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  1. We only have the passport cards but 2 years ago the agent physically took them for all 4 of us. Can't be sure that they were scanned but pretty sure they were. I'd say it took a solid 5 minutes. On the way out of Skagway we were the only car, and the way back there was only 1 in front of us.
  2. A friend and I bought the thermal suite pass for our upcoming trip on the Jewel. I've never gotten the spa pass before, actually never been to a spa period. In researching what's normally worn in the spa it's obviously bathing suits for the most part but the majority of cruises aren't in cooler weather. Wondering if this is generally true for Alaska as well? Our main purpose for the pass is the relaxation of the heated loungers with that awesome view and maybe having access to the showers. Would it be weird to use the loungers in yoga pants and a t-shirt or something similar? Thank you!
  3. I have a car reserved with Avis for our July trip. Seems they have a summer location near the port so you don't need to get to the airport.
  4. Vancouver - The Teahouse in Stanley Park and treats from Granville Market
  5. Yes, I found the $0 perplexing as well. Thought maybe it was only announced once on board. Guess I'll find out in July.
  6. OK, thanks. It's listed as "Dinner & Show" on our reservation.
  7. Would love some details on your experience as I'm not seeing too much info out there. What is the cost? What is the meal? Would you do it again? Thank you!
  8. If you're comfortable on your own we rented a car from Avis and explored the Yukon on our own. Went to the dog sled place and had lunch there, stopped at Emerald Lake, and got to sit and watch a brown bear on the side of the road all by ourselves for about 10 minutes until another car showed up. After we just explored the town a bit. This year we will do the same but go all the way to Whitehorse since our stop is longer.
  9. We last sailed 3 years ago and at that time the ships were they only place you could buy the DCL Pandora charm. Don't know if it's changed since then but it I did buy it right away bc rumor was they sell out.
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