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  1. beaf2eff5668065a8a5401cc97ef5441.jpg40831b951a6290d54631fba8fb4083e9.jpg


    I’d highly recommend the bridge - especially if it’s a nice day. It is a bit of a walk but well worth it if no issues with mobility. Both these views were taken from across the other side. You may have to zoom in but the path is along the cliff edge; the bridge shot gives a bit of perspective to height.

    If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask. We were there in June (pre-cruise, which was very fortunate for us as our ship couldn’t port into Belfast due to extreme wind conditions!).



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  2. Pan Pacific is at the pier but if cost is too high, have a look at the Metropolitan just up the street (across from the Four Seasons... another great choice).



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    I travel to Vancouver for work fairly often. I see clients downtown so prefer the downtown core. The last few times I’ve been I’ve stayed at Le Soleil. It’s also walking distance to many sights and attractions downtown, and not far from Canada Place.

    If you’re looking for a kitchenettes, it doesn’t have that but it does give a separate living room area apart from the bedroom. Personally, I really like that you can relax and unwind after a busy day in a separate living space. I’ve found the price to be very reasonable, usually less than the chain hotels. And the staff are fabulous and extremely helpful!! It’s my go-to hotel now whenever I’m in Vancouver!





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  3. As of today, there are no 2019 Panama Canal sailings listed for Celebrity. What's the hold up?




    I got the Celebrity email with the “exotics” releases and only the two dates for 2019 for Panama Canal which have already been mentioned. One eastbound and the other westbound, between Miami and San Diego. Other released itineraries are for South America, Australia & New Zealand, Asia, Hawaii, India and Dubai.


    I’ve done a Panama Canal Cruise already so was really hoping for a South America to Florida itinerary similar to what X is doing in March 2018. We have family and friends who are interested in the Canal and would have joined them if the itinerary was a little different than the traditional. Oh well - guess I need to expand my search to other than X for our group.



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  4. RatherBeTraveling....good point! We are doing exactly what you suggest. We live in the Phoenix, AZ area, and there are several "dive shops" that also teach snorkeling. They appear to offer classes in their on-site pool, followed by a trip to a local lake to practice in a bigger body of water. We will probably do this in anticipation of our 11/2018 cruise. :)




    That’s great! I hope the class does as much for you as it did us. The underwater sights can be an amazing part of an ocean trip and feeling comfortable in the water really adds to the enjoyment.


    Have a great time during the class and more importantly on your cruise next year!!



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  5. We will be in Bonaire early December 2018. My wife and I would love to try snorkeling, since we understand this is one of the best places to do that. We have never snorkeled before. Are there companies that show you how to do it? Or is it expected that you will have some level of experience?








    My husband and I were in a similar position before we went on our Galapagos trip. One of our local dive shops offered an intro snorkelling class. It was in a pool, so not quite the same but it gave us the opportunity to learn the proper techniques. One class (2-3 hours if I recall correctly) was all we needed to give us the confidence for our first ‘real snorkel’. It might be worth investigating whether something like that is available to you before you go.

    Good luck! And enjoy!





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  6. We flew premium economy from Toronto to the UK in September. It was Air Canada Rouge and the seats were comparable to business class seats on a domestic Air Canada flight. We also had access to the international lounge in Toronto which was great since we had quite a long layover in Toronto before departing on our overseas flight (although access may have been granted due to our points status ... I don't recall for sure).

    For us it was definitely worth it as my husband is over 6'. I'm about a foot shorter but still like the added comfort for an overseas flight.

    I'd suggest checking what type of plane you'll be on and then checking their seating plan to see what you're really getting before you book. If it's comparable to what we had I think it might be worthwhile. Especially if you arrive early in the day at your destination, in which case you're likely more refreshed. If it's an evening arrival where you might be just checking into a hotel and then to bed, perhaps the added cost/comfort isn't as important.



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  7. We are considering the tram tour of Harrison's Cave and have a question for anyone who has visited the caves.

    My friend has experienced an occasional bout of claustrophobia. The pictures don't give me the impression that the caves are too "closed in", however are there sections, particularly the trip "into" the caves. where this could be problematic for someone claustrophobic?

    Thanks in advance for your comments and feedback! :-)

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