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  1. how do you join the roll call for particular cruise?
  2. I ended up going on the Sapphire Princess. I did receive a reply stating that the sauna was free
  3. Hi Is there a free male sauna on the Solstice or has it been taken over by the "Spa Team" and cost an arm and a leg to use. On a 26 day cruise and the cost of the "Spa" is ridiculous. Someone told me there me there was a small one in the men's change room?
  4. Hi Juliax did you check out the sauna/steam room on your cruise and if so are they free.
  5. Can anyone advise if the Solstice has a free male sauna?
  6. love to hear from you once you have been on this cruise
  7. Hi Can anyone confirm if the male steam and sauna is free on this ship or do you have to pay to use them as a part of the Spa. The floor plan shows they are in the Spa area. Thanks
  8. Does the Majestic Princess have free male and female saunas/steam rooms or has it gone for the expensive SPA thermal suits? (another way ot gouging more money out of you)
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