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  1. HGC - the new app does provide a Boarding Pass, similar to a flight one but for the ship.
  2. sueu

    Yellow Fever

    We're also in Gloucester and told the same. More of a risk of side effects from vaccination due to age and minor existing conditions. Going for Mmr booster next week so will ask about exemption certificates. We will be going armed with plenty of deet, bands and long sleeves!
  3. Where do you get a max of 12 people from? I am a smoker and in 3 Azamara cruises a year have never had less than 25-30 in the naughty corner as Captain Jose calls it But love the idea of open deck with a private bar! (mind you the bar staff are happy to serve us until the early hours anyway) Apologies for upsetting your holiday but it is only 1 area on the ship where we can indulge in our disgusting habit.
  4. It's only part of cruising with the budget cruise lines - mid and premium lines are mostly country casual these days.
  5. sueu

    New Drinks Menu

    We have also just returned this evening from Quest No issue with liit but less luck with a mojito! Stuck to my guns and eventually got it What was noticeable was the non CC guests paying for drinks that they could have asked to be made from the complimentary menu because they didn't know they could. Certainly didn't go short and had the usual fabulous time.
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