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  1. We currently are on the Oasis out of Miami and are boarding the Explorer on Sunday. We received the attached letter last night regarding transfers from Terminal A to G. Interesting that we never notified guest services that we were doing a side to side sailing, they just knew. Since we drove to the pier we won’t take advantage of the service. Lou
  2. Just had lunch at Port Side BBQ on the Oasis. Lunch was $8 and included one sandwich, two sides and dessert. Sandwiches were good sized. I had the brisket which was fabulous! The cole slaw and Mac & Cheese were both good too. We spoke to the manager and he said the meats were indeed smoked on board. If they get positive feedback they will be adding it to more ships during the amplification process. It was very popular at lunch today but no lines for food.
  3. Oasis and Explorer dock at opposite ends of the Miami terminal. It’s a long walk.
  4. D25 on the Explorer is outside and way aft. Tell a crew member you have difficulty walking and likely they will let you do the drill in “The Tavern” bar on deck 4 just outside the dining room.
  5. We purchased the Unlimited Dining Package for the 5 night 11/19/19 Explorer. The package includes lunch on sea days - is Day 1 (embarkation day) included? Chops is the only restaurant listed for lunch on the cruise planner on embarkation day and sea days. Thanks, Lou
  6. My Dec 1 '19 Oasis cruise planner shows Cats at 90 minutes. Aquashow is still missing from schedule for our week. Lou
  7. Here’s a little trick my wife does on on B2B cruises where we change rooms. She packs all our clothing items that will go In drawers in plastic bags. We don’t empty the bags, we place the bags in the drawers with the bags open towards the top. On the morning of turnaround day, we just pick up the bags and place into our suitcases. As mentioned before, you can leave everything that’s on a hanger in the closet and they will move them along with the suitcases. i suggest you attach luggage tags with your new room number to your suitcases. We have done this a number of times and it’s really quick.
  8. On the Harmony, The door to Coastal Kitchen will be wide open for lunch on embarkation day as almost no one has their room key prior to 1:00pm. Star Class can enter their rooms right away and get their set sail pass. The Suite Lounge door may be closed but the Coastal side should be open. Since the door to Coastal is open, it’s also a good time for Junior Suites to make dinner reservations at that time. Junior Suites can eat dinner only in Coastal on a space available basis. Usually dinner times after 8:00pm have more availability. On our September Harmony Cruise, we couldn’t make Coastal reservations for the entire week on embarkation day, we had to wait two days to make reservations for days 3 to 7. If you are in a full Suite, your concierge should be able to make reservations prior to your boarding.
  9. Just off the Harmony Sunday, Duces Wild is available. Look for the Superstar Poker machines furthest away from the cashier. On the Ultimate X game it's Duces Wild. On triple play games (non-Ultimate X) they also have Duces Wild Bonus. There are double the number of Superstar Poker machines on the smoking side.
  10. John, what do you do with your car with regard to storm surge? Stay safe, Lou & Cindy
  11. On the Oasis 2017 Irma extended cruise, the Captain said they regularly stock up with extra supplies during hurricane season. About the only thing we ran out of were potato chips in the Park Cafe. Lou
  12. We stayed far away from the storm and was very smooth. This website will give you a good idea of what to expect. http://www.stormsurfing.com/cgi/display.cgi?a=natla_height
  13. We had about 300 people leave the Oasis early when it was announced the cruise would be extended for Irma. They either had work commitments or wanted to prepare their Florida homes for the storm. They had to pay their own way home, not sure if they got refunded anything for leaving early.
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