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  1. I had exactly the same, and heard this morning that it is now a cash refund. My blood pressure has now returned to normal!
  2. Thanks Paul, nothing I can do until the morning, but will get on to the insurance company and travel agents first thing.
  3. Just had notification that february 23rd Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore is cancelled. And STILL only offering fcc.
  4. That's a result then! We've decided that we have no choice but to go so will just hope for the best. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. We are in UK so this may not be useful, but when we did the Brazil cruise last year our GP advised against the yellow fever vaccination due to age. We had to attend a Travel Clinic where we were given a yellow waiver card. We kept it in our passports, but were never asked for it.
  6. Thanks Garry - just feel in limbo at the moment. With Singapore getting worse I really don't fancy spending hours flying all the way to Saigon then finding that we can't disembark in Singapore.
  7. As a matter of interest, is your airline changing your flights for the new cruise, or have you lost your money? Asking because we're due to go next week but can't afford to lose all the costs. Hoping against hope that Crystal cancel it so that insurance will kick in.
  8. Offer to bid 21st September 29th November Emirates 11 nights Booked V2 veranda, bid for CC Suite Min bid £160pp Bid £200pp - weak Informed yesterday, 18 days out Successful. Discovery level.
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