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  1. What plug sockets are there in a balcony cabin on Breakaway? thanks
  2. Jamaica Ocho Rios police armed with machine guns walking the street . lots of agressive people trying to sell drugs on the street and in the market we have been to Rio , Bueno aries and Columbia and Jamaica was by far the most frghtening.
  3. Many reasons. We like a coffee as soon as we wake up . Which may be 6 am or 9 am . After all we are on holiday and dont have to be up at a specific time. If you book room service say between 7 and 7.30 , it can arrive anytime between 6.45 and 7.45. Often the coffee is not very hot. Much rather make our own :)
  4. We have bid on an upgrade departing next week. According to other post notifcation is usually sent 2 days before . We are leaving home 3 days before and will have printed luggage labels and e docs before we leave home. If we get the upgrade we will have the wrong edocs and labels. Do we have to find an internet cafe to print out new docs, we are staying in an apartment with no reception.?
  5. v We have already had an assigned cabin 2 weeks ago which was an upgrade and that has been removed , given to someone else according to out TA who spoke to Cunard and we have gone back to 'to be assigned' I am more concerned about overbooking .... I have heard that Cunards over booking compensation is money back and a small discount of another cruise. I am a bit of a control freak and like to have all my ducks in a row . I am keeping my fingers crossed 😳😳😳
  6. VERY VERY UNIMPRESSED with Cunard customer service. Still no cabin assigned Just spent 30 minutes on the phone to Cunard waiting for a reply . Then rang and selected the complaints department still no answer after 15 minutes. TA offered to send us blank luggage tags and said maybe the cabin would be assigned at check in...... Oh yes and then bags left on the quayside.....
  7. Just spoke to TA who was on hold for an hour waiting for Cunard to answer. They said the cabin we had been allocated 8058 has been given to someone else and we will get a cabin eventually sounds like a downgrade on its way. Also she asked why we have not been notified of itinerary change ,they sent her a pdf with the new intinerary and this comment. I am sure you are aware of several terrorist incidents in recent months in Istanbul, most recently the attack on Ataturk International Airport. As a result, and following advice from the relevant authorities, we have taken the decision to remove Istanbul from our itineraries for the foreseeable future, including the planned call on your cruise. We will be replacing Istanbul with a call to Volos on the Greek mainland and adding an additional call to Marmaris in Turkey. Please see below for full details regarding your revised itinerary. A shore excursion programme for these new ports will be available to book via your Voyage Personaliser shortly. We apologise for any disappointment this change may cause, however, the safety and security of our guests and crew is our priority. We look forward to welcoming you on board Queen Victoria.
  8. We booked a guarantee balcony for QV leaving Athens on 16 July and received confirmation of a cabin number over a week ago. Just looked at VP now and the ports are correct at last , still no excursions, but our cabin number has disappeared. E ticket not available due to cabin not being assigned and consequently no luggage labels . What is going on?
  9. Cruise critic news was correct VP has been updated overnight it is now July 18th Volos JUly 19th at sea July 20th Marmaris but it is still showing Genoa when you look at excusions
  10. Just found this on cruise critic news page updated 1 july Cunard. Cunard has canceled all calls to Istanbul for the rest of this year. Queen Victoria was due in on July 18 to spend a night in Istanbul, but this will now be replaced by two Turkish ports -- Volos on the 18th July and Marmaris on July 20; and Volos on Aug 29 and Marmaris on Aug 31." Hope we get some comfirmation from Cunard. VP is still saying Volos and Thessaloniki ( with excursions for Genoa ?????)
  11. We have booked a package with Cunard which includes a charter flight booked by Cunard which presumably will be full of Cunard QV passengers. When you do this with P and O to Barbados you get off the plane onto a coach and go directly to the ship. The luggage is taken off the plane and goes to the ship. On the return the luggage goes from the ship directly to the plane and you only have to check in at the airport with your hand luggage. Does anyone know if this is what happens with Cunard? We are flying to Athens.
  12. We leave for a med cruise on the QV on July 16 and we got our cabin number on 29 june. We were guaranteed BF and we got BB Hope that helps
  13. Cunard will be saving thousands of USD by not sailing all the way to Istanbul and back and I also expect the 2 new ports will be rubbing their hands together and will have given Cunard a very good deal on docking fees etc just to get all the people on board spending in their local economy. I wonder if we will get a refund or some on board credit? Also hope they put on free shuttle buses in Volos.
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