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  1. We also called Princess this morning and added the package to our May Alaska cruise no problem at all £490 total for the 2 of us on 7 day cruise. Cancelled water package and coffee card no need for them now!
  2. I rang Princess as someone on another forum had said you had to get it before final payment was due. Wanted clarification as we have paid in full and wanted to be sure that although we have paid our cruise we would still be able to get this offer we are 170 days out. The Princess representative on the phone said as long as it is booked before 90 days it doesn’t matter if you have paid the balance as long as you book the promotion before 90 days till your cruise.
  3. We are currently booked on the Grand Princess in Balcony Room have rang Princess and We could upgrade to a Mini Suite for appx £150 each so total £300 for the week or to a Club Class for £350 each so £700 total for the week. Would you upgrade and to which one, never been on Princess cruise before is either one worth it? Thanks
  4. Gone from our Aug 29th Anthem sailing we bought it already but isn’t coming up as bookable option now and was the other day.
  5. Barcelona itself has a number of beaches that are not that far from the port we have been there just as a city break and it’s a great destination as it is a city break and beach holiday all in one. You can probably get a cab to the nearest which is at most 5-10 mins ride. just realised u are probably starting cruise from Barcelona!
  6. We bought our tickets for this at https://www.shoreexcursionsgroup.com/tour/mainboat-run-cruise-portland/CNPTCBLMALBOT
  7. Thanks I thought that would be the case just don’t want to miss upgrading to the Tundra tour at Denali lol!
  8. Have looked at that and it shows the land itinerary but no way of booking any excursions on land part. Thinking maybe they come out nearer the time.
  9. Hi just a quick question to anyone who has done an Alaskan cruise tour.We are booked on a cruisetour to Alaska next May and have booked our excursions for the cruise but nothing showing on land part yet. When does the excursions on the land tour normally become available to book? Thanks 🙂
  10. You are welcome Stirling itself is a lovely town I used to deliver mail there. Forgot to mention also that Luss is a village on the banks of Loch Lomond so you will also be visiting one of Scotland’s most famous Lochs!
  11. We used to live 10 miles from Stirling and the castle there is lovely, within the castle there is also an army museum which is also worth having a look round. The Trossachs and the Luss area are lovely you will not be disappointed. Maybe I am biased but I much prefer Stirling Castle to Edinburgh Castle and on the plus side it won’t be as busy there.
  12. Thanks for all your replies we sail on the 29th of August on Anthem. So it looks like from what everyone is saying there won’t be many children on the cruise. We had thought the itinerary was geared more towards adults than kids and chose to go here again after last time. We don’t do beach holidays etc so thought this itinerary would suit us best as we prefer to get out and see places and do stuff even if we have done it already.
  13. Wondered if anyone had been on this cruise this year leaving around 28th August? Just wondered what If there were many kids on this cruise as when we cruised this itinerary on NCL last year in early Sept there were only a handful. Thanks
  14. Many thanks for finding out for us! Your cruise sounds great enjoying reading about it, can’t wait for ours next year. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
  15. Thanks the Nestle one isn’t too bad but you would think that if they did a mocha they would do a hot chocolate as we have Seattle coffee in cafe in Asda UK (owned by Walmart) and they have hot chocolate. Anyway no hot chocolate isn’t going to spoil our cruise lol!
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