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  1. Can anyone tell me about New Years Eve on The Anthem with kids? I think I saw they have a family friendly party in the SeaPlex balloon drop! Or there is the Esplanade or Two70 parties with balloon drops! If they get tired their favorite aunt is with us to take them up to bed (she doesn't like to party as much as mommy and daddy do)! I am so excited! We usually have a big New Years party at home that costs me a lot of money to put on! This year someone else can make the drinks and do the cooking!
  2. Saracruise

    Liberty Suite Lounge

    Hope all is well with you and John! I'm not too concerned for the Diamond Lounge on our August sailing as we are sailing with 8 newby's and we'll have the kids with us too, but it's nice to get away sometimes!
  3. Saracruise

    Crystal Block

    I'm debating what ship to book for our cruise after Freedom as that will be our First Crystal Block (Dust collector as the DH Calls it) Cruise! My DH thinks I'm crazy!
  4. Saracruise

    Port Canaveral hotel suggestions

    We stayed at the Holiday Inn Vacation Club (formerly Ron Jon Resort) and our kids and us LOVED it! It's right next to Jetty Park and we had no problem returning our rental car in the morning.
  5. Saracruise

    Hotels with shuttle service in Orlando

    There are no hotels I know of that will shuttle you to Port Canaveral which is about 45 minutes away from Orlando.
  6. Saracruise

    Current Concierges continued

    Thanks so much Patty (and I made sure to spell Diamond Correctly, lol).
  7. Saracruise

    Current Concierges continued

    Good morning Everyone. Could someone tell me how I e-mail the Diamond Concierge on the Enchantment. We are sailing September 19th (CAN'T WAIT). Diamond Members, currently in 2 adjoining JS's for 4 of us. There are less than 10 suites sold on this sailing so hoping to be able to snag a Cabana in Coco Key! Thanks for all your help!
  8. Saracruise

    RCI and Sprint Cell Service- Labadee

    We have had Sprint for years and have never had any service while in Labadee. Main land Haiti may have service, but you are too far away. If anything you may be roaming off of the ships service and charged their rates.
  9. Saracruise

    April 5th explorer- kids

    I'm sure there will be a lot of kids on this sailing as a lot of the schools are closed that week.
  10. Saracruise

    Car Dealer Charters Brilliance!

    He's up here too. How annoying.
  11. Saracruise

    Port Canaveral With Young Children

    Thanks everyone!
  12. Saracruise

    What exactly is specialty coffee?

    I believe the specialty coffees are like the Cafe Mochas and such. Something other than just plain coffee. I believe they have some flavored creamers, but I'm not positive.
  13. Saracruise

    Kids menu

    Thanks! Even though we are Diamond we have never cruised with the kids until now. I would think that since we are paying full price for them (we have 2 connecting balcony cabins) they can order whatever they want like us.
  14. Saracruise

    Kids menu

    Oh that is awesome. We are taking our kids on their first cruise in September, it is the week before their 2nd and 4th birthdays! Can they order off the adult menu if there is something they like on it?