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  1. Is there a bus that takes you to Honfleur from the port? We’re on Apex May 10.
  2. We did this cruise. We stayed in Shanghai an extra 2 nights after disembark and flew home to US (US citizens). Absolutely no problem getting 144 hr waiver.
  3. yes they accepted a print out of our flight reservation
  4. If you are entering Shanghai from a different country (Japan) and departing Shanghai to a different country (So Korea) you will be fine without a China visa. You can get a visa waver. The ship should help you with that. The rule for qualifying for a waver (at this time) is that you enter from a different country than China and depart to a different country than China and country you depart to cannot be same country from which you arrived. And you stay in Shanghai no longer than 144 hours.
  5. We just returned from Constellation Asia cruise. We and our friends, nor anyone else we were aware of using the 144hr visa waiver had any problem whatsoever. Other than it took 3 hours to go through immigration lines in Shanghai (they were processing 2 cruise ships). While on the ship, we were given forms to fill out for Chinese immigration. We had to have that form, one copy per person of your hotel reservation in Shanghai and one copy per person of your flight reservations, and passport to present to Chinese immigration. They stamp your passport and you’re on your way. I’m from the U.S.
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