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  1. Mailed my passport book for renewal on May 5, check was cashed on May 12. Received my new passport today on August 7. Lou
  2. I did a mock booking for a 11/29/20 Harmony cruise. It’s a little hard to see the “see if you qualify for special rates” link but it’s there. In my example, my Pinnacle balcony discount was there but was only $150. No doubt the low discount was a result of the current sale’s “new math”. Lou
  3. Won the drawing for $300 in board credit if you booked a new cruise on board on day one or two. Lou
  4. I requested refunds (no FCC) on two cruises: I got a partial refund (53%) for my March 29 Harmony 40 days from my request, I called and I should have the balance this week which will work out to 60 days. As for my May 17 Harmony cruise, I got a partial refund (93%) today in only 30 days. The good news is that refunds are in the works, timing and amounts are all over the place. Lou
  5. GeoBlue refunded my kids premiums for medical only insurance coverage for our May 17 Harmony cruise. I e-mailed them on Monday with the cancellation info and had my refund credited to my credit card in only 48 hours. My wife and I have an annual medical only policy with GeoBlue and recommend them highly. Lou
  6. Same situation here, I cancelled a water park purchase on my not yet cancelled 5/17 Harmony cruise. Water park refund took one week to post my credit card. Still waiting on credit card refund on my 3/29 Harmony cruise. I opted for a cash refund after Royal cancelled the cruise (I waited until they cancelled which has a cash refund option). Supposed to take 30 days. Never received a promised e-mail confirmation. I’m hesitant to opt for 125% future cruise credits as the new “fitness to cruise” letters may be be difficult to get. Lou
  7. My last two guarantee cabins this year were assigned to specific cabins 30 days out.
  8. I just upgraded for only $89 total from an inside cat 6V (149 SF) to an OV guarantee for the 3/29 Harmony sailing. I called the C&A line at 800-526-9723 pressed 9, and was on hold for less that a minute. My sailing is not on the going-going-gone list. Lou
  9. For Miami Terminal A, they will take your luggage from inside the parking garage which avoids the curbside congestion of the normal drop off. Very convenient. As you approach the terminal, bear left up the ramp to the garage. As you go up the levels, you will see the porters near the elevators, I’m not sure what level. The porters were very nice and took our bags from the trunk of our car directly to the luggage carts. For Terminal G, you unload curbside first and then park. Lou
  10. We currently are on the Oasis out of Miami and are boarding the Explorer on Sunday. We received the attached letter last night regarding transfers from Terminal A to G. Interesting that we never notified guest services that we were doing a side to side sailing, they just knew. Since we drove to the pier we won’t take advantage of the service. Lou
  11. Just had lunch at Port Side BBQ on the Oasis. Lunch was $8 and included one sandwich, two sides and dessert. Sandwiches were good sized. I had the brisket which was fabulous! The cole slaw and Mac & Cheese were both good too. We spoke to the manager and he said the meats were indeed smoked on board. If they get positive feedback they will be adding it to more ships during the amplification process. It was very popular at lunch today but no lines for food.
  12. Oasis and Explorer dock at opposite ends of the Miami terminal. It’s a long walk.
  13. D25 on the Explorer is outside and way aft. Tell a crew member you have difficulty walking and likely they will let you do the drill in “The Tavern” bar on deck 4 just outside the dining room.
  14. We purchased the Unlimited Dining Package for the 5 night 11/19/19 Explorer. The package includes lunch on sea days - is Day 1 (embarkation day) included? Chops is the only restaurant listed for lunch on the cruise planner on embarkation day and sea days. Thanks, Lou
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