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  1. NCL Breakaway Officers Nov. 23, 2019 Captain - Dan Svennson General Manager - Vuk Malobabic Asst. G.M. - Plamenko Bakic Food & Beverage Director - Mihaela Mocan Exec. Housekeeper - Orlando O’Neill Manuel Beverage Manager - Adela Toskic Guest Service Manager - Gina Yunzel Exec. Chef - Menino Sebastiao Luis Restaurant Manager - Mark Evelyn Cruise Director - Paquito Fuchs Concierge - Bowen Pereira CruiseNext Manager - Will ?
  2. The last time we sailed from Miami there were Coke vending machines that sell the 16.9 oz bottles. I know they had Diet Coke and Coke Zero but I don’t think there was any diet root beer. If my memory serves me correctly they were either $1.50 or $2 per bottle. Since you are sailing RCCL they will have Coke products on the ship. We are sailing NCL which has Pepsi products but we prefer Coke Zero.
  3. NCL does not allow you to bring any soda through the security checkpoint. There are Coke machines in PortMiami after security so I was hoping the same was true of Port Canaveral.
  4. We will be traveling on the Breakaway and departing from Port Canaveral. Are there Coke vending machines after you go through security in the port facilities?
  5. We went to Jetty Park and the Exploration Tower when we stopped there. It is right near the port. We really enjoyed it. We spent around 3 hours and thought it was very interesting and nobody was there. Highly recommend it!
  6. Home Departure City - Pittsburgh Arrival/Destination City - Orlando Airline(s) - American Number of Connections - 1 each way (Charlotte for 46 mins down, Philadelphia for 50 minutes back) Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 5:00am - 9:16am Return Flight departure/arrival time - 8:26pm -12:54am Did You Pay for a Deviation (before or after cruise)? Yes # of Days Prior to Departure Flights Were Ticketed? 38 days Note: After booking the cruise (3 pax on reservation) we each had different connecting cities as place holders. At 45 days out, the placeholders changed and we all had Boston as our connection city pre-cruise (more than likely JetBlue) and Charlotte post cruise (Likely American). Well, when it was finally ticketed, it ended up being Charlotte pre-cruise and Philadelphia post-cruise. Not too thrilled about the late return trip or the short connection times, but for the cost, we will take it.
  7. We used Uber last time we sailed out of Port Canaveral two years ago. We stayed at the Comfort Inn Orlando Airport and took an Uber to the Port around 9:30 AM. The cost was only around $45 for the three of us. It was very quick and convenient. We got to the port around 10:20. The trip back to the airport was a little more - I believe $54. We got off the ship around 8:00 AM and were sitting at the gate at the airport at 9:30 AM. We are departing from PC in 41 days and are planning on using Uber again.
  8. When we were on POA last December, we arrived at the port around 9:45. There wasn’t even a line to drop off our checked luggage at the X-ray machine. By 10:00 we were through security and in the suite guests lounge. We waited about five mins to check-in. After checking in we had to wait another five or ten minutes and we were taken in a group of around 15 people on a tour of the ship and finally dropped off where we were introduced to Spencer, our butler, who took us to our room. Although our room wasn’t totally ready we were able to drop our carry-ons off. We explored the ship for an hour or so until the room was ready around 11:30. We loved POA and Hawaii in general. I’m sure you will also.
  9. This is the first time we have ever used cruise air out of all the cruises we’ve taken but since it was only $99 per person and the cheapest we could find on our own was $650 pp (it’s over Thanksgiving) we decided we’d give it a chance.
  10. We have the reduced air as part of our cruise in November. There are three of us in the cabin. On our cruise summary it now lists airports (but not flight numbers). I understand that flights are usually confirmed around 60 days in advance. My concern is that it is listing two of us as connecting through PHL and the other connecting through CLT. My PCC has left the company and I haven't been assigned a new one so I just spoke to whoever got the call. She said that the flights are just listed as placeholders and refused to connect me to the Cruise Air Dept. Has anyone else experienced having two different itineraries when in the same cabin like this? If so, how did it work out? Were they indeed just placeholders and you were all on the same flight after flights were confirmed. Thanks!
  11. When we were in Maui, we caught the car rental shuttle bus to the airport to pick up our vehicle. Our driver informed us that the Maui Beach hotel which is on the main drag as you make the left out of the port (maybe a ten min walk if that) offers overnight parking for cruise guests for only $5. This way you don’t have to go all the way back to the airport to drop off and pick up your car. While visiting Kauai, if you are planning on renting a vehicle there, I would suggest parking it at Anchor Shops (pay at JJGrillers restaurant - I believe it was only $10 - $15> but not positive). It was very convenient and they have an Anchor Shops shuttle continuously going back and forth from the shopping center to the port. Both made parking much easier than we thought they were going to be.
  12. Yes, it is very odd. We booked for a Thanksgiving Cruise. The airfare from Pittsburgh to Orlando was $199/pp which was pretty reasonable however we needed two adjoining cabins and I couldn’t find them online so I called. Not only was the rep able to get us cabins beside each other, the airfare was only $99. Just wish NCL booked on Southwest. They have nonstop with great times. No other airlines offer nonstop.
  13. We sailed on POA in December. Our shuttle from our hotel got us to the port around 9:45. There weren’t any porters there but we wheeled our luggage into the terminal and made a right and went a little bit and through a set of doors and there were 3 men there taking your luggage and putting it through the X-ray machine. We then went back out to the main section and got in line to go through security. You should be able to drop your luggage off and then just go back outside and catch a cab or Uber to wherever you want to go. We saw several people go outside after dropping off their luggage. I assume they were doing some sightseeing.
  14. Although it is too late for the OP to do anything now, this happened to us several years ago. When I printed out our eDocs I noticed the two different terminals so I contacted NCL. The person I talked to was very nice and even sent an email stating to all board at terminal B. She said if security gives us any problems to show the email. Well, security did give us a hard time. The guard at the door wouldn’t even look at the email from NCL. We asked to speak to a supervisor and she told us she was too busy to call one so we just blocked the line so no one else could get in (sorry fellow passengers) so she finally called a supervisor who took us to the side and then we had to argue with her. She eventually let us through but was really nasty with us and said we’ll be sorry because some of the key cards would be in the other terminal and we’d be causing the check-in agents extra work and spending extra time waiting since we “don’t know how to follow directions” on the eDocs. Well when we got to check-in, low and behold, all of our keys were together, so the customer service rep did what she said she would do and security was wrong. The security is not NCL, but rather POM, but should accept emails from NCL that tell the passengers to go to a different terminal than on the eDocs. My point is, be sure to call and ask that all key cards be placed together and ask for a follow up email.
  15. NCL offers a Pearl Harbor tour called Early Bird Pearl Harbor for guests with flights after 2:00. Does anyone know of any private tour operators that also offer this shortened tour that will keep our luggage on the bus while we tour? I searched several sites. Roberts Tours show they have 2 tours but neither will work for us since our flight is at 2:45. I sent them an email asking if I am just not finding it on their website and the response said to look on their website. Ugh. I haven’t found other sites offering this. Thanks in advance! John
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