsendam is currently heading for Tobago on Nov 29th, and isn't scheduled to end that cruise until Dec 7th in Fort Lauderdale, I don't think it's going to be much of a drydock if the next cruise starts on Dec 15th. We're on the Dec 22nd cruise, so I hope it's still sea worthy, and not still undergoing repairs while underway.
  14. While on the Barbados to Barbados cruise this month, the crew told us that they would be headed to dry dock in Freeport after our disembarkation. Many of them would be spending their time pulling up carpets and doing other duties as assigned on their way there. We had a sliding glass door that rattled until we stuck a folded piece of paper in the base of it, and were told that a repair was put on the list of dry dock items. There were some toilet flushing problems on deck 6 early in the cruise, and a grey water tank smell in The Bar, that I'm sure they will be addressing as well. Overall, however, the ship seemed to be in very good shape. I wouldn't hesitate to do a World Cruise on the Silver Whisper in cabin 724. It was very comfortable and spacious, and our butler and suite attendant were top notch.
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